SolAshur's Ultimate Erwin Skill Guide

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    The first thing you must know about Erwin is that he is the easiest character to level 1-55 and is the cheapest character to get geared. He is beginner friendly, and amazing in both PvE and PvP.

    This guide will focus on 1)Gear, 2)Skills, and 3) Essential Combos. For the full video to this guide please Click the link Below.

    Sol's Ultimate Erwin Skill Guide (VIDEO)

    1. Gear:

    A level 55 Erwin should prioritize Vicarious calling Armor+ weapon. While utilizing Glacial Accessory Set.

    For gear, Erwin should prioritize stats in this order 1)-when available-Atkspeed 2)Crit% 3)Crit Dmg 4) Max HP 5)Movespeed

    For weapon, Erwins hould prioritize stats in this order 1) Atkspeed 2)Crit% 3) Crit Dmg 4) Armor Break

    On Weapon please utilize Two Solace soulstones + 1 Sin Soulstone+ 1 SF Crit Dmg .

    2. Skills

    PvE/PvP - Sol's Erwin Skill Build

    This build is utilized to balance PvE damage while also having essential skills for PvP.

    PvE - General Erwin Build

    3) Essential Combos see video for visual breakdown. When three skills are utilized an sf regen is provided to player.

    Skating: Lmb->Lmb->Rmb->Shift Cancel - Utilized for mobility, Sf Regen, and Filler between combos

    OP Electronade: On Point -> DodgeShot ->Electronade - this combo provides damage boost to electronade when paired with Shade Akahska form the boosted crit rate procs shade provides.

    Ultimate Combo: Soul Caster->On point-> Quickfire-> Sky High

    Electro Paralysis: Electronade->On point-> Dodge Shot-> Jump+RMB -this combo will paralyze large groups of enemies and leave them vulnerable for further combos-


    |Asher Bryan AKA SolAshur The Hero of The Light |

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