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    Where did they talk about the Loyalty system in the video?

    From memory, I think the reason they gave was that they were working on a new system for everybody. But I think the reason given is just a lame excuse. There's no reason why Loyalty system couldn't be added until they have a new solution for all regions. I think their real reason is $$$$.

    I only saw some post that said they considered releasing multiple (or all 6) advancements at once and LG denied that

    Gameforge said that it was not possible for LG to release them all at once, and that they had to be released in the same order as in KR/JP.

    But Gameforge also said they could release the advancements much faster (obviously since the code is already written) and that for example Erwin and Stella adv may only be 2 weeks apart.

    Most people expected Stella adv to be released last year.

    FunStuff I think you have a little misunderstanding here. Gameforge is a german publisher and in all my years as a gameforge game player - there were no Black Friday events. The most similar event would be the "happy hour" event, in which you can get x % more SoulCash.

    I also play BDO and its published out of EU and we get Black Friday sales event there. This is the first MMO I've played without a Black Friday sales event. Their loss (Gameforge), not mine. I'll just spend the money I set aside on other games. :)

    Try checking.

    I forgot to spend all my pumpkin coins (only on an alt though, luckily) so i went to check if they did in fact remove all of Jenna's crafts. I see "Events", i start smiling, then i see that it asks for 40 moonlight shards and 60 Grutin Gold for a Weapon Chip. Then i look at my 769 pump coins and Cry.

    So yeah, they listened to the other complaints, you can actually see in advance. Or at least I can.

    The OP is correct. They have yet another event (Grutin Invasion) without showing the costs, so no they didn't listen to our complaints. In fact, it's explicitly stated in the notes that the costs are unknown :

    Event: Grutin Invasion (Part 1)

    < cut >

    Note: the second part of the event will be starting soon, where these fragments will act as your entry requirement into the world of the Grutin. It is not yet clear how many of these fragments will be required, however. We’ll tell you more the moment we know!

    What you're talking about is the Moonlight event.

    I was asking around in game and someone said it was suppose to be a forced enhance +1 similar to blessed tempering stones in Riders of Icarus. I'm not sure how reliable that is cause he said he heard it from someone else. Just thought I'd add that here since there appears to be no info on this item anywhere. (Treat this as a rumor,.)

    And for everyone else who thinks GF will release Stellas advancement this year (2018), read again. If you dont see it, read again AND think about the wording.

    People thinks GF will release Stella this year because it was mentioned at Gamescom that we will get the original classes in 2018 and the 2 newer classes at beginning of next year :

    Our guild leader, who visited the games com and asked the soulworker team a few questions there, told us, that gameforge wants to release 1 advancement per month. In this year it will be Haru, Lilly, Erwin and Stella. Jin and Iris will come last at the beginning of the next year.

    And at the moment it seems, that Gameforge will exactly do it like that.

    Later in the thread, threea said this :

    We pursue having a faster release pace for the advancements and they won't be too far from each other, however we cannot guarantee right now that this will be the case. For example, the advancements of Erwin and Stella are currently scheduled to be only 2 weeks apart from each other. We will try our best to make this happen, but keep in mind there might be changes to the schedule!

    So I think we will be getting Lilly sometime this month, Erwin sometime in November, and Stella in early or mid December (since they will unlikely release new content close to Christmas holidays).

    Notice that threea didn't refute what was said at Gamescon, and instead mentioned that some updates can be even faster than once per month. I think we're still on track for a Stella update this year.

    The maintenances are carried out on Thursdays, so most likely there will be 25/10/2018 as End said before, always if there will not be any catches or problems.About Erwin they said by the end of the year so I would probably say by the end of December.

    We're suppose to get advancement for all the original classes this year and Erwin is suppose to come before Stella. Also, game companies seldom release things at end of December cause they have Christmas holidays then. Most likely, Erwin will come sometime in November and Stella in early to mid December.

    Some people don't have time to run Primal to get all the pieces, so do we add Primal gear to the cash shop too? Maybe you're fine with that, but I'm not.

    Also, doing what you suggest will just motivate them to make it even harder to get in-game items and to lower drop rates even more so that people will buy more in-game items from their cash shop. So I'm totally against this.

    We'll just have to agree to disagree on this.