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    How about you stop calling it a bug. Many people here should stop using the term bug and actually learn what the synonym means.

    Yo when its getting annoying for you gtfo of here, because your whole argument about why the people should be qiet is shit and was already mentioned. Readinh your old comments makes me think you arent even playing the game properly.

    by what I see, we are getting nothing beside Chii. Iris players can rejoice I guess. Akasha Cards who should have been released at the beginning of the month are coming now.

    Time for a Hiatus after leveling Chii for few days. I am interested to see if Chii can revive few players but those players probably went playing her somewhere else already.

    Good Luck with remaining players.

    Guten Tag,

    GF hat heute die jetzige Lage erklärt, wieso sie so fkn lang für ihr Update brauchen und haben auch erklärt, was das kommende Update sich von anderen unterscheidet.

    die neuen Inhalte werden entsprechend einzeln in unsere Version eingefügt und anschließend veröffentlicht. Dies hat den Vorteil, dass der Prozess der Implementierung realtiv einfach ist (meistens zumindest), aber den Nachteil, dass wir recht eingeschränkt sind im Hinblick auf die Reihenfolge der Inhalte und ihrer Veröffentlichung.

    Der Prozess der Implementierung der Updates beinhaltet wohl auch viele Bugs. Außerdem, wenn es nach Reihenfolge ginge, sollte Corrupted Records vor Skyclock Palace released werden.

    Wie ihr euch sicher vorstellen könnt, bedeutet das Einfügen einer so großen Menge an Inhalten in unsere Version

    Wir können es uns halt nicht vorstellen, weil wir nicht wissen, was IHR als groß bezeichnet und was alles demnächst kommen wird. Wenn nur Chii kommt, lasst es stecken.

    dass eine längere Zeit als üblich für QA Tests benötigt wird, sowohl von uns, als auch von Lion Games.

    Wenn das alles getestet werden soll, erwarte ich ein bugfreies Update. Jedes Update hatte bis jetzt gamemechanische Bugs, die das spielen von Raids und Dungeons stark beeinträchtigt.

    Dies alles hätte schon spätestens nach der Gamescom erkärt werden sollen.

    Viel Glück am Ball zu bleiben o/

    where does it say that you cant have fun while being competitive x) you dont have to compete if you dont want to, but the time rankings will eventually come if this game wants to stay alive, it's just sooner or later, and sooner would be better.

    well, obviously veteran players want it competitive. It's not like veteran players could help you in aov solo or CR even if they want to because they are both solo mazes. Team and solo rankings are seperated. It's not like this game is a hard game where its impossible to catch up. Also, it's the time rankings or DH I am waiting for and not Chii or CR.

    its not like CR is big content where you can improve your gear. If they would give us time rankings, it would be at least worth running

    will there be at least content update this month? As I said it has been 6 months since the last raid I am pretty sure I won't be able to wait another month. Chii isnt even content for players who dont want to play her btw. Could you Implement more reliable road maps if there is a next time please? I thought you wanted to open a Discord on the merge, what happened to that?

    I hope I didnt sound rude to you, those were just simple questions i wanted to ask.

    well gf won’t merge NA/EU whatever we say lol I just checked KR version update plan and it looks so great tho lol we still not getting corrupted record “1”... and gf thinks chii is a huge content... so I guess they won’t update anything next 2-3 months again lol Everything is going extremely slow lol no wonder why ppl keep complaining lol no contents after scp for 3-4months lol amazing



    if they won't merge NA with EU, Soulworker (at least this version) will have even less players soon. If that happens you can delete the NA server completely because there will be no one to use it anyway. I dont even know how they could think of still maintaining 2 seperate servers with this amount of players. It's not like they don't know how many players they still have, they have the statistics.

    I do not believe that.

    Faster updates? Remove the French and German language :3

    why not remove english too so GF doesnt have to translate anything and updates will be faster? :P
    jokes aside, I wouldnt be against removing german and french too.
    Although they said that they wanted to do quality translation, there are still a lot of translation mistakes, so they just should let it be and focus on 1 language first before translating other languages.

    Another dissapointment, sad to hear that NA is suffering so much when it was the biggest server at the start. There is no patch today either, because the staff is jerking off somewhere.

    my condolences

    do u think a "strike" would change anything? because so far we are all only complaining without any effort. So how about a strike for 1 month maybe we will notice a change, in the end they are not government authorities.. what do u think?

    Do you mean by "strike" not playing? If you meant if like that, yea I personally think, it would help either shutting this game down or make them move. It could go either way.