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    errm.. u double keybind ur key. ur skill is 1 2 3 4 5 6, and u also keybind ur akasha active 1 2 3 4 5.

    same goes for ur potions slot, u have q and e on top two slot, then u keybind q and e again on bottom two extra slot.

    try change it so ur top bar and bottom bar has different keybind and see if it works.

    See Attachment for the default keybind.



    u poor soul ;(

    i wonder when will NA get loyalty system for NPC Trisha ... or if NA is ever going to get it at all

    i feel like all the time & effort i spent on collecting mats to upgrade is meaningless :rolleyes:

    we are not getting it, according the video the product manager answered community Q&A, he said that we are not getting it.

    If you are interested in the video, here is the link:

    lol~ i wish can just pay2win my weapon to +8 or +9.

    I mean... you can, just go and buy hundreds(maybe thousands) of anti-destructions and strength expansion tickets, also sell SC to buy wucs, and go on.

    This game is like pay2convenience

    Yeah, it's not really convenient to farm rucco town every day for half a year, if you want to get +9 XD

    Well but buying with real life money, that sometimes is so not worth it. Like at the end i guess it's up to player really, they wanna grind in real life or grind in game. lol, they both consumed time, just have to compare between two and see which one is more efficient.

    But not everyone willing to grind in real life, then some grind in game for what they want and they enjoy the process. But some dont wanna grind in real life or in game, idk they will just complain i guess? or just has an excuse for their own laziness.

    At the end of the day, all i can say is most MMORPG is gonna be P2W, whether it's p2progress, p2convenience, p2w. Because that's the way MMORPG makes money, Cosmetic stuff just a one time thing, company not gonna able to paid every employee every month by just having cosmetic. So player that can't deal with p2progress, p2convenience, or p2w, i think there is other option like MOBA, FPS, etc. game that completely no p2w aspect at all.

    lol~ i wish can just pay2win my weapon to +8 or +9. I used 150 attempt on my primal weapon, and it's still +7. While my friend that just started the game, i bring him through primal and he finally got his weapon. less than 25 attempt, he got to +8.

    This game is like pay2convenience, if you pay u dont have to alt farm and you save time. But at the end doesn't matter if u pay or not, it's still up to RNG. Yes, if u put it in competitive, pay user is consider as p2w, bcoz if u guys compete on fastest clear time, team with full stacked gears, brooch, and akasha will definitely win. If CONTENT even release that fast.

    This game content release so slow that when primal out, i know a few of my friends that is completely free2play, got their hidden Rita, Hidden BP to level 2 almost 3, and brooch all Giga. and can cleared all dungeon fast.

    Didn't GF said they will released advancement every two weeks? so all class can get their advancement asap?

    Well i guess they changed their mind? lets have some trick n' treat event first, maybe after this event, next will do christmas event? then new year event?

    Like i dont get why can't they released all advancement every two weeks now and then do event after or event with the advancement?

    We should get the NPC affection system everyone else has.

    It sucks that even after 200 upgrade tries you are expected to only have a +7 primal weapon, meanwhile other servers can expect to +9 their weapon in less than 100 tries. Plus their primal gear can be upgraded 40 times without a strength extension ticket.

    Dropping 100 euros just for the strength extension tickets to be stuck at +7 is bull and you know it too.

    well KR primal gears only have 25 attempt as well, their AoV gears is the one with 40 attempt. I believe all server primal is 25 attempt.

    But other server have NPC loyalty that boost their success rate, not sure if Gameforge is goin to bring it over to our side or not. or leave it as it is and let player suffer from failing. =D

    Because she was way too strong with 60, she was better than adv. Haru without adv.

    After the nerf she was on the same lvl with Haru, a bit better than Erwin.

    With her adv. she is slightly better than Haru again "if your gear is stat-wise fair enough"

    You sure? be careful what u said, i got attack because i said iris is stronger than other class in term of dps. This guy told me Iris is weakest compare to like Haru and Erwin. And you sure she got nerf? i told him Iris got nerf, he said iris got buff at level 60. Not talking about advancement.

    Iris - awakening (KOR), for all who have not seen it yet ^^

    First i said % HP stat, most gears ppl will get Flat HP is better than % HP, except for Haru and Jin % HP stat is benefit them a lot more. Second you can go ask any KR streamer, they can tell you reason Haru and Jin was play so much because those two class chain combo is just very fluent and nice. KR don't really care op or not op, they play the class they enjoy. And U think Boss that move quick Iris not going to do better than any other class. You can go test it out with wearing level 30gears or 40 gears and go to any raid solo and see which class has the quickest time and easiest time. Iris is a lot stronger than you you don't give credit to. And korean nerf her, and didnt really nerf other class, instead Haru got buff, Erwin Bulls eyes is the only other class that got changes, because his advancement passive came out that give him more armor break %, so they balance the bull eyes by decrease the armor break % and increase the dmg %, i saw that patch note before. And Lily got revamped and got a buff. A lot of the class is getting buff, except for iris. and she got nerf once, and they probably think she is at balance point now. but she definitely stronger than all other class for sure. Well which it's expected, since she is supposed to be dps, but lack of defensive stat. Her defensive stat already the lowest, if her dps is lower than other class, then she became the weakest class and will probably get buff. So iris is the highest dps class, to me it's normal.

    And you can check on KR end game, even iris has 70-80k+hp, while other class has 75-87k except for jin. at end game Base hp doesnt effect much on ur hp that much anymore, unless you are using % HP stat. Or stat bonus that give 25% hp, will give haru and jin few more thousands HP than iris. But at the end, Perfect aurith gears My friend Iris has 50k hp, my haru has 55khp. Most of the time the it's the % HP stat that influence iris stat. And that 5k differences is from the 25% set bonus if i am not wrong aurith give 25% hp.

    Well to be honest, this game only boss and elite gives people trouble. Small mobs people dont really care much. But just that doesn't matter primal or not, D6 boss or not. Even clearing small mobs, Iris clear it as quick as Haru. That u can test it too, wear a level 30 weapon and go to Ark ship with all different class, u can see iris goin to be the quickest. That's why for others, they see it as she is op. To me, i don't like her, her skill doesnt feel fluid like haru, yes she is strong and so on, but if she is not fun why play her? just because she is op? It's normal, everyone is jealous when other class is op, haru is one of the strongest or the strongest class bfore iris released. but once advancement out, Erwin will be very strong, then looking at iris advancement she is very strong too. And lily is also become very strong when advancement and revamped.

    (this is for people that complain she is op)

    At the end, i just feel like people should play the class they enjoy most and not who is op. If u jealous Iris is op, then go play iris. But if u dont like her playstyle and she is op, and u dont wanna play her. Dont be jealous and envy that Iris do so much dmg and wanted her to get nerf. This is like saying, you saw ppl drive Ferrari and it's very fast and have good horse power, and u like ur toyota better because it's cheaper and has good durability, you can't just go and complain that Ferrari is op and so on. and want government to remove Ferrari or to make government put toyota engine into Ferrari. Yes if the government decided that the horse power is too much and not safe for the community they can decrease it. Which is what we call in game nerf it.

    Well you can go ask KR people, Iris got nerf first week after it released, because she is too strong. As of right now, she is not as op as she is when she is first released. But still pretty strong, comparison to all other class she has the highest dps because of her skill kits. U can use same gears full aurith set for all other class that is 55. You can obviously see that Iris dmg is a lot higher than other class, u can test it yourself. Iris even right now in KR is consider stronger than all other class, she is good at mobbing while also do the highest dps on boss. Like compare to other class, Erwin is strong at bossing but bad at mobbing. Haru is strong at mobbing, but not that strong at single target. Stella has a lot aoe and can heal, but mediocre dps, Jin is offensive support and do decent dmg have quite high burst if able to counter. So reason people consider iris as op, because her weakness is almost non existence, low base hp and def? when end game if u +9, it doesnt matter if ur base hp or base def is low. Since most class dont use %hp stuff that much, except for jin and haru can use %hp.

    Yes you can just say iris is strong, and not op but in other ppl eyes it's consider as op. But if u try use Full aurith set on iris and buy a cheap D6 weapon +6 it for ur iris and other class and tested it. i can guarantee u that Iris will do the highest dmg out of all ur other class in comparison with similar gears. Like i said, everyone definition of OP is different, to you she is strong not op, to others it's not simply strong, she is op.

    Well... this can go 1 of 3 ways.

    1.) The prices actually do go down because of more WUC in the market. (Unlikely)

    2.) The prices go up on the market because it's an rng gamble assuming with WUC being the highest tier to get. So people now have an excuse to overprice them further because they got them with cash and they feel that that's their worth. (Likely)

    3.) The amount of WUC on the market doesn't change because people using this RNG box would save the WUC for themselves instead of selling it. (Very likely)

    well the 2nd with or without boxes, WUC not gonna drop as long as the enhancement/upgrade chances is the same as what we currently got. Until they start having NPC loyalty system and that can increase the enhance rate, then maybe WUC price might chance a little. So at the end, this RNG box don't bring any disadvantage except either economy stay the same or go down. If this RNG box didnt release, i doubt WUC will stop going up.

    People who cry p2w are people who are actually lazy and don't farm.

    People who cry that the Lords of the kingdom/rich kids/etc have it all good are actually lazy and they dont farm the fields all day and night/work 3 jobs/get a loan of a million dollars etc

    If i ma not mistaken you can buy all the stuff in the game with market/trade, and a non payer will need months to get the good stuff like high + weapons and brooches, while someone can just whale the game with their Credit card.

    Well my way of looking at it is you either farm in game or farm in real life. One is u farm for DZ/items and one if u farm for real life cash $. Yes, f2p might need to spend months to farm brooches, i know someone spend thousands and didnt get the brooches he wants. and thousands of dollars he probably spend his 2-3 weeks worth of money he FARM in real life. while he work 10-12 hrs a day 6 days a week, some ppl are home playing video game and farming DZ/items. SO it's just depend which way u prefer ur "farm". Well that's my way of looking at it, everyone is different. I know some that work but don't wanna spend a single real money in game and just wanna farm. Or some has a lot bills to pay doesn't have the extra to spend in game as well. Well game is a type of entertainment, just like movie or bar clubbing, if u dont have the luxury or extra money, you probably wouldnt go movie that much, clubbing or buying branded clothing, purses, etc. Game is the same, it's an entertainment, if u have the extra to spend on the luxury such a perfect brooch, WUC rng boxes, and outfit then you do. But if you dont have the extra, then you just enjoy the game differently.

    Well what is it that you are looking for can't be farm? or can't be bought? in this game, i think they try to make it so that everything can be bought also can be farm, beside special costume and so on, those doesnt effect the gameplay. But anything that can influence player gameplay, you can farm it just some way is slower and more rare than others. The rarer the more expensive it is, that's normal. Just like brooch is the most expensive, bcoz even pay user cant get the tera stat they wanted with paying(supporting) the company with real money. So that's why isnt what i mentioned bfore, most people wanted everything to be easy to farm, no need to spend money, and isn't that just like private server then?

    Well it lower the cost of a luxury item isn't that help the community? atleast those item that needed by everyone to +7-8 their weapons, if this can lower the cost it means they can afford WUC easier.

    Brooches for sure it's expensive, due to the RNG and out of like saying u want a tera smelter, that is like 1/17 chances to get it, bcoz there is other trash brooches. The cost for those pay user probably need few hundreds USD to get one Tera smelter, unless super lucky. It's all rng base, that's why brooch cost a lot more due to the rarity. Plus brooch doesn't influence the gameplay as much as having higher + weapons. that's my opinion.

    People who cry p2w are people who are actually lazy and don't farm.

    well agree, and i think this rng box doesnt harm neither free user or pay user. Instead it helps both f2p and p2w, because p2w open rng box might sell stuff they dont need, which benefit to the market which help the f2p players. F2p players that farm, it doesnt really matter to them anyways, since those that are not lazy are farming their own items anyways. nothing change for f2p that farm. But lazy players that dont farm or also don't pay, to them this is best time for them to complain and the solution they are looking for is like Private server, make drop rate 50% more or 100% more. so they can farm 1-2 times and got a lot items without putting effort into it.

    I'm surprised this thread is still opened.. *sips tea*

    well it was closed for 10mins or so, since earlier today it has picture of support replying to the players. So it was closed and the pictures was removed then re-open. lol i thought mod closed it.

    That's odd.....

    Yeah first two comment u see, there is [Edit] that was edited by mod if i am not wrong, so that this thread continue on.

    I'm surprised this thread is still opened.. *sips tea*

    well it was closed for 10mins or so, since earlier today it has picture of support replying to the players. So it was closed and the pictures was removed then re-open. lol i thought mod closed it.