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    Dear SoulWorkers,

    we would like to apologize for the server issues that occurred the last days in our servers (Tenebris & Amaryllis). We understand that these issues might have affected your in-game progress and for that reason, we would like to offer you a compensation for the inconvenience caused:

    We’ve created a free package for you, including the following items:

    • Gold VIP Booster (7 days)
    • 30 x Bonus Keycard
    • 10 x Respawner (Premium)

    :!:You can find the package in the “Featured items” section of our in-game shop (can be redeemed once per account until 01/02/2019).

    The SoulWorker team


    about the small change we had, as many of you might know already, we have certain items that can be claimed only in the ingame shop for free, that are available daily (permanently like our energy items) or in a limited time frame (for example the last Free box from the Erwin update). However, not everyone that plays the game is a part of this forum, or monitors our website or our STEAM news, which means that many players are not even aware of these free claims and we often receive in support side questions about them. With this simple change, everyone can easily take advantage of what they might have been missing until now.




    Seollal, Korean New Year, is just around the corner! Aurith is catering for some happy moments in the year of the pig with this New Year's Sprint Event. There’s seven weeks’ worth of rewards such as experience point boosters, Grutin Gold and the highly prized Aurith weapons and armour!

    Event period: From 17/1 to 21/2/2019


    :!:How the Event Works

    • Click on the event symbol in the top-right, next to the minimap. de318314ba7dcb0557797a34b6b05d.png
    • Complete the quests in the ‘Round 1’ tab and you will receive their stated rewards.
    • A new round will be activated every day.
    • You can complete quests from previous rounds on later days during the event period, should you wish to.
    • There are a total of 6 rounds with 5 quests each – there is then a 7th round with 7 quests.


    • XP Serum

    Every completed quest during the Sprint event will earn you 1x XP Serum 1. You can then either use this item or collect them up to then exchange them for greater value experience point boosters with the Home-o-Mat NPC.

    • New Year's Gift Box

    Complete a quest in each round (except round 1) to secure a New Year's Gift Box. Each of these boxes is unique and can include Aurith equipment pieces, among other items.


    • 19 Presents


    Round 7 holds an extra special box: 19 Presents (Count Box)

    Wings, costumes, transmitters and plenty more great items can be pulled out of this box. Starting at level 55, the present can be opened a total of 19 times (every 5 hours within 30 days after you receive 19 Presents (Count Box).


    Get to End-Game Gear Fast

    Gearing up made easy: the two additional events will help high-level players stock up their end-game gear in the same period as the Sprint event!

    :!:Event: Aurith’s Blessing

    The magical winds of Aurith are blowing through the world of SoulWorker and are ensuring that the production of the following items requires fewer materials:

    • In the Name of Aurith (Haru)
    • Bastion Aurith Arms (Jin)
    • Aurith Gunner (Erwin)
    • Aurith Devourer (Lilly)
    • Merlio’s Aurith (Stella)
    • Aurith Fury (Iris)
    • Aurith’s Head Protector of the Fallen
    • Aurith’s Shoulderguard of the Fallen
    • Aurith’s Chest Guard of the Fallen
    • Aurith’s Leg Guards of the Fallen
    • Aurith’s Head Protector of the Fallen
    • Aurith’s Shoulderguard of the Fallen
    • Aurith’s Chest Guard of the Fallen
    • Aurith’s Leg Guards of the Fallen
    • Pale Avenger (Haru)
    • Lightning Surprise (Erwin)
    • Blood Moon’s Fire (Lilly)
    • Panther’s Arms (Jin)
    • Banshee’s Dark Symphony (Stella)
    • Acerbic Incendiary (Iris)
    • Dark Bone Head Protector
    • Dark Bone Shoulderguard
    • Dark Bone Chest Guard
    • Dark Bone Leg Guards

    :!:Event: Design Fortune

    Aurith’s might streams through the Last Carnival, Junk Hive, Bandit Highway and Iron Castle raids. This increases your chance of looting equipment designs when you defeat the bosses!

    Enjoy the new year!

    The SoulWorker Team


    Dear SoulWorkers,

    We will be carrying out server maintenance on 17/01/2019, starting at 09:00 AM CET (03:00 AM EST). The maintenance period will take at least 5 hours. Web services and servers will not be reachable during this time.

    - Changes –

    • [17/1 - 21/2/2019] Aurith's New Year's Sprint Event (more info will follow tomorrow).
    • The “Christmas event map” and “Santa-Grutin and recycling” event will end.

    Stay up to date on any changes to the timetable by checking in on our forum and also on our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. The SoulWorker Team

    Not sure what time this is where you are? Check


    The Grutin Snowflakes have filled your rooms and we’ve looked at every single photo to decide which 20 are the most creative and original. These candidates really caught our eye and have truly earned themselves their prizes: congratulations!

    Here are the winning photographs:












    keep in mind that a response from our team might need a while to get answered when there are holidays or weekends in the middle and many requests are sent when we are off. If you are in NA, consider we have around 6 hours difference, which means our working hours are late night to early morning for you (around 03:00 AM as you said). :)


    Un vent magique souffle sur Cosmotopia, histoire de booster vos chances d'enchantements ! Dès que vous voyez le symbole de l'évènement, c'est qu'un buff doublant votre probabilité de réussite des enchantements s'active !

    Durée : du 31/12/18, à partir de 00h00, au 01/01, à 23h30 (heure de Paris)

    Que la chance soit avec vous !

    L'équipe SoulWorker


    ¡Un viento mágico envuelve Somnutopia y os apoya en el encantamiento! En cuanto veáis el símbolo de evento, se habrá activado un buff que aumentará la probabilidad de éxito del encantamiento en un 50%.

    Fechas: Del 31/12/18 (a partir de las 00 h CET) al 1/1/19 (a las 23:30 h CET).

    ¡Buena suerte!

    El equipo de SoulWorker


    Magische Winde wehen durch Cloudream und unterstützen dich beim Verzaubern! Sobald du das Event-Symbol siehst, ist ein Buff aktiv, der die Erfolgs-Wahrscheinlichkeit deiner Verzauberungsversuche um 50 % erhöht!

    Zeitraum: Vom 31.12.18 (ab 00:00 Uhr MEZ) bis zum 01.01.19 (um 23:30 Uhr MEZ).

    Gutes Gelingen!

    Dein SoulWorker-Team


    Magical winds are blowing through Cloudream and it seems to be affecting your upgrade chances! As soon as you see the event symbol a buff will be active, providing you with a 50% increase on the success chance of your upgrade attempts!

    Available: From 31/12/2018 (from 0 AM CET) to 1/1/2019 (at 11:30 PM CET).

    Best of luck!

    The SoulWorker Team


    Is everything calm and peaceful for you during the Christmas holidays? Then brace yourself for the event explosion here in SoulWorker! We’re launching 5 boost events at the same time – you won’t want to miss out if you’re still hunting some levels to be ready for class expansions in the new year!

    Available: From 21/12 (from 6 PM CET) to 27/12/2018 (at 9 AM CET).

    Here’s what is coming your way:

    • Double Experience Points
    • Double Dzenai Drops
    • Double Item Drops
    • Double Grutin Spawns
    • 50% Less EP Consumption (for the whole period!)

    Enjoy, and happy holidays!

    The SoulWorker Team


    Dear SoulWorkers,

    A special maintenance will take place today, as a result of some technical issues. The maintenance will start now and ALL servers and services will be unavailable for a short amount of time.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your patience.

    The SoulWorker Team

    Not sure what time this is where you are? Check