"The Soul of Destiny"

  • A/N(Author's Note): Hi! I guess welcome to my fanfic! As this is just the Prologue, much of the stuff won't be introduced. Yet. But it is supposed to hook you in to wait for chapter 1. I don't really have much to say, so let us begin, I guess.

    "The world is full of IF's. IF Adam hadn't tied the knot with Eve, society as we know it never would've been born. The world that everyone lives in is just one outcome among countless of IFs and will continue to be a muddled world overflowing with infinite IF's."

    "No matter how you look into it, IFs are simply worlds like any other. No matter how hypothetical the story may be, the future is the only thing that's truly foggy."

    The Soul of Destiny

    Prologue: The twisted world we live in.



    (That fall hurt... Wait, fall? But...)

    I opened my eyes to see... Well, a world in the middle of the apocalypse.

    (What on earth? Did I survive an atomic bomb blast or some bullshit?)

    I decided to look around and see a big violet ball of energy that is ravaging havoc on the ruins.

    (Or I just came out of a black hole or it's equvalent... Speaking of which how did I get there? My memories are completly failing me. And if my hunch is correct, not the first time.)

    Looking at myself I saw my formal clothes I had on myself right now being torn apart and not in pristine shape it should be,

    (Lovely... Now I would be pissed of at that but I really don't think this should be my concern right now. Let's look around and find clues. Assess the situation, so to speak.)

    I decided to walk forward. The ruins of this world seems to been there for quite a long time, but the energy hole prevented any sort of flora appearing, so I couldn't judge the time. It could be 10 years as well as a few months. There were still construction elements lying around.

    (Proving that whatever happened, it caught everyone off guard. Then again, even I would be caught off guard by a freaking black-hole look-alike.)

    As I did my best to avoid any obstacles I heard movement. I decided to look ahead and saw some allien life form that looked like a wolf.

    (And yet, my little to no memory claims that it has seen it before... Did I witnessed the invasion or something?)

    I needed to think of a plan of action. Charging in without some sort of weapon is out of the question, but considering that the city is abandoned, I knew there has to be a weapon somewhere, even blade will do.

    (And if they truly come from wolfes, I need to do it swiftly, before I'll be smelled off.)

    I seen some two knives lying on the ground, bloody a bit.

    (I assume whoever was the owner of them, may he or she rest in peace.)

    I cleaned the blood off and checked it's shrapness by doing a gentle cut across my fingers. It hurt but no blood came out, which meant while the knives were sharp, they were not going to be in the future.

    (Still... for now they'll do. I really don't have anything else to defend myself with)

    For some reason though I felt energized, like ready to slice my opponents to dust if need be.

    (Let's calm down and think rationaly. I cannot win a battle against 4 alliens by charging in. I need to sneak myself into an allyway and suprise attack from the flank.)

    My clothes didn't help in sneaking up and being mobile. However, to survive, one must try. I used an destroyed alleyway which got a bit of cover...



    (That didn't work! Attack!)

    I quickly gave it a stab through the head to the wolf outside my cover, eliminating it instantly. The rest charged at me but then time stopped.


    "It's time..."

    (The eff? Time for wh--)

    "The destiny calls your name. The contract has been forged."

    (I object! I did not sa--)

    "Now... Summon your soul and destroy your enemies! Do not let anyone control you ever!"

    Suddenly my knives got a futuristic makeover to look blue, with deeply dark, sharp edge, ready to slice pretty much anything. I let myself a bit loose to see what happens.

    As time resumed and the charge continued, I done a little charge up before unleashing an attack by twirling my knives at high speed before finishing it with a slice at the center, killing the rest of the enemies.

    (What. On. Earth. Did. I. Just. Do? Superpowers?)

    There was no time to wonder as I heard a roar coming from the front. I got up on top of a cover to see some another army of wolf-like creatures charging into people which also had superpowers, but not use weapons to activate them, more summon them at their will.

    (Finally, some people!)

    I pulled weapons once more and charged in, slicing any enemy in my way, supporting the humans with everything I've got.

    "Quickly now! Over here!"

    Once I defeated my final opponent, I moved to face the potential allies.

    "That child... He was the one who fell from the Great Void!" The long, blond haired girl has stated.


    (So that's how that black hole thingy is called... But fell? Farfetched assumption, unless I had been sucked in. Would explain amnesia.)

    "I am 17 last time I remember, I am no child."

    (My memory might be fuzzy about name and everything, but a simple number is something I know quite well.)

    "17 is still a minor age." Stated a violet haired man.

    "In any event, we've got to go! We've lost too many people! Get in now!"

    (Did they sent an army for me or what?)

    In any event, I've got in. We were moving at the decent pace, however suddenly, a lot of robot manequins have appeared.

    "Wha- Banshai? What on earth--?!"

    I could hear someone laughing above us. Some kind of clown looking moron.

    (Lovely. This mission just gets better and better... *sigh*)

    Well, he had powers as well. He used his staff and fired energy bullets out of them, but just as they were about to connect, both of my allies scrambling on what to do, time stopped once more and this time, I saw a child that looked similar to me, short hair and all.

    "I made a promise to protect you, as you made the contract to save this world."


    (Did I... Made such a promise?)

    "Remember. I am you, you are me. You have the power to change the fate of the universe. Now... Let us witness your true power!"

    As my power started to become one with me, I charged up an attack that destroyed all of the bullets in the area. I also saw the clown being less then pleased when the child teleported and blew up in his face, which forced his retreat. As I realized what was going on... I passed out. I did however overheard some stuff.

    "...a hold of yourself! Get up!"
    "He fell unconcious, but I believe his intervention saved our lives--"


    "Look! He has a big wound! And it looks recent too!"


    (I have a scar? A recent one too? I didn't gain any in battle soo... What? I guess another mystery piles up.)

    With that, the rest of my brain passed out.

    However... That was the start of the new adventure. Find the truth, and save the world. Now, that, I believe I can do.

    But... What am I? And what happened to me?


    A/N: And? It might have been designed around the game's prologue itself but trust me, when we're going to move on with the game, we will seperate ourselfs more and more. Just... Trust me on this start, k? See ya soon in the chapter 1! <3<3