Game breaking bug for "new" players: level 55 red quest lines cannot be completed and new players will not be able to progress further

  • I just reached 55 on my alt today, and found out that the Orange/Red quest line cannot be completed, probably because of the change in Last Carnival. Went back to Rucco Town for the raid quests so I can unlock all 4 raids, but after finishing the "new" version of the Last Carnival, the quest cannot be turned in. I did the raids multiple time after that, did both Normal -> Elemental Raids- not resolved. Abbandoned the quest, retake it and did it multiple times and still cannot be turned in.

    Difference from the Blue or Green quest regarding the Raids, this is actually game breaking because now ANY player who just reached 55 will not be able to ever progress past Last Carnival, since the red quest cannot be completed. While I can go back on my other characters, the new players just cannot run the other raids.

  • Note: quests related to the raids are not working currently (since they were not updated at the same time). Our team is working on it and we will inform you as soon as we have a fix for it.

    They're aware of this atm but don't know when the fix will be.

  • Can confirm this as well, but I completed LC before the raid change, and I can't progress past Junk Hive because an item that dropped from the old Manic raid boss of Junk Hive, is removed.

  • Are you kidding me 3 days passed and this very IMPORTANT and SERIOUS bug hasnt been solved yet. I stuck on doing nothing, i cant progress in game. Can you just answer that you are aware and doing something bout his?

  • Hello Slovakia  

    Please refrain from using obscene words, also avoid double posting.

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  • Slovakia they are not the ones fixing bugs. heck, they aren't even employees of gameforge, just volunteers to manage the forums. You're insulting the wrong people here.

    Also, even Gameforge-employees aren't allowed to do anything with the game. The only people, who can fix this bug are the ones over at Liongames in KR. All Gameforge can do, is to ask them to do it and send the fix asap and they're already doing that. Now, as much as it may annoy you, there's just nothing more you can do other than wait for the fix from Liongames. You could ask for an Update on the situation, but do it in a civilised manner instead of crying and insulting like a 3 year old.

  • Apparently, they will not fix in the next maintance! And will increased 7 days to deleted a new character! Adios Gameforge... AGAIN!