Blaustern's SoulWorker drawings

  • Waw lovely!! Glad you enjoy!!

    Tip: you can buy a white pen so you can highlight the eyes and hair better if you want :D

    Thanks! Can you recommend any white pen that would work well together with pencil drawings? My white crayon didn't really bring the best results. :D


    My third drawing is finally done! Had way too much stuff ongoing in RL in the last weeks, so I could finish only today.

    It's Stella Unibell and I found it more difficult to draw than the other girls.

    Hope you still like it!

    On monday, the new semester starts, so I can't promise to find much time to start a new drawing. :(

  • Oh my god Blau... You're my new idol since now :love:

    I love drawing, but I can't draw so fast and good than you, sweetie. And all those small details from each girl and clothes... just incredible. I can't wait for your Erwin's drawing, but your studies are obviously first! :3

    I fell in love with those drawings... <3


    Muchísimas gracias Cali *-*