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    Hello everyone! I'm new here, nice to meet you all!

    I decided to start a small workshop, because I always loved to play with photoshop. I have already visited a few other workshops and have seen many of your beautiful works. I also noticed that each of you has its own unique style, which is so great! ♥

    Okay, so I can create new signatures (and avatars) for you, of course absolutely free.

    Just write what you want (your idea, some concept or just a picture) and I will try to give it to you. Oh, but just nothing animated, sorry guys.

    Here are some of my old works, if you want to see examples:


    | Hello pumpkins! | Luimo->Grace [PL]

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  • Hello and welcome!!!

    I will be extremely happy if I have a new sig/avatar with Jin.

    I have no idea what I want, so it's your decision.. ^^

    do you accept the challenge? ^^:/8)



  • O_o Wanna try this?

    The background might a be District 6 kinda Vibe with Red Rose on the ground

    Also Making Lily's Eyes Glow.

    That's all i have in mind right now.

    Sorry for asking much,Thanks for having this workshop of your though.


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  • Hello! Of course I accept the challenge, I love challenges! ^^

    So here's what I did for you. I really really hope you will like it:


    I also turned up the saturation a little more. Just choose the one you like ^_^


    | Hello pumpkins! | Luimo->Grace [PL]

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  • Hello Yutte!

    Your work are amazing!

    You can do it for me?? (and if you know it u can make an set for youtube too <3)


    I missing the nickname: Millow (not HG66, i change it this one sorry xd)


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