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    Hello everyone,

    ideas for new events are always welcome and we are happy to forward them to the developer. :)

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    More Upgrade Fortune

    Magical winds are blowing through Cloudream and it seems to be affecting your upgrade chances! As soon as you see the event symbol a buff will be active, providing you with a 50% increase on the success chance of your upgrade attempts!
    • Running: 08.10. 18:00 – 14.10. 00:00

    More EXP and Item Drops

    That’s not all! You’ll get more experience points and more item drops in all dungeons during the following time-frames:
    • 14.10. 0:00 – 16.10. 18:00 => + 100% EXP & 11% Item Drop
    • 16.10. 18:00 – 19.10. 9:00 => + 100% EXP & 100% Item Drop
    • 19.10. 9:00 – 22.10. 8:00 => + 100% EXP & 11% Item Drop

    *All times are CEST

    Have fun!


    Dear SoulWorkers,

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    The SoulWorker Team


    Battling pays in the latest event: you’ll get 100% more experience points and 11% more item drops in all dungeons!

    Running: from 25/09/2020 18:00 CEST (12:00 EDT) till 28/09/2020 09:00 CEST (03:00 EDT).

    Happy demon hunting!

    The SoulWorker Team

    Good morning everyone,

    some additions and open topics:

    Hello everyone, about your new points:

    Will the Lupan card be available in the Normal Akasha Transmitter pool in the future? threea Yes, it will be added in the pool in the future (there will be an announcement about this as always)

    Since the 7th days is here, no more runs of HH count in the event

    Actualy do 2 runs more but they doesn't count..

    I think we got a bug with this event threea

    Some guildmate have the same bug for the HH event

    pasted-from-clipboard.png Could you please contact our support team so they can check further details about this? (It is not clear so far if everyone is affected by this)

    As for an actual bugreport/feedback post, the Devourer's Blade (Chii's Primal weapon) still needs Antidestructors to upgrade past +6.
    This is in contrast to Every other Primal gear piece which were changed to not need any to get to +9 in a previous update.

    This frustrates me, since i sent a bugreport about it prior to the recent update. Checking- will bring it up to the team again.


    Dear SoulWorkers,

    We will be carrying out server maintenance on 15/09/2020, starting at 08:50 AM CET (02:50 AM EDT). The maintenance period will take at least 3 hours. Web services and servers will not be reachable during this time.

    • Standard Maintenance of the server.
    • The Sprint event is now extended and will end on 14/10/2020 (midnight).

    Stay up to date on any changes to the timetable by checking in on our forum and also on our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

    The SoulWorker Team

    Hey there! Thank you for the summary. :)

    Some info from me for now:

    Maybe add how we can get tickets event and the limit, cause there is nothing who say that, we can drop 15 per char only and only in raid "nothing at Grace and Fortress, i don't know about others city"
    The tickets can drop from Dipluce Horizon dungeons, raids and specific supply crates.

    Have you always wanted to know what made Stella and Lilly the heroes they are today? In this update, you'll experience it for yourself: dive into the action of the fresh new story district and follow the memories of Stella and Lilly.

    By the way, Erwin's and Haru's are coming later, so you won't miss out on their stories.

    Experience Stella's and Lilly's Memories


    * For single-players starting at level 60.

    * The district is available after completing the 'According to Plan' key quest.

    * You can gain entry to the 5 episodes of the new district using a warp item from the 'Dirty Shelf' NPC in Grasscover Camp. This item can only be acquired 1x per day.


    As a reward, you receive a Grasscover Camp Supply Box and the High-quality Grasscover Camp Supply Box. The boxes contain avatars, accessories and costumes.

    If you dismantle the contained items, you receive the items 'Record Fragment' and 'Record Colony'. You can take these to 'Dirty Shelf' NPC in Grasscover Camp and craft more supply boxes.

    Improved Improvements

    It doesn't just sound funny, it's also pretty cool: in this update we're improving the improvements in your favourite game.

    * The UI for the improvement processes 'upgrading' and 'enhancing' at the NPC Trisha has been revised. Using a newly added button you can now set the number of improvement attempts and automate crafting.

    * You now have a better overview in the 'Enhance Effects' window.

    * You can collect points to use the new 'Enhancement Selection' option which requires no Energy Converter.

    * A new function gives you more control and a better overview of the enhancement process including during the new Enhancement Selection.

    * The Rank Enhancement has also been revamped: use a Level Protection item to prevent the Rank Enhancement from failing. Plus you can also collect points to bring items up to the 'Superior' level using Precise Enhancement.

    Sprint Event

    Get ready for the sprint of your life and snatch up the Energy Converters!

    **Available: 9/9 to 14/10**

    How the event works:

    * Click on the event symbol on the top-right, next to the minimap.

    * Complete the quests in the ‘Round 1’ tab and you will receive their stated rewards.

    * A new round will be activated every day.

    * You can complete quests from previous rounds at a later date during the event period, should you wish to.

    * There are a total of 7 rounds with 4 to 5 quests. If you manage to beat them all, you’ll receive an accessory or jewellery item of your choice from the Villor series for their completion.

    Have loads of fun!

    The SoulWorker Team