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    A further mission awaits the strongest SoulWorker!

    Modify your equipment with the new Chip Flexor system, gather up your friends and get ready for the ultimate level 60 showdown: Skyclock Palace.

    Fancy something sweet? Collect Candy Powder, plant Seeds for Candy Saplings in the event and harvest some great items!

    You can also pick up the free item pack in the in-game shop (ends 6/6/2019).

    New Raid: Skyclock Palace

    Tick, tock, tick, tock.

    Hidden within the Golden Citadel, high in the sky, sits the Skyclock Palace.

    But NPC Avon in Grasscover Camp will only grant you access to the quest ‘Your Spitting Image’ with level 60. After travelling to Grace City, head to Grasscover Camp to take on the fight against cloned Blood SoulWorkers in a team of 2 to 4. There may only be four of the clones, but they are much stronger than the originals!

    The fights make it worth your while not only through the breathtaking clock spaces but also through the terrific rewards!


    Note: you will need to have completed ‘According to Plan’ to be able to accept the new mission.

    Flexor System

    Ready to grow even more powerful? The new Chip Flexor dispensers let you boost your equipment!


    Here’s how it works:

    • Chip Flexor Dispensers and Zirconia Sand drop in all raids.
    • Chip Flexor Dispensers can be converted into Zirconia Sand and vice versa.
    • The Chip Flexor Dispenser can be produced with NPC Jenna.
    • To be able to attach Chip Flexors to your equipment with NPC Trisha, you have to first sacrifice a few Chip Flexors.


    Gift in the In-game Shop

    To celebrate the update we’ve put together an item pack: collect yours before 6/6/2019 from the in-game shop.

    It includes:

    • 4x Chip Flexor Dispenser: Attack
    • 12x Chip Flexor Dispenser: Defence
    • 1x Inventory Expansion Ticket
    • 1x Peak Power Vitamin G
    • 1x Radio
    • 10x Bonus Keycard

    Note: pack only available 1x per account, with one character that is at least level 15.

    Event: Sweet Plants

    Want something sweet for your little breaks? The Candy Saplings are back! Harvest or craft some cool items.

    Event period: from 16th May to 6th June 2019.


    Here’s how it works

    • All bosses (excluding in Rucco Town and bosses at normal difficulty) drop Candy Sapling Seeds.
    • Plant the seeds in your in-game garden and harvest some great items.
    • Each day you will receive a max of 20 seeds from districts.
    • If you still have some costume pieces for the giant bunnies from the Easter event, you can dismantle them into Candy Sapling Seeds.
    • Visit NPC Home-o-Mat to produce event items.

    Additional Updates

    • Haru’s abilities and appearance have been reworked.49ea3356bdfab3578c7e6d2ea40120.jpeg
    • Following weapons and equipment now have an improved chance of being upgraded:

    • The coming updates will also bring increased chances for the upgrading of other weapons and armour sets. This will hopefully make it easier for players to get to better equipment faster, so that they can enter the high-level dungeons.

    Have fun!

    The SoulWorker Team


    Dear SoulWorkers,

    We will be carrying out server maintenance on 16/05/2019, starting at 09:00 AM CEST (03:00 AM EDT). The maintenance period will take at least 3 hours. Web services and servers will not be reachable during this time.


    • [Content] New Raid: Skyclock Palace
    • [Content] Flexor system: The new Chip Flexor dispensers let you boost your equipment!
    • [Event] Sweet Plants: Harvest or craft cool items!
    • [Misc] Upgrading rates improvement for level 55 weapons and equipment.
    • [Misc] Dimension Trip: Player nicknames are now hidden to prevent people from teaming up easily.
    • [Misc] Several changes for Haru Estia: Skill rebalancing & model, animation and thumbnail illustration improvements.
    • [Bugfix]Fixed a bug where some monsters weren't visible when the player moved to another sector while profile windows were opened.
    • [Bugfix]If the due date of a Periodic Photo is over after logout, it no longer switches to Haru.
    • [Bugfix]Not displaying the error popup when users are trying to store the items that are bounded to the bank.
    • [Bugfix] The SF bars of the advanced classes are now fixed.
    • [Bugfix] The issue with the Iris Bunny costume using the wrong slots and displaying the wrong item is now fixed.
    • [Bugfix] The Giant Bunny costume can be now dismantled and gives you in exchange seeds that can be used in the new event.

    *Detailed information about the new content and the event will follow tomorrow in our news.

    Stay up to date on any changes to the timetable by checking in on our forum and also on our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

    The SoulWorker Team

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    we would like to apologize about the "Free Sparkling Bunny costume" mention on social media, which was a mistake on our side since the text was incorrect and should have been only about the Sparkling Bunny Photo we gave out for free that day.