Soulum Sword - A Comprehensive Haru Guide

  • Soulum Sword - A Haru Guide

    May 29th, 2018 Update:

    I am currently taking a break for SoulWorker, therefore this guide is relevant up until the Golden Citadel update. Please note that all references to BiS gear and recommendations may change depending on future updates. I still think this guide is a good framework for understanding Haru, and will stay mostly accurate as time goes by. If you have a specific question, please PM me, I check back here every now and then.

    In this guide, I plan to cover, update, and maintain a comprehensive database of information dedicated to Haru, otherwise known as best grill. This guide will cover mainly PvE aspects, but will be updated to cover PvP when we gain access to it in our version.

    As a disclaimer, this guide is purely my educated opinion and by no means the only way of playing Haru, but I will back up my recommendations and choices with logical reasoning. Your own preference, playstyle, and situation may call for you to deviate from this guide, and that's fine; the purpose of this guide is to educate.

    After the game is released and I can judge differences, this guide will be updated and maintained accordingly. I will also be releasing AR card recommendations and gearing recommendations eventually. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this guide, feel free to PM me or reply here, and I will address it when I can!

    As another disclaimer, this guide's format is loosely based off Ice's Lily PvE guide. If you see similarities in structure, that's why!

    Table of Contents

    A. Glossary of Terms

    B. But why should I play Haru?

    C. Skills

    D. Advancement

    E. Hysteria and Supernova

    F. Sample Skill Builds

    G. Akasha Cards

    H. Haru Tips

    Glossary of Terms:

    - SF - SoulForce. The "mana" bar, a resource consumed to use your skills.

    - SA/SA Break - Super armor and super armor break. A term used to refer to a bar that prevents certain monsters and bosses from being flinched or interrupted by your attacks and skills. When the bar breaks, the target will be dazed or stunned, leaving it open to attack. Each skill has a varying amount of SA break and damage.

    - Stamina - A resource used to dodge and use certain skills such as Rising Attack, Rising Roll, and Special Dodge. Is regenerated at a fixed amount per second, and the recovery can be boosted in a variety of ways.

    - Extension - A skill tier that provides additional effects and benefits to a skill. Can only be accessed if you max the respective skill.

    - Soul Nova- A gauge that builds up by gathering the remaining energy from each kill. Has a maximum of 100, and can be consumed to enter the buffed states of Hysteria and Supernova, while will be covered later.

    - CC - Crowd control. A term referring to an effect that prevents targets from moving and/or attacking. e.g. Stun, Paralyze, Knock Up, etc. Is usually present on some skills innately or can be added with Extensions.

    - Passives - Skills that generally provide a continuous, permanent effect. Certain skills like Special Attack Mastery break this norm, but fall generally under this category because they are provided to all characters.

    - AoE - Area of Effect. A property that allows an attack to affect multiple targets over an area.

    - I-Frames - Invincibility Frames. A term used to refer to a duration during which the character cannot be hit, damaged, or CCed.

    But why should I play Haru?

    Haha, is that a real question? ...Oh. Okay. As I quoted on another post, Haru is amazing, and has a number of amazing features like:

    - Sword (best weapon)

    - Jersey over sailor uniform with single torn stocking (dat fashion sense)

    - Cute bob hairstyle, but also long ojou-sama hair with advancement

    - Precious cinammon roll, too good for this world, too pure

    - Loves her mom

    Asking why you should play Haru is like asking why should you should put the toilet seat down. You just should.

    ...But for real, Haru comes with a set of pros and cons like every character. I'll go over them below.


    - Has very good SF regeneration from Basic Attack , Blow Up, and her unique Passive Retribution, Haru can spam skills frequently because of this as long as she is actually hitting mobs.

    - Large AoE coverage on multiple skills, and her multipliers are very good for burst damage, allowing her to easily clear through packs of monsters.

    - Her support skill, Arena Storm, creates a buff field that boosts her and her allies' attack by 20% at max, which is a significant damage boost to the party.

    - Brings consistent, high damage due to Arena Storm, Endless Struggle, and later, Eternal Combination, which all give her large boosts to her attack.

    - Has above average HP, and her Supernova allows her to become extremely durable, functioning as a decent "tank".

    - Can be built to have decent CC focus by adding stuns to some skills through extensions.


    - Haru is a jack-of-all-trades, so while she does well in many fields, she does not excel in any of them. This can lead to it feeling like there's always another character that does something better than her. For example:

    ~ Stella has better support and cc

    ~ Erwin has higher boss damage

    ~ Lily bursts better due to massive crit focus

    - While her AoE is very decent, she has nothing unique or specially geared towards single-target enemies.

    - Has no skill to heal herself.

    - Is pretty technical when it comes to fighting, but can be considered easy to pick up, hard to master. As such she may come across as boring to the uninitiated.


    We will be breaking down Haru's skills into 3 categories: Active, Passive, and Advancement. Each set is self-explanatory, and will be expanded upon in each respective section. Keep in mind that at level 55 cap, we will have 140 points to spend in skills, and at level 60 that will go up to 153 points. It is recommended to save some skill points from 55 cap to use towards the amazing skills we get after advancement. I will be providing descriptions, opinions, and recommendations on each skill, and will then provide a sample skill build based off my recommendations to visualize easier.

    I also will try to avoid specific numbers and values, since I don't know how they will change for our version, and because its too much work, but you can see them on the skill simulator I provide. Rest assured, my recommendations do take them into account, so you're on the right path.

    Without further ado, lets get into it.


    FirstStrike_zpsfqc6c2vp.png  First Blade

    Haru performs a series of three slashes, advancing forward slightly. This skill can be followed up with an additional upward slash as a finisher using the Right Mouse button. This skill is amazing, has extremely good DPS on a 15 second cooldown, but also has a moderately high SF cost. The skill allows you to change the direction of your attack midway, so use it to your advantage. The finisher contains a large portion of the damage, so make sure you land it. A definite max.

    Recommendation: 5/5

    FirstStrikeExtension_zpsjb5puhbq.png  First Blade Extension - Attack Measure

    The extension to First Blade increases the reach of your slashes, and provide additional damage and SA break. Can't go wrong with this one, if you're maxing First Blade, then max this too.

    Recommendation: 3/3

    PierceStep_zps9bziqk0t.png  Storm Strider

    Haru dashes forward, pushing enemies back with her blade. This skill has a low cooldown, the lowest SF cost of her skills, and focuses mainly on SA break, so its damage isn't that great. I mainly use this skill mainly as a gap closer, and for that reason it will be left at the default level of 1. But if you love it for whatever reason, go ahead and put points into it.

    Its been brought up that at max rank, this skill does very good SA break on a low cooldown. My build is particularly geared towards bossing, but if you need good reliable SA break you can take points from somewhere and put them here.

    Recommendation: 1/5 or 5/5

    StormStrider1_zpsptbucdza.png   Storm Strider Extension - Whirling Stab

    One of the extensions available to Storm Strider, this allows Haru to continue her intial forward dash into a spinning slash and thrust that does additional damage. This extension actually reduces the SA break of the initial dash by a huge amount, but adds a good amount of damage to both the initial dash and the whirling slash that follows. Overall, I dislike this extension completely, as it turns one of your most reliable SA break tools into just another DPS option. Haru already has plenty of those, so I would not take this. However, feel free to take this if you don't care much about SA breaking.

    Recommendation: 0/2 or 2/2

    StormStrider2_zpsymzqzwfc.png Storm Strider Extension - Upswipe

    The second extension option available to Storm Strider, it allows Haru to end her inital forward dash with a powerful double-handed upswing. This extension is the better of the two options; it only costs a single skill points, adds a fair amount of damage to Storm Strider, and adds another large chunk of SA break to a skill that already had loads of it. Definitely great if you want to do both more damage and SA break. It has one point needed, so either you take it or you don't.

    Recommendation: 1/1 or 0/1

    SpinCutter_zpssbclfi2t.png  Whirl Blade

    Haru jump up and forward a short distance and spins 3 times, slashing in front of her. It has the lowest cooldown of her basic skills and a very affordable SF cost. This skill's strength is its spammability and ability to start combos; its damage is average even when maxed, so its up to you if you like it enough to max it or leave it at level 1. This skill's importance changes drastically when we get Haru's advancement, which we will cover later in the guide.

    Recommendation: 1/5 or 5/5

    BlowUp_zpstefdpngp.png  Blow Up

    Haru charges her sword with energy for 20 seconds. During this time, each hit Haru lands on enemies will restore a certain percentage of Haru's SF, scaling with skill level and monster grade/rank. This effect applies to skills as well, but the effect of the skill applies to a maximum of 5 targets per attack.

    After messing around with this skill, I can tell you that it's actually very, very good. The buff lasts a period of 20 seconds, and the fact that it works on skills effectively reduces SF costs drastically for the duration of the buff, to the point you can spam skills endlessly while its up.

    Haru has other, reliable sources of SF regeneration as well, so how much value this skill has depends on how good you are at managing SF, and how well you can use that 20 second window of skill spam. If you love being able to spam skills, max this skill, otherwise at least take 1 point in it for utility.

    Recommendation: 1/5 or 5/5

    BladeQuake_zpscy1bwcge.png  Bladequake

    Haru pierces her sword into the ground in front of her, creating a wave of energy blades that erupt from the ground a short distance forward. Another skill that does decent damage, but is better at breaking SA. A decent investment, and its extension provides some additional CC for Haru, but not necessarily something you have to put points into. This can be one of the first places you consider taking points from to invest in advancement skills when we get them.

    Recommendation: 1/5 or 5/5

    BladeQuakeExtenion_zpscy4ldhgs.png Bladequake Extension - Stun

    If you like Bladequake enough to max it, then you can consider this extension. It allows Bladequake to stun the targets it hits. If you get it, max it. The stun at max level is 5 seconds, which is pretty lengthy, but this skill will only really have practical applications against basic mobs. However, this seems like it would be amazing in PvP, so don't disregard it completely.

    Recommendation: 0/3 or 3/3

    BladeWall_zpsosf9bt0h.png  Bladewall

    Haru fires off 3 materialized swords in a Wind Scar-like cone pattern, then pulls the swords back towards her, dragging along all enemies without SA. Its main value is gathering mobs in front of Haru to finish off with your other skills. As such, we don't consider maxing this skill, even more so since it has no extension.

    Recommendation: 1/5

    PowerSlash_zpsgjsufczr.png  Armour Smash

    Haru gathers power and spins to perform a massive overhand slash. A solid skill with an ironic name, as it does a large amount of damage over SA break, with a quick animation and relatively low cooldown. This skill does not have any forward movement and has a brief start-up time, so be careful not to miss. I recommend maxing it.

    Recommendation: 5/5

    LeapAttack_zpskam1j7xi.png  Ground Pound

    Haru leaps up high and slams her sword into the ground, creating a powerful impact that damages enemies surrounding her landing point and knocking them into the air. The skill button can be held to increase the distance Haru leaps foward.

    Depending on how long you charge the skill, Haru will either barely move foward, or fly far enough to be considered a gap closer. Whether or not you charge it depends on your situation. The real draw of this skill is the very high SA break and decent damage to go with it.

    Ground Pound has two extensions, and which one you select will depend on what you want out of this skill, but keep in mind this skill has the least important extensions in my build. Either way, I recommend maxing it, since it has an average cooldown and good AoE coverage.

    Recommendation: 5/5

    LeapAttackExtra_zpsi04phohp.png  Ground Pound Extension - Storm

    This extension will allow Ground Pound to do multiple hits with increased damage scaling and even more SA break. The choice to take if you want more damage and ezpz SA crushing.

    Recommendation: 0/3, or 3/3

    LeapAttackRange_zpsle7qv3or.png  Ground Pound Extension - Attack Measure

    This extension largely increases the radius of the impact area created, and increases the distance you travel with this skill. This extension indirectly increases the speed of your charge, since the amount of time taken to charge to max remains the same, you fly forward the same distance with a shorter press. This is my preferred extension, but you are free to decide if you want this over Storm. It is unique in that putting one point in it won't increase Ground Pound's damage or SA break, but it will give it the range increase, making it a very good 1 point wonder.

    Recommendation: 0/3, 1/3 or 3/3

    ArenaRush_zpswhkyeeiw.png  Arena Storm

    Haru raises her sword into the sky and swings it down, dropping a blade of energy that creates a persistent field around its point of impact. Allies standing within the field will gain a percentage buff to their BASE attack.

    The field lasts for 10 seconds and applies a buff for 20 seconds, so allies don't have to be in the field on cast to run in later and pick up the buff.

    This is Haru's only support skill, and is unfortunately a bit lackluster. The percentage buff only affects the portion of attack from your character, not the weapon or flat attack on gear. This makes the actual increase quite a bit smaller than expected. Still, a 20 second party-wide damage buff, no matter how small, is no joke. I would max this, but can choose to skip this entirely.

    Recommendation: 5/5 or 0/5

    ArenaRushDuration_zpsdhl17s98.png  Arena Storm Extension - Aura

    This extension increases the duration of how long the created field stays active. It can be picked up if you have the extra skill points for it. I personally skip it but if you're willing to shave skill points from somewhere else for it, feel free.

    Recommendation: 0/3 or 3/3

    ArenaRushKnockout_zpsm3gfe8i8.png  Arena Storm Extension - Stun

    This extension adds a stun effect to Arena Storm. This does NOT stun enemies that walk into the field after it is placed; they have to be in the field radius when it is activated. Seeing as I am more concerned with catching my allies in this rather than mobs, I find this useless. However, just like Bladequake extension, this changes depending on PvP.

    Recommendation: 0/3, possibly 3/3 for PvP

    FlashStep_zpsmsgilsid.png  Bolt Waltz

    Haru jumps back a short distance and throws her sword forward as an energy projectile, re-materializing it afterwards. This skill is very, very good. It has one of the shortest animation times, does heavy damage as upfront burst, pierces multiple enemies and has high SA break, all on a 20 second cooldown. Its also a skill that creates distance, allowing you to use it to dodge certain attacks without missing a beat. It also gets a kick-ass extension after advancement, so there's no reason not to max it.

    Recommendation: 5/5

    CrossStrike_zpsbx3c5bql.png  Slash n' Dash

    While airborne, Haru swings her sword back and forth, firing off 5 energy waves with each slice that fly off and explode on contact with the first object.

    This skill is pretty amazing since it cuts through mobs like butter, explodes on impact for additional damage, and chains perfectly into Haru's LLRR (hold) combo. In its base form the damage is pretty good, but gets even better through its extension. As such, I recommend you max this skill.

    Recommendation: 5/5

    CrossStrikeBlaze_zpsp1q1wz0u.png  Slash n' Dash Extension - Burn

    This extension slightly decreases the upfront damage and SA break of each wave, but add an additional effect to the explosions, creating a field that burns enemies over time. While this extension takes away slightly from overall mobbing damage, it greatly increases Slash n' Dash's potential damage on bosses, making it essential to get. Max it.

    Recommendation: 3/3

    WindBreak_zps50st6ycv.png  Wind Rupture

    Haru charges her sword, then slashes, firing off a large horizontal crescent of energy forward. The crescent penetrates enemies and knocks them into the air.

    Another phenomenal skill, Wind Rupture does sizeable AoE damage and decent SA break, but is offset by high cooldown and SF cost. It is the best mobbing skill Haru has, and arguable the best mobbing skill in the game, and its made even better by its extension. I recommend maxing this skill.

    Recommendation: 5/5

    WindBreakCharge_zpsu0oyzxzd.png  Wind Rupture Extension - Charge

    This extension allows Haru to charge Wind Rupture. After the charge is complete, Haru will fire additional energy crescents at lesser strength than the original. At max level, it will allow Wind Rupture to fire three crescents at full charge. When charging, Haru has SA, but can be affected by CC.

    An amazing extension that further increases the damage output and AoE capability of Wind Rupture, and also provides Haru with SA to facetank in certain situations. No reason not to max it.

    Recommendation: 2/2

    BladeShower_zps4vk5yfj1.png  Rain of Blades

    Haru flings her sword up into the sky in front of her, generating multiple energy blades with it, and brings them crashing down in front of her in a huge radius, doing immense damage.

    Haru's "ultimate" skill apart from Extinction Prelude. It does immense damage and SA break. It scales intensely with level, and has a very long cooldown. As such, you want to do as much damage with it as you can. Max it.

    Recommendation: 5/5


    BasicAttackMastery_zpstkljsx18.png  Basic Attack

    A passive that increases the amount of SF you regenerate with your basic attacks. It also allows you to use your basic attacks to execute various combos. It actually has a very large impact on your SF regeneration, and ranking this skill allows you to spend less time doing normal attacks and more time using your Actives. Max it.

    Recommendation: 5/5

    SpecialAttackMastery_zpsciefmzyl.png Soulstrike

    A passive that isn't a passive really. It allows you to peform a special attack that uses no SF, and changes based off whether its used in the air or on the ground. In the air, Haru performs a forward kick towards the ground. But the ground version is what makes this skill special.

    On the ground, Haru will slam her free hand on the ground in front of her, sending out a small cone of energy in front of her. This energy will slow enemies, and when maxed, and recover a sizeable amount of SF to Haru. Despite being a ground slam, this skill can hit airborne targets. On a 10 second cooldown, this skill provides amazing utility that makes it hard to pass up.

    Recommendation: 3/3

    EmergencyDodge_zpswnfi8ql7.png  Escape Route

    Allows Haru to consume 20 stamina and immediately dodge in a specified direction. This skill allows you to dodge attacks, and provides i-frames during the animation. This is your main method of survival and allows you to get out of the way of boss attacks or dodge through large single hit attacks. It comes maxed; get )d to using this a lot.

    Recommendation: 1/1

    RisingRoll_zpshxa9fixv.png  Shadow Roll

    When knocked down, allows Haru to quickly recover by consuming stamina and rolling in a specified direction. Haru is invincible during the animation. At rank 2, decreases the stamina cost. At max rank, it increases the speed of your recovery roll.

    This skill is generally kept at rank 2, because you actually want the longer time for the invincibility, and you get the stamina cost reduction at this rank as well. If you rarely find yourself getting knocked down, you can leave it at rank 1, or max it if you don't care about i-frames and just want to get up and back into the action.

    Recommendation: Any, depending on preference.

    RisingAttack_zpszqv4arh1.png  Retaliation

    This skill basically does the same thing as Shadow Roll; it allows Haru to recover and provides invincibility, but she attacks instead of rolling. I prefer the roll to this as it uses less stamina and the damage is tiny, but its up to your preference; I leave it at the default rank 1.

    Recommendation: 1/3

    Dash_zpsvgczsdsy.png  Sprint

    Consumes stamina to allow Haru to roll forward in a specified direction, then sprint as long as you hold the button. Has a default rank 1, but getting it to rank 2 increases the speed. If you're going to go, you might as well go fast. Max it.

    Recommendation: 2/2

    DashAttack_zpswlb7nge4.png  Whirl Sprint

    Allows Haru to end her dash with a slash. Maxed at level 1, nothing to see here.

    Recommendation: 1/1

    SpecialDashAttack_zpsyyl52oy2.png Dash Special Attack

    Allows Haru to end her dash with a special attack, having her somersault forward twice and slam her sword down. Has decent SF recovery on a low cooldown. I feel its worth the point, but its totally fine to ignore it.

    Recommendation: 1/1

    SpecialDodge_zpsxkay9v6u.png Elusion

    Allows Haru to forcibly dodge when getting attacked. You need to be getting hit to activate this skill. Its a real lifesaver, moreso than Escape Route because its reactive. It has a very long cooldown, but this can be reduced by 33% by maxing it. If you don't have faith in your skills, you can put points into this, but I leave it at rank 1.

    Recommendation: 1/3 or 3/3

    StaminaMastery_zpsdji9kmz9.png  Stamina Mastery

    Increases the rate at which Haru's stamina recovers. Increases the stamina recovery rate quite noticeably, so its well worth maxing. However, its not a priority, and points can be shaved here to supplement your other skills. My personal build can only afford to get this to rank 4, but your build may vary.

    Recommendation: 4/5 or 5/5

    EndlessStruggle_zpsyxodkeig.png  Temeraire

    Unique to Haru, it provides a permanent percent increase to her BASE attack. This means that the actual increase is much less noticeable than one would expect. More damage is always good, so I max this, but if you aren't thrilled by the gains, ignore it completely.

    Recommendation: 3/3 or 0/3

    VengefulSword_zpsg11xkyq1.png  Retribution

    Another unique passive to Haru, it provides additional SF regeneration on normal attacks and restores SF at set intervals as well. This passive contributes to Haru's phenomenal SF generation in all circumstances. Comes for free, enjoy.

    Recommendation: 1/1



    As Haru grows as a fighter and a person, she has a life-changing epiphany; one sword is not enough. So with her advancement, Haru acquires a second sword which she wields alongside her first. The following skills will be available once Haru completes her advancement.

    Icon_Ssword_Skill_SpinAttack_A_zps1nem0adv.png  Whirl Blade Extension - Extra Attack

    This extension allows Haru to follow up Whirl Blade's initial slash with two more spin slashes, gaining more distance and doing more damage. This extension is amazing, and takes Whirl Blade from an okay skill to an amazing DPS source. I'd max it if you have the points to spare, but the damage increase scales with each level, o if you're not maxing it, leave it alone.

    Recommendation: 3/3 or 0/3

    Icon_Ssword_Skill_FlashStep_A_zpsyi7ehj8h.png  Bolt Waltz Extension - Heavy Attack

    Takes the already amazing Bolt Waltz to the next level. It adds significantly to the the damage and SA break of Bolt Waltz, but it also slows it down, since Haru now needs to combine her swords before stepping back for the throw. The damage is well worth the trade-off in my opinion.

    Recommendation: 3/3

    SwordFall_zpstsx7mq7j.png  Sword Fall

    Haru draws her second sword and jumps high into the air, then slashes down quickly to the ground with multiple energy blades. This skill does the damage and SA break of Rain of Blades, except very, very fast. It shares a similar long cooldown with Blade Shower, which means this is another skill to max.

    Recommendation: 5/5

    SlashingWarfare_zpsafedtv9j.png  Slashing Warfare

    Haru performs a three step attack: she cross slashes her swords and fires energy waves, dashes forward to perform numerous slashes, and spins back to her initial position, dragging mobs with her. This skill combines the properties of Wind Rupture, First Blade, and Bladewall in one attack. The utility and damage the skill provides is amazing, and well worth maxing.

    Recommendation: 5/5

    EternalCombination_zpsnkhqahpv.png  Eternal Combination

    Haru's third unique passive, Eternal Combination provides a stacking attack buff that builds with every 20th combo hit, maxing out at 5 stacks. The buff stacks last 10 seconds and are refreshed every time you perform another 20 hits. This skill rewards continuous aggression, and is an amazing buff together with Arena Storm. The nature of this buff means it takes time to ramp up, but its very easy to stack on multiple enemies and good Harus should have no problem keeping this up on bosses. Max this.

    Recommendation: 3/3

    ExtinctionPrelude_zpssop4cyir.jpg  Extinction Prelude

    Easily the most fearsome sounding skill Haru has, it can only be activated in Supernova. Haru draws her second sword and dashes forward, performing a series of attacks too fast to see in a large radius, finishing up by leaping and slamming in the center with a number of energy blades erupting from the ground. Activating this skill forcibly ends Supernova after it finishes.

    Extremely high damage with extremely higher SA break. It uses no SF and no skill points, which means it has no downside except force cancelling Supernova. Therefore, its best to use it when Supernova is about to end anyway.

    Recommendation: 1/1

    Hysteria and Supernova

    These skills are part of a unique system in Soul Worker, where you gather a resource called Spirit Nova from fallen enemies. The amount gathered is marked on a gauge on your screen. Gathering enough Nova makes these skills available to use, with Supernova being the advanced form of, and using more Nova than Hysteria. These buffs are a key part of your skillset and provide unique benefits to each character, so we'll be going over Haru's versions in this guide.

    2_zpsxyrcplz5.jpg  Hysteria

    Consumes half your Soul Nova gauge to activate Hysteria, a buff that lasts 30 seconds. When Haru activates Hysteria, she gets SA, 25% damage reduction, and a 20% movement speed bonus. Initially this skill is the only one you have to use your Soul Vapor on. It definitely increases Haru's survivability, so you can use it for its benefits in tough fights. Otherwise, I'd prioritize using Supernova over this as soon as you gain access to it, for reasons I will explain below.

    1_zpsgeirpstg.jpg Supernova

    Requires and consumes your entire Soul Nova gauge to activate Supernova, a buff that lasts 60 seconds. When Haru activates Supernova, she gets SA, 50% damage reduction, 20% increased attack, and a 20% movement speed bonus. After her advancement, this skill also gives Haru access to Extinction Prelude when active. Haru's Supernova stays true to her all-rounder nature, increasing her offense, defense, and mobility all at once. Its versatile are relevant in any situation, so don't be afraid to use it.

    Sample Skill Builds

    The following section will provide example builds through the Soul Worker skill simulator found here.

    Level 55: 140 skill points

    Level 60: build: 153 skill points

    Level 55 build assuming no resets at advancement: 123 skill points

    The lvl 55 skill build has plenty of extra skill points to play around with, so you have a lot of leeway with it. Feel free to spend points as you please.

    However, at level 60 with the job advancements, we are gives a lot of new skills but only 13 more skills points for them. This means we are much more starved for skill points and need to cut back from previous skills accordingly. If Gameforge is reasonable a skill reset will be provided for free when advancements arrive, so we should be able to re-allocate when the time comes.

    Edit: Due to popular demand, I have added my skill bar setup for reference.


    SA break combo: Storm Strider -> Ground Pound -> Bolt Waltz.

    Standard DPS combo: Whirl Blade -> First Blade -> Armour Smash

    Full SG regen combo: Blow Up -> Wind Rupture

    Group nuke: Bladewall -> Wind Rupture or Rain of Blades

    That being said, skill cooldown times do not line up properly for you to be able to repeat only these combos. You'll have to keep playing and learn to loop anything into anything.

    NOTE: I have added a level 55 build that can be used if you do not want to or plan to depend on skill resetting at level 60 to shift your points around for advancement. This is the build you use if you want to be safe and not rely upon Gameforge providing resets, and it still remains a very effective build.

    Again, the builds I've linked are my personal choices; they don't necessarily mean NOT building like this is wrong, it just means that's my preference. If you have questions about my particular choices feel free to ask in reply to this thread.

    Akasha Cards

    Akasha cards can maks a huge difference in your gameplay depending on what you use. I believe its best to use 1 active and 4 passives to get a good balance of utility for the all-rounder Haru.

    The listed recommendations for are for cards in their base unupgraded state, unless advised differently. I am also ignoring cards not yet available in our version, but will update accordingly when we get them. Keep in mind some of the names of cards may be incorrect, but will be corrected ASAP.

    To create an ideal set, choose ONE card from the Actives list, and one card from each of the 4 Passive categories: Crit Chance, Stamina Regen, SG Regen, and Attack Speed.

    Active Cards:


    Attacks enemies in front of the player

    CD: 78s - Can be crafted from the[Dark Helmet Piece] from Candus City Junk Pool Episode ep4

    This active summons Baalride, who performs a large-scale AoE attack that damages all enemies within range. A decent card if you want more widescale AoE. I personally think Haru has more than enough tools to kill mobs (she's in fact the best at it), but if you want even more, this is a good choice.

    Worker Ex Machina

    Attacks and paralyzes enemies within range

    CD: 78s - Can be crafted from the [Giant Robot Finger] from Ruin Fortress Forgotten Armory ep4

    This active summons Worker Ex Machina's arms to slam down 3 times at short intervals, damaging and paralyzing affected enemies. It provides a good mix of CC and damage. Haru clears mobs well enough already, but the CC can be useful at times.


    Does AoE damage around a concentrated area

    CD: 117s - Can be obtained from Akashic transmitters

    This active creates a number of AoE circles that explode for damage in a specific area. It is probably one of the best damage actives on bosses that have large hitboxes and don't move frequently. Its worth using as an active for both bossing and AoE damage to clear mobs.


    Heals HP of players within range

    CD: 39s - Can be crafted from the [Worn-out Script] from Candus City Big Mouth ep3

    This active summons Selene, who dances for a bit and creates a AoE healing field that heals HP in ticks for all allies that stand in it. In base for the heal is quite weak, but it becomes quite a bit more noticeable when upgrading. At tier 3 this is a 15% HP heal for all allies every 39 seconds. Not bad at all if you don't have a Stella.

    Hel and Selene

    Heals HP of players and paralyzes enemies within range

    CD: 117s - Can be obtained from Akashic transmitters

    This active summons Hel and Selene recording in a thunderstorm, healing allies in the rain and electrifying enemies within range. This card is very similar in effect to Selene, but provides added utility at the cost of roughly triple the cooldown period. If you're able to upgrade this card, the heal becomes immense, scaling up to 40% player max HP at tier 3. However, in terms of raw healing output, a Selene tier 3 is stronger than this card over a period of two minutes. To be honest I'd use Selene over this, but if you get it, its pretty decent.

    Mysterious Snatcher

    Pushes away enemies and heals HP of players within range

    CD: 39s - Can be crafted from the [Dramatic Theft] from Steel Graves ep10

    This active summons that bastard Soul Reaver, which pushes away enemies and heals allies within range. Upgrading the card causes it to change effects, and strengthens the heal. This card is basically a better version of Selene in every way, and I'd recommend you to use this. However, if you can't solo Steel Graves, just want the heal, or don't wanna cough up the dzenai for it on the market, or just despise this creature, then Selene is only slightly weaker.

    Grutin Army

    Summons a number of Grutins to temporarily fight enemies

    CD: 117s - Can be obtained from Akashic transmitters

    This active is great in a number of ways; it takes the heat off you somewhat, can be used effectively in many scenarios, and is great DPS against any type of boss. If you get it, consider using it for sure. Upgrading the card will net you more Grutins with smarter AI.

    Big Plastica

    Summons Big Plastica to drop multiple balls that can be destroyed for buffs

    CD: 117s - Can be obtained from Akashic transmitters

    This card is covered in detail in the Recommended AR cards guide, so I won't get into it here, but suffice it to say its amazing if you manage to draw it. One of the best parts of this active is that your entire party benefits from it greatly. Very worth using if you get it.

    Passive Cards:

    Note: Many passive cards have a 2 ★ and hidden versions that are usually better in every way, but can only be received through luck in the Akasha transmitters. Where 2 ★ is the only recommended version I will mention it. I will also break passives into 4 categories: Crit Chance, Stamina Regen, SG Regen, and Attack Speed.

    Crit Chance


    When attacking enemy, 5% chance for critical rate +20% for 2s

    CD: 15s - Can be crafted using the [Martial Arts Explained] from Candus City Concrete Jungle ep2

    One of the best all-round offensive passive card. Providing a boost to crit can really enhance Haru's burst damage when it procs, and its cooldown is quick enough to make good use of it throughout a fight. This is easily farmable, so I'd recommend getting it. Keep in mind the 2 ★ and hidden versions are even stronger, with a theoretical 45% uptime on a 20% crit rate increase. Upgrade and use this card unless you are getting Aaron.


    When critically attacking enemy, 5% chance for 100% critical rate for 2s

    CD: 30s - Can be crafted using the [Family Photo] from Candus City Breakout ep4

    The poor man's Shade. It procs at least half as often as Shade does, and lasts a fixed 2 seconds, but guarantees your attacks will crit during the proc time. When this activates on Rain of Blades your burst is insane. This card also does not require upgrading or rolling through Akasha transmitters for more effective versions. It's up to you which one you prefer.

    Stamina Regen

    Meggidon's Rage Mk2

    Restores 10% stamina every 20s

    CD: N/A - Can be crafted using the [Lighter] from Grace City Area 9 ep2

    This card provides consistent reliable stamina restoration, allowing you to dodge and perform recovery more often. The tier 1 effect is pretty meh, but the tier 2 adds provides double the stamina 25% faster. Upgrade this for sure. The 2 ★ and hidden versions are immensely better, so upgrade and use those if RNGesus blesses you; they have a tiny 5.5 second cooldown between stamina restores, your Haru will roll for days.

    Skitter - 2 ★ or Hidden only

    When hitting enemy, 5% chance for 7% stamina recovery

    CD: 1s - Can be obtained from Akasha transmitters

    This card has a craftable version that's pretty bad, so don't bother unless you get it from the gacha. The gacha version, however, is extremely good. The normal 2 ★ version at tier 3 has a 5% chance to provide you with 17 stamina potentially every second, which is immense. Its very RNG based but a solid alternative to Meggidon.

    Shadow Dancer

    When hit by enemy, 80% stamina recovery

    CD: 30s - Can be crafted using the [Flashing Blade Fragment] from Grace City Flame Breaker ep4

    An emergency tool that basically gives you more stamina to dodge or roll out of attacks in a pinch. Restores around 80 stamina all at once, but can only proc every half a minute. Very good in certain situations, and a fine alternative to other stamina regen cards if you waste stamina more often. Keep in mind the 2 ★ and hidden versions are quite different and aren't recommended; you only want the crafted version if at all.

    SG Regen


    When critically attacking enemy, 5% chance for 10% SG recovery

    CD: 20s - Can be crafted using the [Broken Blade] from Grace City NED Company ep1

    Provides extra SG recovery at a certain rate. Can be quite useful if you tend to be wasteful with your SG, or just need more to pump out skills. Keep in mind this requires you to CRIT to proc, before it even considers the 5% proc chance for this card, so consider investing in crit chance to go with this card. The tier 2 version is better in every way, so upgrade it when you can. There's a 2 ★ and hidden version of this card, which increases the cooldown to 30 seconds but procs much more reliably. Either one works based off your preference.

    Grand Blaze Taifon - 2 ★ or Hidden only

    When hitting enemy, 10% chance for 10% SG recovery

    CD: 1s - Can be obtained from Akasha transmitters

    This card is very similar to Chaser, providing similar SG regen at the sameish cooldowns with a better chance to proc. Needs to be upgraded to tier 3 to achieve similar effects as tier 2 Chaser. Its totally okay to use Chaser instead, but if you get it from Akasha transmitter, use it over Chaser since its better in the long run.

    Attack Speed

    Black Gauntillus

    When attacking enemy, 10% chance for +10% attack speed for 3s

    CD: 10s - Can be crafted using the [Steel Gloves] from Grace City Front Lines ep1

    A pretty great card that gets even better when upgraded. 10% attack speed is pretty significant, and the proc lasts 5 seconds when upgraded. The 2 ★ version potentially allows for permanent uptime, and the hidden offers higher attack speed over that. I would say this is hands down the best attack speed AR card.


    When attacking enemy, 10% chance for +5% move speed and attack speed for 3s

    CD: 10s - Can be crafted using the [Fashionable Round Shoes] from Ruin Fortress Acheron ep4

    A milder version of Black Gauntillus, this card provides half the attack speed but also move speed bonus to compensate. The upgrade similarly increases the proc duration to 5 seconds. Not a bad alternative at all since the movespeed can be useful in dashing out of large AoEs at the last second. Its up to your preferences which one you use.

    Haru Tips

    This section will go over and explain some of my own observations and general recommendations for playing Haru. These are all entirely my opinion, but I'm doing my best to spread the right info. I will edit this guide to add more based off what applies to our version once the game is up and running.

    - Haru's strength lies in her numerous gap closers and excellent SF regeneration. If there's an enemy standing, you should always be hitting it.

    - My personal order of preference for stat lines is attack speed -> crit rate -> crit damage -> flat attack > everything else.

    - Try to sprint to avoid attacks instead of Escape Route (dodging) whenever you can. Sprinting takes no stamina, but it doesn't cancel the delay caused by your skills, so always anticipate when a boss is going to retaliate and stop attacking with enough time to Sprint out the way. Escape Route should be used for emergencies or for attacks that cover too large an area for you to get out in time.

    - Try to use combos that make sense. There's no innate synergy between Wind Rupture into Armour Smash, for example, but using First Blade into Bolt Waltz into Wind Rupture makes for a high damage combo that creates distance and hits multiple targets effectively. This is just an example, but experiment with which combos work well for you and use them accordingly.

    - - When an elite mob or boss has SA up, prioritize skills that have high SA break, like Storm Strider, Bladequake, and Ground Pound. Once the SA is broken, prioritize your DPS skills like First Strike and Armour Smash. I would recommend setting a skill chain that uses these skills in order; e.g. Storm Strider -> Bladequake -> Ground Pound so that you have an easy sequence to effective break SA or deal damage, depending on what you need.

    - Try and reserve Arena Storm for phases with large DPS uptime. The Attack buff is only earning its keep if your allies can attack the target.

    - Use Bladewall to effectively group enemies for you and your team's skills. It has a pretty low cooldown, so proper use can reduce time spent running around chasing stray mobs.

    - Use Haru's ground Soulstrike to launch enemies for the bonus damage.

  • Excellent guide, but you forgot the no 1 reason to play Haru. She's the Goddess of pantsu and butt shots

    Also you added her Advancement skills but not her advancement extensions...why?

  • Generally very good guide. Some things I would like to add:

    -Most skills scale in relation to sp spent; the main exceptions are special dodge and stamina mastery. Essentially, you're paying twice as much for special dodge at level 3 and stamina mastery at lvl 3 and 4, and thrice as much for stamina mastery at lvl 5. Keep this in mind if you do decide to put points in these skills you're getting less and less out of it.

    -If you solo quite a bit, consider putting more points in blow up. Since blow up applies per hit per target up to 5 targets, this makes a ton of haru's skill refund more than half of her SG bar. You can essentially dump most of SG bar, have 20 seconds of not needing to pay attention to it at all, and end up with a full SG bar at the end of the buff.

    -Using pierce step only as a gapcloser is extremely underselling it's potential. At max rank, it's a very potent SA breaking skill on short CD, given you use it at point blank range.

    Erwin and Haru should just get married.

  • Thanks for the info! You bring up good points, I'll add them to the guide.

  • Excellent guide, but you forgot the no 1 reason to play Haru. She's the Goddess of pantsu and butt shots

    Also you added her Advancement skills but not her advancement extensions...why?

    Do you mean the Spin Cutter and Flash Step extensions? Or am I missing something?

    yeah those 2

  • Excellent guide, but you forgot the no 1 reason to play Haru. She's the Goddess of pantsu and butt shots

    Also you added her Advancement skills but not her advancement extensions...why?

    Do you mean the Spin Cutter and Flash Step extensions? Or am I missing something?

    yeah those 2

    I got em under advancement, see?

  • ah the pics arent there. that explains it

  • Excellent guide, but you forgot the no 1 reason to play Haru. She's the Goddess of pantsu and butt shots

    Also you added her Advancement skills but not her advancement extensions...why?

    Do you mean the Spin Cutter and Flash Step extensions? Or am I missing something?

    Yamato Please refrain from double posting - you can always go back and edit your old post~ By the way, this is a great guide!



  • Nice guide mate, kinda sad to see her build is pretty much untouched in 2 years.

    The only thing i disagree is the blow up 1/5, blow up is amazing and you can reduce the CD if you combo it.

    Special dodge i find worth to have at max on a charc that is pretty much always melee and has to commit somewhat to what she does, but that's me personally i guess.
    Rising attack i also find totally worth to max it, 3 sp for 2 extra secs of I-frame and less stamina cost, how is that not worth it?
    3 sp is the cost of the worthless last lvl of stamina mastery.

    Either way, amazing guide:thumbup:.

    "Wee yea ra enne ar sar. Wee yea ra enne ar dor"
    "Wee yea ra enne ar ciel. Rrha yea ra ieeya en near

    "Fou yea ra waath ar ciel, en hymme mea, weel nepo en keen ar sar"

    "Rasse, rasse, rasse, rasse, rasee, rasse, en rana!"

  • Great guide! I plan to play every character and this was really helpful in understanding Haru.

    Three of the pictures aren't working properly. Advancement, Hysteria, and Awakening.

    Also, do we know when we're getting the Advancements? Or are they already in?

  • Great guide! I plan to play every character and this was really helpful in understanding Haru.

    Three of the pictures aren't working properly. Advancement, Hysteria, and Awakening.

    Also, do we know when we're getting the Advancements? Or are they already in?

    They aren't and no we do not have a timeframe yet.

    "Wee yea ra enne ar sar. Wee yea ra enne ar dor"
    "Wee yea ra enne ar ciel. Rrha yea ra ieeya en near

    "Fou yea ra waath ar ciel, en hymme mea, weel nepo en keen ar sar"

    "Rasse, rasse, rasse, rasse, rasee, rasse, en rana!"

  • Great guide! I plan to play every character and this was really helpful in understanding Haru.

    Three of the pictures aren't working properly. Advancement, Hysteria, and Awakening.

    Also, do we know when we're getting the Advancements? Or are they already in?

    Glad to hear it helped!

    I was linking those images directly from the JP wiki, and they show up fine for me, but I think depending on where you're located it may not display correctly. I've updated the image URLs, you should be able to see them now.

    Also yeah, no ETA on advancement, and I'd expect it to take a while. Still, I don't expect the details to change much when it finally arrives, so its up here for whenever we get it!

  • I was linking those images directly from the JP wiki, and they show up fine for me, but I think depending on where you're located it may not display correctly. I've updated the image URLs, you should be able to see them now

    Yep, they're there!