Shields in Bandit Highway Bossfight not activating

  • Raid - Bandit Highway: when the boss is at certain states of HP, aerial attacks are fired in the area. The system message is still old and states, that the attack can be deflected, if the shield device is activated. But there is no shield and also no devices anymore.

    This statement makes me conclude that you guys intend to fix the message instead of the actual issue. The shields are still supposed to activate, however instead of triggering them manually, they are now supposed to appear automatically. This however, as you seem to be aware of, is currently not the case and should be adressed along with the message-fix. Just putting this out here for you to notice before you make the horrible mistake of treating this bug as a feature.

    As proof, a video of the raid in the korean version of the game:

    Also while you're at it, may I suggest you fix the gate(s) in the second room as well? There is only 1 instead of 2 and there are no enemies appearing. Gates are fixed.

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