Progression Guide [Reuploaded]

  • [ Guide made by Nekavrad ]


    Leveling guide


    First thing I'll have to mention is the fatigue system. The game has a built in system preventing you from grinding 24/7 called the fp system. You have 200 fp daily and you can gain extra fatigue from vitamin juice bought from the s-coin shop(s-coins being gained in various way). If you don't spend all your fatigue one day then half of the remaining FP will be carried unto the next day.

    Example: you have 80 fatigue left at reset time, you'll end up with 240 fp the next day.

    Make sure to use up all your fatigue points daily so it doesn't go to waste.

    Don't bother with side-quests which force you to run older dungeon/instances. They're simply not experience worth for the fatigue you're using. Focus on your main quest and grab the sidequests which leads you to the same dungeon as your main quest.

    At some point you'll hit a wall where your main quest require a higher level. Those walls always happen at the episode 3-4 of an instance. During those just grind the last episode 3-4 you can and suicide at the boss.

    Dungeons consume half their fp cost on entrance and the other half on boss kill but you gain much more xp from using your fp in the first half. Also make sure to always party up when you can with people of your level. You gain extra XP for each party members running with you. Don't group with higher level people though as it'll have the reverse effect.

    There's also multiple ways of boosting your exp gain which I'll list below.

    ===Exp Buffs===

    Gear stat: Every gear but normal grades have randoms stats applied to them, one of them being exp bonus %.

    Those can help for levelling but don't waste too much time trying to find them, just use whatever you can.

    Party Buff: You'll gain extra xp for each member of your party.

    So if you're able to find a full party of people at your level running the same instance as you,it can be helpful.

    Exp Book buff: There are items allowing you to boost your exp by 50%/100% for 1 hour.
    You can gain them in various ways like daily login and battle point shop.

    Guild Buff: Guild Leaders can buy a buff boosting guild members exp by 5/10/15/20/25% with guild funds

    Grade Buff: Once you hit level cap you gain a different kind of level called grades. Theres 20 different grades in total.

    5 divisions :Recruit, Junior, Senior, Veteran, Master and they all split in 4 different sub-divisions: D, C, B, A,.

    As you level those grades you gain a global exp buff applied to all your characters going up to 100% with Master A rank.

    Title Buff: Similar to gear stats some titles gained from achievements can give you extra experience.


    Gearing Guide


    ===Lvl 1-54===

    Until level 35 dont waste time and fatigue trying to hoard materials to craft stronger weapons.

    Just grab the strongest weapon you loot, enhance it to +4 and change it each 5-10 levels(or when you feel like your damage is too low) else you'll be wasting too much zennies on enhancing. Also make sure to grind Steel Grave,

    a special instance you can do limited times daily, to grind Fantasy Metals/Life Fiber/GK codes.

    Once you hit level 35, if you properly farmed steel grave, you should have enough to craft a grave guard weapon.

    To craft it you'll need a blueprint (which you'll find easily in chapter 5),90 fantasy metal obtained in any steel grave chapter,

    32 meteor fragment obtained through dungeons of your level, 9 GK code also obtained through every steel grave chapter and

    35 low grade weapon core obtained through dungeons of your level. Once you have it you should enhance it to +4 and it should last you until level cap. This weapon will also be used to craft a lvl 45 version used to craft a lvl 55 version as strong as the casual raid weapon. You can find the blueprint for each version on chapter 10/15 and you'll need same materials of higher grade/level to craft them.

    ===Level Cap===

    Once you hit level 55 finish your lvl 55 grave guard weapon.

    Then you should start farming casual raids for materials to craft casual raid armors as it's, in my opinion, better with it's set effect than the grave guard armors. There's 4 different casual raids that you can run thrice daily ,one for each town, all sharing the same set/materials. You get the blueprint through the same raids with RNG.

    Once you're fully geared with grave guard Mk3/casual raid gears your next objective(which probably won't be out at release) is Golden Citadel. It's where you'll craft your mk3/casual raid set into the aurite set, which will allow you to survive the upcoming 8-man raid 'The Primal'. Enhance/Upgrade those gears as much as possible.If we get the buffed version of the raid right away then running without a carry is going to be hell. You get the blueprint through the same raid with RNG.

    Once at primals there's not much left to be said.

    Just try not to die as you're limited to 3 lives in there and the boss pretty much one shots you unless you have OP gears.

    Pray to Rngesus for loots as you don't craft the primal set, you loot it with chance.


    Enhancing/Upgrading Guide



    Theres 9 level of enhancements. The higher the enhancement the more you gain from it.
    To show how enhancement affects gear: a +0 aurite scythe has about 2000 dmg while a +9 aurite scythe has 10K.
    Enhancement cost you zennies, ether, ether light, and weapon extension devices starting from +4.
    Starting from +4 your gear will have increasing chances to break so you'll have to use QBD enhancement protector(a cash item)to prevent it from breaking. In the case where you don't use them and your gear breaks, you can fix it using a 10$ worth cash item. Your gear also have an enhancement limit of 25 tries, once you hit the limit you'll have to use an anti-limiter(another cash item) to extend the limit. At specific enhancements levels on armors you'll gain extra stats.

    Your enhance level will never decrease on failure.

    ===Stat Reset===

    Depending on your gear grade(magic, rare, unique, legendary)your gear will have a number of random stats added to them.
    Lowest grade (magic) will give 1 stat whereas highest (Legendary) will give 4.
    You can reset those stats using a stat reset bought for 28,000 battle points at the battle points shop
    You gain those points in various ways but the most efficient way is killing the world boss which gives 3000 points per kill.
    You should be looking for specific stats on your gear :crit rate, crit dmg, penetration, dmg on boss, HP(only if youre too squishy for primal) attack and some will like adding attack speed % but I prefer not. You can safeguard one of your actual random stats using an extra stat reset (for a cost of 2) and safeguard 2 stats with 2 extra stat resets(for a total of 4).

    ===Grade Refining===

    Another way to enhance your gear is refining. Every gear has a grade from Low to Highest, basically being the potential of the gear. Higher the grade, higher is the main stat(attack or defense).

    You can try resetting the grade using refining stones gained from dismantling rare and above lvl 55 gears.
    There's different grades of refining stones and higher is the refining stone grade, the higher chance you have of gaining a decent graded gear.


    Armors and weapons have slots(3 on armors, 4 on weapon)in which you can socket attribute soul stones and familiars.
    Familiars can pretty much give you any raw stats in low amount, but what is considered the best is crit dmg.
    You gain them from battle point shop. Attribute soul stones give you extra dmg/defense(depending if socketed on weap or armor)of a specific attribute (brilliance, evil, serenity, hatred, healing, agony).

    You craft them from soulstone fragments gained from running attribute raid runs.
    Soulstone wont be out at release, same for armor slots so you'll just fill your weapon slots with crit dmg familiar
    (2 soulstones and 2 familiars later on as you cant use 3 of the same soulstone).

    One last thing,always remember to repair your equipment as you lose dmg/defense as you lose durability


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  • NIce guide overall. I may be wrong since I've been away from the game for a long time, but I'm pretty sure weapons can't give HP stats (in case any poor souls decide to reroll over and over before primal).

    Also armor can't give penetration or crit chance, except helmets, which can give crit chance.

    Again: I may be wrong.

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  • I have no idea if you are wrong or not. If you could give me solid proof then I will adjust it.
    Since I simply reuploaded this guide and I'm not the one who created it


  • NIce guide overall. I may be wrong since I've been away from the game for a long time, but I'm pretty sure weapons can't give HP stats (in case any poor souls decide to reroll over and over before primal).

    Also armor can't give penetration or crit chance, except helmets, which can give crit chance.

    Again: I may be wrong.

    From my experience with the game you are correct.

    "Wee yea ra enne ar sar. Wee yea ra enne ar dor"
    "Wee yea ra enne ar ciel. Rrha yea ra ieeya en near

    "Fou yea ra waath ar ciel, en hymme mea, weel nepo en keen ar sar"

    "Rasse, rasse, rasse, rasse, rasee, rasse, en rana!"

  • NIce guide overall. I may be wrong since I've been away from the game for a long time, but I'm pretty sure weapons can't give HP stats (in case any poor souls decide to reroll over and over before primal).

    Also armor can't give penetration or crit chance, except helmets, which can give crit chance.

    Again: I may be wrong.

    you're right about that (original poster of the guide)

  • Nice guide!

    The enchanting section basicly is give us ur money if you want to enchant.

    Absoluutly disgusting tbh.

    Here is hoping this wont happen? Sucks all the fun out of games for me.