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    Hello there.

    It has been a while since I made my last signature for someone else. I would like to do it again, so if you ask me I will make something for you ;)

    These are some of my signatures.

    I also have like 20GB of photoshop resources, if someone wants some of them just tell me :thumbup:

    By the way, I don't speak english very well, so I don't really know if I'm writing something without any sense :D

    UPDATE: I posted more examples :* (The last one I was just bored)


    ~ Update ~

    When you ask for a signature try to give me a render.

    A render is an image that has no background (it has transparency). They are usually images PNG or TIFF. When it's a PNG you can see the background of the image with the same colour as the website. If you search with google you can find something like this: (The first one is what you will see, the second one how it looks after being uploaded here)

    An example of a non-render image should be the next one. (The same: The first one is how looks on google, the other one is how looks here after being uploaded)

    When I have a non-render I have to deal with that white blackground or wathever, and if the image has not enough quality the result can be irregular.

    I'm sorry if I haven't explained that clearly

  • So... I'm the first to ask you for a signature, then! :P

    You don't specify it, but I'll take it for granted that you'll need a render first! Here you go:

    Go for the style you think It suits it better, I've always liked your style so I know there's no way I'll be disappointed by the result 8o! I just want to see my nick there, If there's no problem with that!


    Ready? Set! Slay some monsters! | Thx Cali!

  • im the second :(. Keto you are so bad ;(

    Soo If you can do something With Zoro(Picture) and my name (x1v4nk1ng) i will be happy

    Anyway you can make your style :D

    PD: Thx for all, and i love you so much


  • Yoo It's me again ^-^

    Your work seems sooooo freaking good..

    I gotta request for the respect lmao

    So if you can please help this Stella main out <3

    You think you can add something with wolves and darkness?

    Wait Render is here owo


    I hope you can do something with it <3

    Take your time fellow MVP owo

    have a nice day/night/morning!

  • Well, I need one of those signatures! They are pretty cool :love:

    Can you make me one with Senjougahara Hitagi and my name Neviel? Any image of her is welcome, use your style >:3 :D

    Take your time, you are doing an awesome work!


    Thank you / Gracias Cali !!!

  • Next turn xD

    I didn't found any of Stella's wolves so I had to make it without themm

    I hope you like it anyway ;)

    Neviel I will try to finish your signature tomorrow :)

    Love seeing more artists <3 Really enjoy your work, maybe we should collab ;3

    If you want just tell me, I will accept gladly ^^

    Beautiful arts! Do you have more?

    I have a loooot xD

    Here some more examples:

    I will also update the first post with these things :whistling:

  • wow!


    I really dig it right now!

    You really made my bad day to a good one <3

    Thank you so much~

    I hope we can stay in touch maybe via Private Messages? ^-^

  • wow :love:

    i like your art

    artists is great

    Keep up the good work

    i would like to have one too but i dont know how to make render

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    ~Thank you Cali for this beautiful signature~ <3

  • Dios Cali :huh: You're really good... I'm the next one to ask you for a signature.

    Can you do it please? I think you know Ahri (cause you have works with renders).. can you make me one with her?

    I don't care about the style, render, colours, fonts, whatever! you choose!

    Tienes un gusto fantástico para el arte y creo que cualquier cosa iría bien <3

    thank you very much!!!