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    So you're telling me that I need to feed you 6400 soul cash for 50 NORMAL transmitters, 3 meme golems and 2 LIMITED transmitters? And if I AM LUCKY in terms of gameforge rng I can get one of the 12 limited akasha cards, including normal and hidden?
    Can you please replace your marketing team? Because it's shit.

    Nevermind just give up, you're shit.

    Expectations always yield disappointment when it comes to wheelforge. Who even trusted the 2 weeks gap between Erwin adv and Stella adv release. They don't follow Gregorian calendar they have their own Wheel calendar.
    Came back to SockWorker NA to invest wisely all my dzenai into socks, going back to SoulWorker Kr to play content.

    Btw in fact we caught up with Korea updates, costume updates.

    BSK drop in Bandits Highway and Iron Castle and I don't think we have FOT yet, I mean I'm 100% sure those don't drop anywhere.

    Would be nice if we'd get those too (inb4 limited FOT cash shop offer).

    It's not pvp, it's rng and I'd not say that Lilly dominates, Lilly's have it bad at pvp (I'd say the weakest, just my opinion), mostly because they have to get real close to the enemy and they can get one shot from Haru's Wind Rupture or Stella, Erwin ults (Lilly's guillotine is useless).

    Besides Stella can paralyze you and catch you in her Bass aka you're dead. I play Erwin and I must say he's pretty op for pvp, only Haru and Erwin are top ranks.

    Wait till Jin gets released with his super op shield :P.

    Day 3 of "pvp" arena and I am disappointed because unlike kr we don't have our in game names censored or guild. Plus you can see on the minimap your guild mates.

    Why is it bad to not have them censored? Because somehow I always get in a battle with at least one of my guild members and so do other players. I was ranked 2th yesterday and today I've been chased since the beginning of the game till the end of it, after I finished third room first and inserted my coins literally no other player focused on inserting theirs, they just ganged up and chased me for 8 minutes, I almost rage quit. Literally I had 0 points and I got killed from minute to minute.

    On top of it as soon as I respawned the Haru players did the burning skill while I was still dead. :D

    I would appreciate if some sort of censor would be applied for a better game experience, because it becomes really unfair to team up to chase a single player.

    Thank you!:erwin1: