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    First of all, i do put effort into writing my posts, yes i have "block paragraphs because i tend to be unsure where to make new paragraphs, thats really it.

    As for the second point, i would agree.

    adding letters to the end of my words is a habit im finding hard to break, and your the only one thats even mentioned it in a negative way(ive actually been told its cute), so from my view, you just wanted an excuse not to actually read my post. i gave you legitimate reasons as to why the server merge would be bad for a lot of players. I also didnt "rant" about how "everyone is trying to scam me" i was talking about at&t, a single company, which when a company doesnt provide what their customers pay for, that is scamming. Two sentences is not a rant by the way. Also for the record i didnt vote for trumps silver spooned idiot ass, and i think hes putting my country into an even worse state then it was. I also stated what many people on NA view failforge as and why they do these things or refuse to fix the problems, i didnt say "this is fact" it is my opinion. obviously you didnt read or even look for the post i mentioned in mine, because you labeled it as "unfounded", when it has a basis in someones research or my own personal experience with the game. also i may make assumptions and may be wrong, but taking certain sentences, or pieces of sentences and then assuming that thats whats the post is about, which is what it looks like you did, is not gonna make your point valid. Yes, i have a jaded view on things, and yes i see the worst in companies, but calling me a conspiracy theorist, really? that makes me think that you just dont like it that im not agreeing with your server merge. Also a little fun fact, the backbone of the internet, until recently was all in the usa, and the usa started the internet, so "never had a good connection as a whole", you obviously dont know how the internet was started. The one who has unfounded or uninformed assumptions is you. One other thing, i honestly dont care if you read my posts or not, because you are not obligated to respond to them, nor even read them, that is your choice, but dont take bits and pieces and try to summarize my post based on the bits and pieces you find the most disagreeable and then generalize and make them more of a blanket accusation like you did with the "everyone is scamming is trying to scam you", read the entire post if your going to read it.

    Well if its costing them more money, that would explain why its the only server having the issues. They want to kill it to keep more money. So that would mean these problems are purposeful, not due to ineptitude. Just another shady practice from failforge, the EA of the MMO genre.

    Transferring you to another server would be terrible for most of you, approaching 200 ping for the best connection, even more for the lowest !

    Would be unplayable

    I'm in the NA, and have played on the English EU server Candus some, I honestly can't tell the difference, other than that Candus is up, when the NA server is down. Also there's various people in the NA that play very ping dependant online games hosted in places like Japan, or South Korea, which are even further away.

    That ish you, not everyone has the same connection as you. i have problems wif ping even on the NA server, because my net ish the trash scam artists at&t and ik im not the only person wif at&t on the NA server, and before you say "well switch to a different isp." i cant, the trash ish the only one in my area, otherwise i would have already switched and not had to put up wif their scam artistry for the last 6 years. I mean, there are others that just as bad as at&t, so its not as easy as you think. It also depends on location within the continent, so it may very easily result in an unplayable game for those others if this merger was ever to come to pass. i do understand your reasoning, but pushing for an eu server merge may or may not cause even more problems for others (depending on several factors) and just solve your issue, which is (correct me if im wrong) being unable to play on the NA server due to the host of issues that failforge has shown nuu interest in fixing permanently and just patch fixing, perhaps due to not caring about the NA server, and you wanna play the characters youve put your time and work into(which i fully understand).

    Also, to Pyk, the timezone of the server has absolutely no bearing on the host of issues failforge refuses to actually fix. The only thing that even brings the time zones into the the mess ish when the servers are able to come back up. The crashing, lag, server going down, etc are all caused by inept recoding and either deciding not to test, (or failing to test properly) the new updates and patches to even see what they will do to the overall game. The game ish severely unstable, it still crashes(now without an error message), lags, ignores skills, causes people problems wif damage and armor calculation(sometimes damage just ignores armor completely and not just % based damage) and a host of other issues, which are caused by failforge messing with the code of the original game to make things harder for us, reduce drop rates, and other shady practices that are only used to try to make the players more dependent on the cash shop, which they practice shady dealings in as well in the form of not standardizing prices for even the same areas, there was a post on this very forum(though idk if its still up or if failforge took it down to remove the proof of their shady practices)that showed different prices for 2-3 different users in the same country (wif the same currency exchange rate) for the same amount of soulcash and even worse rates for the same amount between differing countries that was not concurrent wif exchange rates for currency. These shady practices, recoding, and other tinkering they do with the game ish only geared towards one thing, how to milk as much money from the players as they can. We are well aware its a german company, but country of origin doesnt matter for greed, ineptitude, or shady practices, so no i will not stop complaining about failforge, will not be patient and wait, nor will i feed their greed("helping" them) because nothing will be done about it ever if i was to do what you say to do. The only thing that will be done if we were to "help" them as you say and feed their greed ish the problems would continue and they would simply pocket the money or put it elsewhere, probably not even into anything relating to soulworker.

    [NA] Tenebris: "Oh look, PhoenixShi is trying to be active again, better shut down for up to fourteen hours again."

    That's what it always feels like. It was acting up some for a while, and I was getting worried, then sure enough, it just died again.

    Please at least give us the free option to transfer to the EU English server Candus, or just give up on that mess of a server Tenebris, and move everyone to Candus, or a new English EU server. Candus is far more reliable, and I can't really see any performance difference when I've played on it, other than its up, even when Tenebris is playing dead again.

    The server doesnt target you, nor does failforge, though i see your point ina broad sense, its just failforge draggin their feet and purposefully trying to kill off soulworker, like usual. the server probably wont be back up until later. Dont expect failforge to care about the problems because they only view us as statistical cash flow assets, not people.

    ok so, its very obvious at this point, failforge ish tryin to kill the global release of soulworker, this time, they fixed the crashes, but instead made the game almost unplayable. The additives and things they changed are nice, but when you make the game almost unplayable, its pointless. Im for the changes, but considering the other servers (jp and kr) arent unplayable, its obvious this ish failforges doin, and they are purposefully messing up the game. Either that or their programming department are unable to initiate the changes properly and dont do their jobs properly. They went over deadline, and still produced a update that made the game basically unplayable unless you solo, and even then its only barely passable, and only when you undo some of the things they forced to be enabled in the update. So what i got from it ish failforge saying "gives us your money for something you cant enjoy."

    ok so its the 22nd of october, the "separate event" were supposed to spend halloween coins on ish supposed to be "until the end of october", thats in 9 days, so wheres this separate event? still no sign of it, yet we get a fan art contest/event. anyone else feeling failforge ish just gonna give us the coins and nothing to spend em on?

    Yep. I've never played any MMO which introduced a grind event without full disclosure about award distribution.

    I guess there's a first time for everything ?(:thumbup:

    this isnt the first time failforge has done this

    Guys, stop being disrespectful to each other. For me it was a normal conversation and not like we‘re fighting each other. Selilinya said more often why she bring that argument about SF-probs. Everyone want complain, even Haru player and when you don’t have anything to complain about, then complain about SF.. EZ. It only shows how badass Haru class is. They barely find any cons.

    And yea, it goes a bit off-topic, cuz we should discuss about: Why the fk Lilly Advancement isn’t here right now?!


    That picture is so good. One of my guildmember did post it and yea..Kind of funny. Ofc it shouldnt be true and we should expect Lilly this thursday!

    ty earl, and yea i wonder too cuz even if i not usin lilly and main haru, i has friends who are really good wif they classes and want the advancements and lilly ish the next in line so wifout lillys comin out the rest wont be comin either. although i still dont expect lillys advancement even by the 31st, why? because i dont expect anything from failforge, saves me the disappointment.

    You see? The biggest complain of haru players is SF consumption even if they have skill that provides SF

    Don't put every Haru in a pot with that guy.

    He really gets stupid on a whole new level

    were you referring to me? first of all, im not a guy. second of all notrory at least saw i was using the sf as an EXAMPLE, i dont have problems wif sf, ive said this 5 times now. Also if you are referring to me, saying "He really gets stupid on a whole new level" like u know me, when you obviously dont, since you dont even know my gender, ish just wrong, i am not stupid, and using a misunderstood sentence to base my intelligence on shows how much of a lack of understanding you do have of me.