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    These things have more to do with "content", which lie ultimately upon Lion Game's responsibility to create. GameForge can't do anything about it, I don't understand why you believe they can make these changes. Additionally, quests in Dragon Nest, Vindictus, PSO2 (with the dynamic defending one being an exception), are fundamentally the same: "go into X dungeon, kill Y mobs, sometimes to acquire Z amount of <item>". Raids are an end-game feature in all of those games you mentioned, and has nothing to do with the topic you began this thread with (raids also exist in this game too). PVP is also the responsibility of Lion Games and not GameForge.

    can I just say I appreciate you for putting the time and effort to make this thread and to continue to update it with new stuff you find <3 thank you

    As a publisher, I'm pretty sure they are not legally allowed to say "Oh you're in the jurisdiction of another publisher? That's okay come in and play!" as it would violate the terms of their contract.

    tbh, if people can play on JP using VPN and other work-arounds for things such as topping-up of premium shop currency, I'm sure there will be methods for those in our version as well for those who live in regions that are IP blocked. It's just a matter of finding them and your own motivation.

    2: If there won't be enough players, then the only option a new player has is to ATTEMPT to solo all manics until they are level cap; assuming they are able to solo it, assuming they even want to solo them, assuming they won't get exhausted from soloing them. With no other alternative except maybe being lucky and getting into a carry guild or having friends to play with, The player is much more likely to drop the game than to continue, because why would he.

    3. Because it will give the player a viable alternative to grinding ep4 manic. Redistributing xp into other activities instead of cutting xp will technically keep the pace of leveling nearly the same, so all the anti-JP nut cases can rest peacefully knowing that the """hardcore grind """" is still there.

    If the developer/publisher enriches the leveling experience and prepare for a stagnating playerbase NOW instead of when it is too late, it will significantly increase the chance that this game will be more successful and have a larger community of veterans at endgame and more people to spread good word about the game, leading to more players trying the game. That is why I am making this post now., not when the game is actually dead with 100 players on steam and literally no one cares anymore. At that point, no change you make will save a game, I have seen this story far too many times for my own good.

    2. I've addressed #2 in my earlier response. Gameforge will most likely change it so that you do not have to solo grind manic dungeons to level up as a new player down the road, because majority of the player will be end game. This is already prevalent in many other games, and is called a "catch-up" mechanic. With less dungeons to run, this metaphorical new player in your example would not be exhausted from soloing a manic dungeon, because it's not needed -- he will most likely get the exp he needs to progress by progressing with just the story and maybe side quests.

    3. Again, in this case, you are asking for a deeper level change than what the publisher can do. If you're unfamiliar with this, I suggest you look into the degree of freedom a publisher has with a game contracted to them. A publisher may be able to adjust already existing numbers present in the game to better suit the playerbase, but fundamental changes which change the nature of the game is the responsibility of the developer. There is no "adjusting the crafting exp from 0 to X" because there simply is no crafting exp in the game. It is not a concept that exists within the limitations of this game. Furthermore, think about the implications of moving those exp gains to crafting: you actually slow progression rate with this change because now not only will the player be gated by energy, they'll be gated by RNG for the chance of materials and blueprints that they require to drop. That would cause even greater frustration among the players. Just look at Blade and Soul, where they operate on a "progression" weapon mechanic that requires you to obtain a non-tradeable weapon from a dungeon and sacrifice it in order to progress your gear. Players disliked that factor so much that some people caved in and used real money to purchase premium items that would simply guarantee their rate. That would make this game more frustrating, and there would be even more outrage about p2w.

    Not sure if you have progressed this far into the game, but think about it this way: soon in our version of SoulWorker, we will have a similar mechanic of sacrificing a particular weapon to progress our gear (MK III or Dark Bone Set to Aurite set for Primal Raid), but for us, this RNG factor is mitigated by the fact that these blueprints are tradeable and can be sold/bought on the market.

    As some others in this thread have said, I'm certain this game is not your type of game; the changes you seek are on a game design and fundamental level that exceeds the scope of the publisher's responsibility.

    So from what I'm understanding, your main points are:
    1. Players shouldn't have to use the suicide manic run strategy if they want to level up in an "efficient" manner, because a dungeon is meant to be cleared.

    2. However, manic runs are difficult to solo, and you fear that eventually there won't be enough players to consistently pop auto-queue.

    3. I'm not sure why you want to redistribute XP from manic mobs into other activities; to promote players focusing on other aspects of the game?

    However, looking at your solutions, it seems that your problem has more to do with the fact that players would have to run manic difficulty at all, especially down the road in 6 months or however long. If that is the case, then like I've stated earlier in this post, I believe you're stating something that game publishers are already well aware of, and is a common practice in the industry. I'll use my experience from playing Blade and Soul as an example: when the game was just released, dungeons had all their full intended mechanics. As the player population progressed, and lower levels became a deadzone, dungeons were simplified, and some mechanics which were required to beat the dungeons were even removed so that a player could solo it.

    Game publishers are well aware of this trend, and they've been doing it for a long time. There is no need for you to cry out about how this will be the reason the game dies, because they WILL change it as they need to.

    Now, to address some of the issues you've been bringing up: to make clearing dungeons more appealing, wouldn't it make more sense to just simply increase the clear exp or give bonus dzenai when you clear a dungeon? To deal with #1 stated above, it's a matter of making the intrinsic rewards for clearing a dungeon higher than the intrinsic rewards for running the dungeon twice without the boss. Currently, the clear exp is relatively trivial, and the only reason anyone would run to clear the dungeon is for the district completion rewards, or for loot drops (uniques, blueprints, etc). So if GameForge were to edit the game so that players were rewarded better for CLEARING the dungeon, they would no longer (or be less likely) to use the suicide run strategy.

    My point here is that I believe your approach might be a bit flawed, and some of the suggestions you brought up are not applicable to this particular nature of game. You may have experience playing MMOs, but recognize that there are various genres/subgenres of MMOs. Dungeon crawler MMOs, like SoulWorker and Blade and Soul, operate very differently from open-world type MMOs like Black Desert, Archeage, and an old one from my childhood, Runescape. In dungeon crawler types, practically EVERYTHING is done through dungeons or something similar; quests are the typical "get this from this dungeon", "kill X amount of Y creep in this dungeon", and so forth, and the only method of acquiring necessary items to do other stuff (other than buying them on the market) is through running dungeons and getting them from drops. On the other hand, take Runescape for example, the process to acquire materials for leveling skills vary greatly; some are collection based, some are combat based.

    I'll address each of your solutions in the quote I quoted: Moving/improving exp to

    Normals/Hard Modes: will most likely be done in the future anyway without your prompt, that or ease the difficulty of manic mode.

    Quests: this is fair, and will most likely also be done in the future where they will lessen the exp curve required to reach level cap so a new player can catch up.

    Dynamic questing: you'll have to explain more of what you meant by dynamic questing.
    PvP: this could lead to severe power/level/gear abuse situations unless a specific PvP mode/stage is created; that rests on the developer of the game Lion Games, and not the publisher.

    Crafting: everything that has to do with crafting is pretty much dungeon related anyway. Blueprints are farmed in dungeons, materials are dropped from dungeons. Moving exp to crafting would only make crafting be another gate as it forces players to craft items (more than likely at points where it is not a necessary activity).

    Not going to make a TL;DR because I'd want you to read my points and consider them if you were to reply, rather than not addressing some of the rebuttals, but for a summary: I agree with you that this current exp grind method is not sustainable, but I believe it is not of our concern because it will be taken care of. Additionally, I don't agree with some of your solutions that you offered, see above for reasons and my thoughts. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read it.

    EDIT: Upon reading your latest comment (one below), it seems your issue with the game is addressed at the fact that this is a dungeon crawler MMO. Unfortunately then, I'd say you've found yourself at the wrong place. Soul Worker is inherently an anime-style free-style (as in non-locked in) action combat dungeon crawler MMO, and you are wishing that it were more than that. In that case I believe you've misunderstood the nature/subgenre of the game you are playing, and your issues would be better suited as feedback for the Korean developers who created the game, and not the publisher. In this case, I would step back and rather take an objective look at the game, and figure out what components of the game you enjoy, because IMO, this game is not what you were looking for.

    For those who play Erwin and have progressed past Candus:

    Also, apparently this game has a lot of little Easter eggs.

    I love how the lore differs between the characters, makes me want to make alts and play just to read their stories haha

    Is there any point to have this conversation? I feel like we're all just beating a dead horse here. It's common for publishers to make content difficult and challenging upon release, then as majority demographic of players go toward end game/whatever, they'll adjust rates such as EXP and difficulty accordingly.

    Is the purpose of your post to make them adjust the difficulty and EXP rates immediately/ASAP? Because I'm pretty sure majority of the players find those rates satisfactory.

    Alternatively, if the purpose of your post is to tell GameForge that they will need to adjust it later down the road (read: down the road, i.e. 6 months, 4 months, whenever most players are at end game and not in the starting towns), they'll most likely already do that, and don't need a thread for you to tell them that.

    Thanks for posting this!^^

    A note about the "attractive school" series: Gameforge didn't change the colour palette. There's two sets. The picture you have is set#1, the one Gameforge has in their cash shop right now is #2. The differences are mainly colour, with some minor variations such as Haru's costume not having the headphones in set #1, while in set#2 (in current Gameforge) there are.

    Here's a YouTube video (credits to the uploader) showing some of the costumes in the store as well; it shows the two separate sets as well.

    As much as photos will help, it does not allow as much freedom as a true preview (i.e, what if I want to preview a hair colour with a hairstyle together? or a combination of different tops and bottoms/shoes/accessories at once), it'd be more sensible than waiting on marketplace hoping that someone will put up one for sale just so you can preview it.

    Plus, if people see how good their previewed items look, they're more inclined to actually buy it, thus leading to more revenue for GameForge. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd rather just not spend at all if I'm not 100% sure of something.

    EP will not be a pay2win factor. After you hit level cap (which is an insubstantial portion of the game's content, btw), the game is focused on gear progression, which are mostly locked behind D6 (not gated by EP) and raids (uses a separate entry limit system similar to SG).

    It's just a system to prevent someone from playing for 40+ hours and destroying their physical health. As you said, you liked to play during certain "off days" where you have more free time -- the energy carry-over system is meant to help people who share a similar playstyle.

    IMO the whole EP situation is a huge overreaction.

    Endgame is not here yet, this game is mostly gearing up. Levels mean little to nothing.

    The story will be over. The next one will come with the level expansion.

    The free items are relatively low impact. If they were giving out enhancement protections, or something to that effect, it would be different.

    I would argue that the Energy is the most important resource in the game, and they are giving out more then 1 day worth of Energy for free each day.

    You might view energy as the most important resource in the game right now because you are still at the phase where you're trying to reach the level cap. If you're familiar with most Korean MMOs, leveling is only the beginning. As said earlier, the progression is always leveling->gear->more gear->level cap increase->new gear or something similar.

    The things that are much more impactful, are things like AR cubes/enhancement protections/brooch cubes etc that are RNG related as you try to get the best available +9 weapon.

    They'll also most likely make a substantial portion of money off cosmetics as well. People like to have unique looking avatars/characters. Just look at League of Legends -- that game makes a truckload off of its in-game store, and it only sells cosmetic items.

    So no, as of right now I don't think there will be a wipe either. Nothing has happened that has negatively impacted the game in a way that a wipe is required, and despite their reputation, I don't think GameForge would willingly anger its player base for no reason.