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    I don't know. Maybe I would open a thread with a poll if people are fine with the CS prices. I might as well let people suggest better prices. Additionally that thread would come with a rule that "GF is so greedy, nerer going to happen" comments will be considered off topic, because those are destructive in nature.

    Just an idea I haven't put much thought into. Well, not like it need to be a genius to come up with this, right? Should be common sense that a calm discussion is better then raging. Digital pitchforks are not very effective.

    your post is off topic too atm, I am talking about the ones that have a right for refund on the price reduction they made, this topic is nowhere near what you are talking about right now.

    Can you see anything in my OP about prices being ridiculous?

    Why did this topic go from refund on the price that is lowered to price complains and cash shop complains.

    Why are you guys derailing my thread to a different location?

    Then why the heck is the freaking Item mall in full release?????????

    If it’s Open beta, why the hell is the cash shop fully functional with currency already in check.

    Why are they not handing out 5000 soul cash each weak to test out the cash shop and prices. And apply a wipe on official release.

    What’s wrong with this game?

    Bdo did this, they gave daum cash where you could spend it on the open beta where they then adjusted the price of the items cuz they were also ridiculously overpriced.

    Why does gameforge fully release a functional cash shop when you cannot be 100% sure that the item you buy is guaranteed to be its value.

    I still don’t get why the heck they can do this and just get away with it by saying : “open beta”

    And comparing it with ps4 the ps4’s value was the same for atleast a year, then the value goes down.

    In this case we are talking about 2 weeks, 2 weeks and they are already playing with fire.

    The playerbase is already down to 6k from 9k peak.

    Looking forward to their next move.

    Until they start adding content, I’ll be playing games that are worth my time. Square enix.

    ok, first of all, if it’s open beta, why did gameforge need almost 2-3 weeks to see that the prices are ridiculous. After seeing “no purchases” being made on the hairstyles they “lower” the price to satisfy the players. But all I see is F you early buyers, we are not selling enough hairstyles, the barbershop across our street has more clients than us, Let’s lower the price so we can beat that barbershop.

    Well done, another “in your face” from gameforge.

    Well done. I’m surprised how you guys have enough content for new costumes and price lowerings instead of adding content.

    I guess gameforge is using the : “ Cash shop card 5 star.

    Increases cash shop content release by 150% while decreasing game content by 100%.

    And I dont need more white knights in this topic. I am asking the community managers SINCE they are community managers that handle us , the players, about anything related to the game. That’s what community managers are for. To bring news to us and to brings news to gameforge.

    They are like representatives of the game. Why the hell can i not @ them?

    Why are they community managers then?

    Thats why you don't buy things during open beta.... like i did

    I don't mind if it was only 200 SC decrease, but a frteaking 800 sc decrease. that is almost a 8 euro decrease on price that I paid for the hairstyle just to be lowered freaking 2 weeks later.

    I don't care, If I had the hairstyle for a month or something I would say sure. But no, not even a month passed yet.

    Why did we not get the Japanese version of this game? Atleast the japanese one was decent, unlike the korean one.

    Because they straight up can't ask for it. You don't get rights from a publisher to publish their publish in another region. If they want to publish the game, they have to ask the people who made it, Lion Games, who are Korean. This means the Korean version is the original or "default"/"base" build.

    I know, but atleast try to get your "base" game modified into the direction Japanese one is going. It's not forbidden to change some of the mechanics to favor the playerbase.....

    Hello everyone,

    First of all thank you for your comments. We understand that you are all looking forward to new content on our version, and of course, we will give you more information about future updates or events soon.

    However, since we don’t have any confirmation yet for the official release date, please understand that we can’t provide right now news about upcoming game updates. The priority is still the official release, the servers’ stability and the analysis of user’s feedback regarding our version.

    Thanks for your patience and hopefully we will get more news for you soon!

    Thanks Nyoka for the response, But when I see this in steamcharts:

    It makes me kinda concerned about the way the game is going.

    from an almost 11k peak in most of the weeks, we dwarreled down to 6.6k almost a 5k decrease in players.

    You guys can tell me that it's always "like" this, but yeh not a freaking down of 5k players. There is no end content to play, the xp is garbage is fk. Why did we not get the Japanese version of this game? Atleast the japanese one was decent, unlike the korean one.

    At the point when they said no wipe this game left open beta testing territory and stepped into soft lunch territory.

    + taking people's money from the cash shop.

    Doesn't matter what they want to excuse the issues as; the game is launched as far as the playerbase is concerned.

    Exactly...I wish people would stop acting like this is a beta. Tell me a game started beta with a full price cash shop...not a test one. This is launch full stop.

    Especially after releasing a freaking VIP system. Testing purposes? Nope.....

    Full release has been confirmed ever since the cash shop went live.

    There is literally nothing to do once you have 55.


    What's so funny? once you hit 55, let's see if you still are laughing.

    And they have everything already in the game.

    For those that do not know. the game is updated to the current version of the game in Korea. But they are locked behind.

    Just how Golden Citadel was unlocked and people could get into it but got one shot by the mobs.

    Suddenly after it (1day) they locked golden citadel saying it was not supposed to be open....

    Golden citadel was translated, full english.

    Atleast release that so We have a freaking goal to aim at. which is GC equipment.

    I am one shotting Bandit Highway mobs as a Haru. +8 weapon. It's no fun....

    According to steamcharts, the numbers dropped from 9k to 7k in peak times. It's already taking effect. There is literally nothing to do once you have 55.

    You don't have any gear to work to.

    I really do hope so, Cuz right now there is literally nothing to do in the game. Only rookie raids and well. I'm sure no one wants to do rookie raids whole day.

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    And knowing GF if they do that. They can expect playercount to be 1000 at the end of the next month.

    Right now, we are bashing our heads on raids and elemental raids.

    It's becoming quite boring since we cannot have any true challenge nor anything to focus on. Since we cannot aim for any other equipment outside of Shion gear.