Lets do some Akasha math!

  • On topic of the exciting new update that everyone is so hyped about, lets see what it takes to make a full set of akashas shall we?

    Let's start by saying that you have perfect luck and on your first attempt at getting akashas you got your perfect 5 card setup, because thats totally realistic :)

    So for leveling:

    from Lv1-2> 6.6% each card you feed into it

    from Lv2-3> 1.8% (both ignoring cards like grutin that gives double exp)

    To get 1 card to level 3, you will need: 16+56 = 72Akasha cards

    To get 5 cards to level 3 then would = 360cards! (+25more if you are leveling non 1*cards)

    Before update: you could get 21cards/day, so at 18days, you can finally level up all your cards, not too shabby!

    Post update: let's say you are running the most efficient method given by u/Saintone as the Candus run, at 51cards/week , it would take ~7weeks, or 49days to finish! Hurray!

    *warning, incoming cancer for satire purposes*

    "But but but but Cookies, you forgot, this is an exploit, you are suppose to BUY your akasha transmitters!!!"

    Oh i am terribly sorry...

    I suppose a player could buy those 360akashas, nbd, at 135SC, its only 48,600SC or $370 or so US dollars, pssh what kind of pleb can't afford that?

    *and here we hear GameForge in the background cheering their minds out*

    "Oh you're stupid, who buys akasha transmitters for leveling, we all know you can make 1* as fodder using starcards!"

    Ignoring the effects of market pricing for these items, lets use the current market prices to do sum math

    At current market value, trash akasha keys are 300k, star cards at 200k, cost of making is 50k, so 550k/fodder

    At 360fodder, thats only about 200mil, and thats pretty easy! If the prices still stay the same when all of a sudden the entire server is now buying them up *wink*

    /End S

    On a more serious note, lets talk about akasha 5* rates:

    Based on personal experience: a chance of getting a 5* card is ~1%. Lets say you have the best luck in the world and you got a hidden grutin army/plastica on your first try, you now need 5 more 5*s on top of that, so 6 5* cards total to get to level 3.

    So statisically speaking, you would need to open 600 akasha cards to get that 5* of your dreams. Now again, now that akasha cards are more difficult to get, you can either spend $610 or so on this game for a 5*, or grind the same exact thing for 12weeks to get it. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky!


    If you can't tell by now, this whole post was kind of a joke while taking a stab at the new update. And to be honest, we all know that they were eventually going to remove it. Furthermore, compared to jp and kr, they can't even grind for them through alts like we can. HOWEVER, the main issue here is that there is no other method of obtaining akasha cards unlike the other servers. And THAT is the main issue at hand, so unless GameForge is willing to address this problem, it is going to be a bigger hit to an already declining game.

    A bigger issue with the update too is its going to increase the huge gap now between old players and new players. It went from the Mississippi river to now the Grand Canyon. Players who have grinded since launch will likely have close to perfect akashas, while new players are going to seriously struggle to even GET that akasha that they want.

    Theres a reason why a shit load of level 55 players in jp/kr have +9s(npc favor system) and perfect Grutin army/Plastica akashas, and no its not because they spent $1200 on the game, which is apparently what you need to do in NA in order to reach the actual "end game".

  • You can always but AT for 600 coins you plebs /s.

    Seriously, that's the only way I know to get AT now with daily rewards and progression completion of the sectors -_-

  • You can always but AT for 600 coins you plebs /s.

    Seriously, that's the only way I know to get AT now with daily rewards and progression completion of the sectors -_-

    alt farm used to be a thing.

    ~Coming Soon! (probably lazy so never)~

  • You forgot something buddy : if u level up akashas with 1 star pleb akasha u only give half experience to your card so its more like 400 M for this ;)

    By the way its easy to get 5 stars with red akashas (lvl 55 gift) (or to get sedurin 3 stars welllll just forgot it)