Soulworkers ULTIMATE Beginner Guide

  • Welcome To Soulworker

    The best anime game ever to grace this earth.

    In this guide I teach all newcomers the basics on how to level, what to focus on while leveling, and provide tips on class choice.

    The video also displays new and upcoming content to be hype for once we get the next expansions.

    |Asher Bryan AKA SolAshur The Hero of The Light |

  • Gotta disagree on how hard which char is to lv. Perharps im biased, but Jin is prolly next after Haru on lvling difficulty. His damage and defences (and easy to use block) make him easier to play and lv through the game.

    Erwin is worst at mobbing, atleast in early game. It's a good argument that his gear is cheapest and least demanded, that would make him a perfect main, but don't think it's easiest one to lv up by any stretch of imagination.

    Only reason what made me not to choose Erwin as main. He fits with Stella on lvling difficulty, since doesn't have sustain like she does and Stella again has terrible burst and low damage until you reach higher lvl and get higher dmg skills like spirit swamp etc.

    Again, if you get early weapons up to +4 or even higher, everything gets easier at the end of the day. But hey, newbros rarely can afford it, so i kinda understand your perspective.

    As side note, great vid but sound cuts low after 04;16 min ...

  • This would be very opinion based. However, Without a doubt, erwin has the most consistent boss damage and being that bosses are the hardest early game, this makes him the choice candidate.

    Again, we could go back and forth on this. This is just my opinion. I have three level 55's and have played every characters.

    I took my early game weapons to +6 due to being able to find multiples. I see a tremendous damage boost

    |Asher Bryan AKA SolAshur The Hero of The Light |