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    Regarding your first comment, I'm not saying 10 bil is a small amount. I'm saying that the event is still worth doing compared to how much it would cost without the event . To get the equivalent amount of upgrade attempts without the event, it will cost you a lot more plus you may not be able to find enough items for sale on the marketplace. Therefore the nerfed event may still be worth doing if you want to +9 your gear.

    Regarding your second comment, your assumption is that you see very few people with full +9 gear and assume everyone is still struggling to +9 their gear. My point is that the people you see still struggling to get +9 are prob ones who didn't milk the event. Those who milked the event pre-nerf already +9 their gear if they wanted to. Or perhaps they chose not to bother with it, cause +8 was good enough for them. I have the resources to +9 all my armor easily before the event was nerfed, but I didn't bother cause it's not important for me. It's not because I'm still struggling to +9 my gear. A +9 weapon is good enough for me.

    Your whole point is that you're worried about people who farmed the event pre-nerf will be getting even more advantage if they had another upgrade event.

    My point is that then you may as well never give out another upgrade event, or at least until after the next set of endgame gear comes out because people who farmed the event pre-nerf already +9 their gear if they so desired and they prob have a shit-load of items already stocked up for future gear sets.

    I didn't even farm the event and only went for the bunny costume before the nerf and still ended up with stacks of these items left over. My estimate is that you'll get around 300 anti-destructs and 300 upgrade covers just from buying enough eggs for a bunny costume (pre-nerf). So if you bought costumes for 2 chars, then multiply the above numbers by 2, and so on.

    BTW, I think that even with the nerf to the event, it's still worth running unless they also change the drop rates from the eggs. Like I said before, it came out to less than 2 million for 1 anti-destruct + 1 cover upgrade before the nerf, Even with a 25x increase after the nerf, it's only 50 million for 1 anti-destruct + 1 cover upgrade. If we assume 200 tries on average to go +8 to +9, then it comes out to 400 mill before the nerf and 10 bill after the nerf. 10 bill to get +8 to +9 is not that bad.

    Then your own comment is pure assumption too. The people you see still struggling to get +9 are prob ones who didn't milk the event. Either that or they chose not to bother with it. cause +8 was good enough for them.

    As someone who got a ton of those items before they changed the event, I can tell you that you can get around 1 anti-destruct + 1 upgrade cover for less than 2 million on average. If it takes 200 tries to go +8 to +9, then that's a mere 400 mil, something most endgame players can easily afford. I myself have multiple stacks of anti-destructs left over, and I was just running the event to get bunny suits for my toons and wasn't trying to farm anti-destructs.

    Like I said, if you're worried about them getting even more advantage, then you may as well never give out another upgrade event, or at least until after the next set of endgame gear comes out.

    shouldn't NA be getting 1000%-2000% Upgrade Boost Event after Easter Event

    I spat my drink, legit.

    right? i mean i get the frustration of those who didint get to abuse the early event but dont u think thats going overboard >.<? afterall it still takes a lot of antis to go +9 so if u did it all in 1 try that'd be kinda broken. For example i probably spent around 2b on the event to get the items i have

    That would actually put them into more advantage. The best bet is no upgrade event for a while.

    Those who took advantage of the event already have +9s plus stock piles of items for future gear upgrades. If you're worried about them getting more advantage, then you may as well never give out another upgrade event, or at least until after the next set of endgame gear comes out.

    i try to upgrade my other Primal armor pieces from 25/60 but all grey-out lol

    How do you get 25/60 on primal? It should be 25/25 which is prob why it's greyed out. The only thing with over be 25 should be aov gear (40).

    For Socks Eggs, you need to buy thousands of them. It's an event specifically made to empty our pockets. Last time it was infinite ECs, this time it's infinite Anti-Destructions and Upgrade Covers for the most part (ofc both events have other things, too).

    It's much more limited this time. As far as I can tell, you can only craft them once (10 upgrade covers and 5 anti-destruct) in the crafting menu. The recycle menu let's you do it daily (1 upgrade cover and 2 anti-destruct), so you can do that 21 times since the event lasts 3 weeks.

    I hope it's not EU->US merge. Don't want my ping go even higher than it already is.

    They're based in EU, so if they merge to one super server it would likely be US->EU. I'm in NA and I don't notice much difference when I try playing on an EU server, so I don't think it would be that bad.

    I'm surprised you used Tenebris as an example. I play on NA and it seems very empty. I see the same people day in day out.

    I've tried playing on some of the EU servers just to see how bad the lag is and the lag isn't that bad. So have you guys considered consolidating down to just one super server? That would save you money from having to support servers at 2 different physical locations and help with player population at the same time.

    I mean would the combined playerbase we have now across all NA/EU severs even come close to what we had on NA server during it's first week of open beta? You would save a lot of money by supporting just one server and could use a bit of your saved money to upgrade that one server if needed.

    For sonic pulse and soulcry, it's a skill combo, you need to use soulcry DURING sonic pulse and before it's end in support mode.

    Oh, i forgot, i don't have a problem to find a party, if i apply i'll be added.

    How can you use soulcry while doing sonic pulse at the same time? As soon as you use soulcry, your sonic pulse should end. Or am I missing something here?

    It's not my guide. I found it on youtube and thought it may be useful to post here since there is no guide here for this latest raid.

    Notice they recommend +9 weapon. That's because it's much easier to upgrade your gear in other regions. (Somebody in the comment section said it takes them around 35 attempts to get +8.)

    In our version, many groups are currently looking for +8 for manic runs, but I'm pretty sure those requirements will go down once more people are familiar with the raid.

    I normally don't respond to struck out text, but since you're using it to pretend you have an argument, I'll address it this time,

    What you post is completely irrelevant to what I was talking about. Saying that it's possible to obtain those items ingame is irrelevant because I never said it's impossible to get those items ingame.

    A lot of people use the cash shop to buy a lot of strength expansion tickets to +8 or +9 their primal gear cause not everyone is a no-life cheapskate like yourself who alt-farms 24/7. So by not releasing the loyalty system, those people will have to buy a lot more strength tickets from the store because it takes many more tries to enhance their gear.

    The reason they gave is that they're working on a new system But there's no reason why we can't have the Loyalty System like every other region until their new system is ready, I think their real reason is $$$$.

    PS. The fact that you quoted me and edited out most of what I wrote to take it out of context just so you can post your irrelevant white-knight response shows your desperation.

    He struck out the text cause he knows its garbage argument but wants to leave something there to pretend he actually has an argument. I think he thinks there's some sort of white-knight forum award to be won.

    This guy picks out a month old post and edited out most of what I actually wrote just so he could do his white-knight act. Pathetic.

    Where did they talk about the Loyalty system in the video?

    I think their real reason is $$$$.

    Yea because you can't obtain those in game without having to put cash.

    Can't obtain what? Your reply doesn't even make sense, lol.,

    You're getting desperate looking for things to white-knight. Give it a rest., :)

    Where did they talk about the Loyalty system in the video?

    From memory, I think the reason they gave was that they were working on a new system for everybody. But I think the reason given is just a lame excuse. There's no reason why Loyalty system couldn't be added until they have a new solution for all regions. I think their real reason is $$$$.

    I only saw some post that said they considered releasing multiple (or all 6) advancements at once and LG denied that

    Gameforge said that it was not possible for LG to release them all at once, and that they had to be released in the same order as in KR/JP.

    But Gameforge also said they could release the advancements much faster (obviously since the code is already written) and that for example Erwin and Stella adv may only be 2 weeks apart.

    Most people expected Stella adv to be released last year.