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    Just wow. Biggest request was bringing NPC loyalty system not random upgrade buff events...

    NPC loyalty was declined, so we are looking for alternatives instead of pushing onto something that has been declined.

    Declined by whom? Like most publishers they don't listen to what comes out of their players mouth, they listen to what comes out of their wallet. What they pay attention to is what sells, this doesn't.

    I understand you are upset about them "lying" (it could've been miscommunication, but be my guess, it is there). Clearly, this does affect the credibility of what their saying; however, that does not mean we should bash them and forget about finding additional solutions. The thread is specifically about that, finding solutions.

    This doesn't affect the credibility? They have stated in an obnoxious matter that the focus was on upgrade buffs (which have such a low rate that they don't even deserve to be mentioned) rather than adding the NPC loyalty, besides the fact that they didn't scruple to lie about TW system.

    The only solution is to actually add the loyalty feature or just increase the enhance rate, permanently.

    Hello everyone,

    about TW, we checked again with the developer and they indeed have the system, but in our case and since one of the biggest request is about the upgrading buff of it, it was focusing on that not being available in our statement .

    We are looking at ways to improve the current situation in our version and we will hopefully have more info to share with you soon. :)

    Just wow. Biggest request was bringing NPC loyalty system not random upgrade buff events...

    It would have been logical to at least inform us before the "bug" patch was applied. Never in my life have I played a game where a "bug" which such an impact of the economy ran for a week then suddenly a change of cards. I understand it's holiday, but seriously either LG is the crapiest developer ever or your communication with the devs is below sea level.
    As for the SF bug in most of the cases an easy fix is to switch to pre-advance photo album. Pretty sure it ain't quantum physics to solve that shit. Needless to say that in game mechanics should be a priority....

    Huh I don't think his age matters. I find generalizations like this to be useless. Guy just wanted to express his point of view, as toxic as you might see it. Up to you if you enjoy getting angry over trivial things.

    While y'all fighting saying how private server bettah or how much you loathe private servers, memeforge laughin at ya and their marketing manager planning 2nd trimester of 2019 lootboxes and spin wheel content. So suck it.

    It's pretty obvious that all gaming private servers are shady and they're technically located in a grey zone of law which leaves room for abuse. Also in most cases these game companies can't do shit about these private servers usually, needless to say Gameforge ain't Blizzard to give a fuck.

    Few years gambling in games will most likely be banned in the majority of countries, cause millennial parents gotta protect their cupcakes. Up to you if you feel like flushing in the toilet your hard worked money or swipe ya mummmy's credit card, you'll have to take the consequences.

    I said long time ago, did you legit go through KR old patch notes? In JP bullet storm hit 600k, no joke, in KR she had insane cds when she was first released. It also makes sense to overpower a char when it's released to make it more appealing then getting nerfed to balance out the rest of the chars.

    Excuse moi :eyes: coulda simplified it using "karma gets back to you".

    Gameforge are you a little desperate to win back the people after you treated them like garbage?

    You do realize they most likely won't give a shit since they've been running the same monkey business for years now.

    P.S. I think they messed up that Q&A for Gamescom and instead of saying Jin and Iris two week distance advancement release they had mistaken it for Stela and Erwin jfc.

    The law has always lagged behind technology. It might take years before gambling regulators sort it out, but sooner or later it’s going to catch up. After the lootbox ban in Belgium, Square Enix games no longer operate there. It's a constant legal battle between game publishers (which state that their lootboxes don't currently fall under the legal definition of gambling) and gambling regulators.
    Until then Gameforge gains profit from players purchasing chance-based items without giving a damn about the impact on children, my biggest concern in games like SoulWorker. Again this isn't my money, not my problem, but when I face the miserable state of mind some people have in this game regarding virtual gambling it just gives me creeps especially when our beloved publisher did not even place their lootboxes in age-restricted categories.

    I was referring to the title of the forum thread. It's about the loot boxes and that's what i talked about, even so, I'll answer you. I did not say that I liked the way they work the game, it does not seem right, but you can do events to fix this. Also, I think it is a personal opinion to improve the game that you must respect as I respect yours. The purpose is to support us, remember this please.

    Thanks for your input. I do acknowledge and accept your point of view. But no event will ever make any of us happier about the game's state. Let's get real, fashion in this game is end content unfortunately since we'll never catch up with Korea's gameplay content until next century in my honest opinion.

    SoulWorker is based for fun, but you can not search for more than there is, because you can not, but do not say it is a scam when you are free to play, recharge, or not to recharge, or not to play, simply if you think so.

    MFW you don't understand how bad monetization harms a F2P game. It's not only about the costumes it's an overall view i.e: Catherine Akasha Card which was put into a limited akasha box. with only 3 "limited akasha cards". In conclusion a P2W player can gain any gameplay advantage over his non-paying peers.
    Long story short gameforge made it so you can pay for convenience. On a certain level I agree that cosmetics aren't a "necessity" and no one grabs your money from pockets for it. Games are no longer what they used to be simple and fun.

    The commonness of in-game micro-transactions, as "spinning wheel", "loot boxes" should raise concerns about the use of psychological principles that mirror those often found in casinos and gambling games. What are these psychological principles about? Most games companies hire behavioral psychologists to exploit and manipulate the addictive nature of human, easiest targets and most vulnerable are the kids.
    By adding these gambling features they keep you hooked. The damage on a psychological level is significant and it has already been proven by science that youth are vulnerable to gambling. What is SW's most players age? Exactly teens in their 20s. Gambling features will never disappear until it's justified by a lawsuit. Until then this intentional strategy created by game developers will remain the best way to get players deeply engaged in shit "F2P" games.

    This kinda hurt me to say that but Haru got the worst mono target dps of the game,

    she had her glorious moment on rookie raids but for now and for the future announced content she will only be a low tier char :haru2:

    Haru funeral already happened in KR after Chii release :<.