• Should GameForge & LionGames discuss with the community with upcoming changes and what not? 13

    1. Yeah they should do it, could benefit the game in general. (13) 100%
    2. No they shouldn't, we should just accept their decisions. (0) 0%


    Basically, I'm just gonna get to the point. @GameForge you better start listening to the community... You got alot of bad reputation. THIS GOES OUT TO ALL @COMMUNITYMANAGERS on the Western version as well. Reason why you get so much bad reputation is because of your "bank robbery" Deals. You either gotta work with the community like DICE, publishers of Battlefield had to do in order to keep the game alive.... Instead of forcing us to pay for unwanted stuff. Work as a team with the community and discuss bugfixes, spambots, etc. It might not seem easy but jesus christ at least try and show that you care at least.

  • Zetto Although we don't censor any constructive criticisms or suggestions, the way you are going through about it is inappropriate for the board. I will be closing this thread - if you have any messages you want to say to our community managers, you are free to message them through the forum's conversation feature.

    Thank you