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    Aurith +6 is enough, primal is the easiest boss ever in general, all you have to do is it to follow the mechs.

    Ther aren't any stat requirements, not sure why EN is stacking health but health isn't important for PvE at all, you need some crit res, and defense in general, for everything.

    Well, crit dmg, as, cd, crit%,arpen are always nice to have, just check which one is the most important stat for your class.

    But actually all classes are exactly the same since LG isn't looking forward to spend any attention to design class builds different.

    Fix positions > kill tendrils, max dps for the heart core, hide behind the container twice per fight, otherwise nothing to do.

    The boss is really boring, not sure why everyone is scared by it. SW was never difficult and its may the easiest mmo so far :D

    Just chill, ask for mechs if you dont know what to do, let the raid lead give you your fix target and done ;)

    No publisher is going for that, just if the maintenance is for more than 1 day or technical issues for multiple days. But you get something else instead.

    wow: 1-2 weeks for free

    ff14: outfit or pet

    sw: sc

    bns: 5 days premium + inventory expansions

    and so on

    During Lilly focused episodes, there's a group of three signs; two of those show the words "Madness" and "Death Wish". During Stella's episodes, the words are "Hope" and "Sadness".

    Death wish yes, because she want to die because of her brother :(

    Similar powers yes but it wasn't their own power, it was pure insanity. The void get's stronger the more crazy you are.

    Its like the void makes you evil, everyone was alone (they find each other later on).

    Their will to survive is coming back, that's why they turned into"kinda" normal guys/girls.

    SW PvP isn't good at all, the classes are extremely bad balanced, Rift isnt pvp and well its just FFA stomping.

    Play BNS if you want "kinda" good PvP.

    SW is the worst PvP mmo so far. (it isn't competitive at all if you're trying to say it).

    Its a pure PvE arcade mmo

    PvP good joke, everyone who think PvP is good in SW is a bad player.

    Dont call GC content, its freeloot for every class.

    The real content is without active akashas, which is good there you can see how bad the classes are