Purchasing from the premium shop

  • I Have been purchasing from the premium shop for the past few months and i had no problem whatsoever, yet today i have decided to buy 1700 SC and it worked just fine but then i realized i didnt had enough SC for the outfit that i wanted so i felt like buying the 5200 SC option. but right now im not getting my SC and when i try to press on the "top out soulcash" it just enters black screen and blocks me out from doing it.

    Example of the black screen:

  • Hello,

    For issues regarding payments only, please contact our billing support:

    https://billing.gameforge.com/ (sign in through STEAM available).


    1. SoulWorker is not available in the list of games for the moment. You can choose another game and specify in your ticket that your request is related to SoulWorker payments.

    2. Please keep in mind that Game support cannot handle payment requests.

    ..She threw away all of her masks and put on her soul..

  • i already contacted them, Is there any purchase limit? because i think that's my problem right now (is it possible to fix it only once so that i could finish my order)

  • if this is your 1st time buying 13k sc or more, it will be fix after 24hrs. based on my exp. much better if u send ticket. and there is no limit.

    i usually buy the 1700 SC package but this time i bought 1700 and then 5200 (for some reason the 5200 purchase got refunded)