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    hey, I am doing this only out of goodwill because seeing you trying so hard to improve this game reminds me of few former players and my past self. Your suggestions are all true that's why I liked it, but Failforge is not even looking at this. You are literally speaking against a wall. unfortunately as long as this game is in gameforge's hands (or the retards that are working in the SW department) there is a very high probability that this game will die.

    I myself started to play on BSW. Why I am supporting a private server? Simply because I have more fun there. Less lags less scam more content. That's reasonable enough also I am lagging on KR that's why I can't play there.

    Thumbs up again. Big praise to Gameforge, I mean, NEVER would I want Free2play players such as myself having Catherine. Of course only whales are destined/fated to have that broken card. yeaaaa.... fuck this game, fuck gameforge

    having played this game for nearly 1 year now leaves me in regrets

    oh my... oh my.... thank YOU so much for the update Gameforge! That's the long awaited update I waited for!! I already got bored from the last event :) God Bless that YOU didn't update any content! Thumbs up! I mean pfff WHO needs content? All those other MMORPG companies are trash compared to GAMEFORGE! Screw those other companies who are updating new content weekly! We need more events! I mean events are so much fun! The last event especiialy! I played the sock event so much that I already had to turn off my pc because it was so much FUN!

    I just wanted to make sure that you guys understand that I am very grateful to Gameforge and emphasize that ALL companies who are updating CONTENT are TRASH and GAMEFORGE especially GAMEFORGE who is giving us all those events is awesome hehe.

    How about making brooches multiple times stackable like in KR ? They are taking so much inventory space away.

    Not only brooches but other things like star cards and heal, sf pots, antidestruction and akasha cards.

    In Comparison our star cards are only stackable to 10 pieces while in korea they are stackable to 1000. The Same for heal and sf pots.

    Antidestructions and Akasha cards were also stackable to over a 100.

    check this out

    We have all akasha cards listed there except for lucy, Lex and ava.

    In aspect of akasha cards gameforge is very behind. It's not only a few but a lot. Korea has a completely new akasha system so we are not even close to them.

    If you need help check out the akasha guide i posted!

    For further questions feel free to ask ^^

    hello to the last few players actice on the forum,

    As usually i was admiring the new Korea patches. I enjoyed a cup of tea while burning my money on socks. Since I didnt need to play while opening the socks, a sudden thought came up and I was wondering when will we ever be able to catch up to KR? Before the event I was only logging in for the daily login rewards and i was sure to keep that going until the altar of void patch. Well since the christmas event came i changed my plans to continue it as before after the event ended. I mean i will abuse this event to the max to never altfarming again. Since i had that much free time because i didnt need to play i did some research and calculations.

    And the conclusion was that we are getting every 49 days an advancement while Korea is getting every 30 days a major update.

    So yea... see ya on the 21th of march or the 9th of may i guess :D


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    Well kinda good but also kinda bad. As f2p I farmed myself to the very top. I had perfect tera brooches with great effort and also upgraded succesfully my weapon to +9. I feel kinda dumb about spending billions of dz on brooches and converters but honestly in the big picture this is a big improvement for the whole server. with this update the huge amount of dz will be gone and casual players also have a chance of converters and a lot of antidestructions with grutingold now.

    What can I say? You didnt had to farm brooches and energy converters before. You just had to wait for this day xD

    Anyway I won't complain because this is one of the first steps to improve this server.

    Hello Soulworker Community,

    when I started to play this game I had a lot of problems with Akasha Cards.

    Ofc after few months I knew which Akashas to use for my character

    but I became interested in other characters Like Erwin, Iris and Haru

    so I went to a KR stream and checked him out.

    I was suprised at how many languages he could speak and english was among them

    so I asked him for Tipps and future content and stuff.

    He was very kind and helped a lot of people and gave me this Akasha Guide

    Akasha(English) Ver 1.0.1.pdf

    It was very helpfull to me so I wanted to share it with you guys.

    I hope you guys will check him out!

    yea what can we do. Unfortunately the answer is nothing. The Forum here is completely unnecessary. As we saw in the QA Video they won't give us what we want. Neither releasing faster and existing content nor little adjustments like trading brooches. Everyone who watched the QA video should have noticed that they completely don't care about our suggestions and opinions. We are getting the current events from jp. That alone shows that the brains of the people who are responsible for our update schedule are completely retarded. The events from JP are directional to people who have finished SoulWorkers latest content. And with "SoulWorkers latest content" I don't mean our shitty stone age content but actually Altar of Void+ content.

    So yea just lie down want don't expect anything just let it come to you xD I am already so numb to their announcements, promises and whatever because 95% its only dissapointment that's waiting for you.

    At this point we have to wait for a last week, when yesterday I saw the news of tomorrow's maintenance I had lost hope now. They said it will be by October so there will be the next week mandatory!

    At this point you shouldn't expect anything from them anymore. They said that 1 adv per month that's what we get for believing once again.

    From what I heard their people are not playing SoulWorker at all. If not they wouldn't have said that SoulWorker is a good game for people who don't have much time. Also they don't know they fkn pain from playing gc endlessly. Primal is not appealing enough for me to play gc a 1000 times for example you have to play ~1x 10 minutes gc to play ~1x 5 minutes primal basically you need to play the past main content longer than the most important current content (do the math for playing 1 character 10x primal yourself). Also it's so fkn RNG dependent like some people just need 1 day 10x primal to drop half of their 4 line gear with decent stats and some might need several weeks/months. After getting your whole gear it only gets less appealing after you notice that you have to keep running to get better gear or somehow getting your hands on Energy Converters. I didn't mention the Upgrade chances yet btw but everyone should know for themselves how hard it is.