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    I see new mobs and new map that looks different from the one we know in previous trailer for Dipluce hgorizon. It looks kind of like Grace city NED map. At 1:44

    It looks like Grace city pt.2 is in the works? But I don't want to say that because that is quick too quick...

    Alternatively, Chii Aruel might fight new mobs in old maps. Sicne she starts in Candus city, the mobs probably have to match her level.

    And I do get why humans would doubt the Bashai. I just don't think the leaders have any right to. The ones leading humanity should be people that are unbiased and see things objectively in order to make the best decisions. Of course it could be a political decision, though it seems to hurt humanity more than it would help.

    And I do know while ideally leaders do not have clouded judgement, its common throughout history and even in the game that isn't always the case.

    And yes I can confirm that Aaron only agreed since Veneris have information regarding Henrik.

    The video seems to imply that they actually had a ceasefire and borderline alliance. It also implies that humanity didn't have actual evidence the Bashai was even behind it either.

    Feels kind of odd for the government to just jump to conclusions.

    Yes, soulworkers are strongest when their emotions are at their peak. I do remember it mentioned a few times in the story. Baically Maverick's PTSD is what is holding him back.

    Although what I meant is that Veneris might be similar in his ow nway. Although I do agree it seems unlikely.

    Anyway his character design seems suspicious to me though. Just saying this randomly since i have no basis to it but what if he is a Soulworker of Truth but he's not seek truth and that's why he's a non-combatant. lol Just throwing it out there.

    Other than that i haven't found much of anything recently.

    I actually have to side with weeblord here.

    This might be because my experiences so far with other games and SW itself is just different. But to me, the game isn't grindy, as i have mentioned in a previous post. IMO getting good stats for gears is the annoying part, but things have gotten WAY easier with current event and also GF actually solving the inflating prices of WUC and EC.

    As for content. I really don't think that matters at all. All the people demanding content don't realize the problem isn't GF, but the design itself. You can argue that JP and KR is doing better. Sure but they aren't exactly booming either.

    As weeblord said, people will want more after AoV is released. Give it a few weeks and people would already want something new.


    I'll explain why.

    The PVP and district 6 are timed events so I won't count them, but they are good way to break up the boredom.

    From level 1 to 55, you get regular content. Now this has extended to level 60. On KR, there's more story.

    Now when you hit level 55 or 60, you will probably do the rookie raids. That's 4 dungeons for you to do for end game, plus the ep4 manic of the highest level story dungeon. That's 5 dungeons.

    Then you do GC, which makes it 6. But once you get Vicarious or Aurith, the previous 5 dungeons become easier. Ofc you can still find it fun, but it's no longer as exciting once you played it enough times. Besides all the raids are fairly similar.

    You are left with only really GC. So they release Primal. Now there's only GC and Primal that is challenging enough to be fun. Primal gears render the 5 previous dungeons entirely obsolete as content. That makes GC and Primal which is only 2 and so it is easy to get bored. So they release AoV with even better gear, rendering GC easy. People will only do GC to access Primal.

    So now AoV and Primal are the only endgame content worth running because it offers some challenge.

    So at the end, it is still only 2 dungeons for endgame. An actual REDUCE of the 4 to 5 dungeons back at lv55 cap. The lack of endgame is actually getting WORSE.

    Unless you think running rookie raids with primal or AoV gears is going to be remotely challenging... I mean I guess people that find joy in rolfstomp would have a field day. But the rest of the players? Bored.

    So no, Having new content won't stop it. It will just be a temporary solution that will buy the game a month or so before it gets boring again.


    Here are my suggestions:

    1) Guild wars. PVP is typical endgame that many people stay for. And due to nature of guilds, it will be extremely competitive with innovative strategies and combo. War leads to innovation and thus will always be fresh and exciting.

    2) Better PVP, maybe like a dueling system so people can challenge each other in city-zones. Even if unbalanced, I never heard of a RPG that is truly PVP balanced.

    3) More unique dungeons, NOT harder ones. They also SHOULD NOT give superior gears. They either give comparable gears to AoV or none at all. We don't need to render current dungeons obsolete with new gears as that only hurt variety. The reward could be EC, WUCs, Chloe gift box, unique costume, inventory ticket or BSK brooches etc.

    4) More interactive activities for housing, farming and crafting is very passive. Something more interactive around city zones and housing could be good way to break up the repetitiveness. Many RPG have scavenging and crafting, or other activities that does not include fighting mobs.

    5) Related to #4, that is more crafting options. Not for better gears, but maybe cosmetics, furniture, hair dyes, or maybe some emotes. This will give players some objective to farm things, be it scavenging or killing mobs. Just please not better gears. Better gears only render old content boring.

    There's no mention of souldregs obtaining previous memories. So yea I think that part is exceptional.

    As for Rucco town. I thought Mad Edgar only intervened because he saw the soulworker. I might be wrong though. Well I would assume the story to be definitely different.

    I wonder though if she starts in Candus city, doesn't that mean she gets her own unique lv 1 dungeon mobs?

    If that's the case wouldn't that mean she's not compatible to party with the other players? The others woyld be like 13-20+ while she's lv1...

    Oh I also forgot to mention the Orca unit thing. In previous story quest, they only mentioned them as a elite unit. But yes they seem to go under intelligence and investigations and not combat. The new soulworker(the 3rd and final one known to be alive) is described to be a non-combatant and a diplomat. But I'm curious as to why a soulworker would not be able to fight... Did he lose his powers like Maverick?

    Since soulforcers like Amanda didn't give her combat capabilities, I'm wondering if soulworkers are the same... And doesn't have to be combat orientated ability. If that's true I wonder what his ability would be... Something related to his job I would assume. Maybe suggestive abilities, mind control, illusions, or distinguishing truth and lies? or something.

    The wheel is cancer. It's basically lootboxes but in another format. Lootboxes and wheels IS gambling. You put money for a chance of winning a prize. There's no skill involved. It is like slot machines. Nothing you can do to affect the outcome. And as they say, the house always win. The only way to win is not to play.

    There's already various countries starting to implement regulations against this. Governments are starting to recognize this as gambling! It would be better if the costume or whatever item can be bought stand alone too. The wheel/loot boxes can be another option of obtaining it.

    The wheel and loot boxes can be cheaper than standalone but you won't have a 100% chance of getting it. So that is up to the player to choose to gamble for getting it at a lower price, or pay a higher price to get it definitively.

    At least give players options.

    Haven't replied in awhile because I've been somewhat busy.

    So Stella's face is less derpy now... which is good, and more loli looking. Stella had always came off to me as the most derpy looking model.

    As for the new character being a souljunk, that's a surprise given her clothing. Anyway, I'm not surprised that she became a human. In one of the side quest I think, it was noted mad Manic's eye was biologically a copy of the human eye. Luke briefly suggested that souljunk might be able to copy humans and wondered if they could gain human intelligence too.

    As for transforming to the things they ate. Yes IIRC on bandit highway story quest, it was mentioned that the souldregs absorbed both living and non-living material and transformed themselves to it. Which is why you see rats, spiders and debris all being souldregs.

    So If the souldreg absorbed a cat, I see it entirely logical for it to become a cat. But to gain intelligence, I think it was only suggested as a possibility by Luke. As for becoming human without absorption/eating, that's a new one. According to the story, the souldreg changed by sheer willpower alone and not by consuming the body of a human.

    I'm very excited to play her, I always thought souldregs was just like dumb zombies... So I'm really curious how the story goes. The story should be quite different, although I assumed they probably would follow the same general route as the others.

    Making even a single new starting map just for a single new character might be a bit hard for the small development team. Maybe if there were more souldreg characters in the future, then I can see a reason for it.

    It would be cool to see more souldreg characters and potentially a future bashai character. I mean I always liked the idea of a separate faction, with separate starting zones, city and story. Where these factions are split until mid-game, where you can travel to all the maps.

    I'll toss my 2 cents...

    The game isn't all that grindy. I'm not a hardcore player, as in I rarely used up my base 200 energy when grinding from lv1 to 55 on my first character. But I still got to max level in less than a month. Month sounds long? I don't think so. Considering the repetitiveness of the endgame, 1 month of grind is probably the highlight as there's a well defined goal. There's also story to follow which is what motivated me personally.

    The endgame grind is what is horrible. I learned nothing going from 1 to 55. I had to read guides and test things myself before I learned the upgrading system, the akasha and endgame gears. The main issue was the annoying grind for the various set required to get the end game stuff(which I haven't gotten)

    Getting individual pieces isn't super hard, a bit of grind but I expect that. It's the randomized stats that is a torture to obtain.

    BUT overall, this grind is NOTHING. IDK if its ok to name games here, so I won't... but I played several old MMORPGs and several more recent games and they all are more grindy than SW. The old games can take you a year and you still won't be done grinding. One particular one cause you to lose 5% exp every time you die to mobs.

    Another PVP orientated naval game have a massively steep learning curve with long grinds.

    The newer games are not necessarily grindy in terms of time but are very tedious and not new player friendly at higher levels, so you are stuck at lower tier stuff until you gitgud, which takes time. You can technically reach max level in a week, but you'll get owned by everyone unless you are naturally that good.

    And every single game I'm thinking of is popular now or was popular in its heyday. I'm not opposed of lower EXP if it means more players will play but I don't personally feel that's the issue.

    I was reading the story again but in Jin's perspective or parallel universe and found more evidence that Nathan is Tenebris.

    -Jin asked Nathan if he was a Soul Worker because he seemed like someone who would be, then he denied it because he did not have the same energy that Maverick gave off. However, he also said that it was not too far off.

    -The the detail that gave it away was when he started describing what seemed to be Rosca. He said "Her back lit under the sunlight and looked like she had absolute power." If I remember correctly, he also said that she came down from the heaven to judge him which could be describing how she appeared in front of him, "It is a pillar of light that extends to the sky that reflects in the vision of the eye. It appears without a predecessor, without sound, without meaning, as if it had existed from the beginning"

    But there's one thing I have not mentioned(I think). When Kent "The world will end when the black dragon soars the skies" As far as I know we have yet to have any information about this dragon that Kent once mentioned, but for him to mention it(A God acknowledging the danger of such creature) seems to be quite threatening, perhaps the last boss?

    Never played Jin's story so can't comment on that.

    Nathan doesn't seem to be corrupted in the same way Ladi was though.

    And he saw Rosca's back? Shouldn't she be facing towards them if she was attacking them?

    Not sure what they will call a Bashai's weapon but it does seem that they have dedicated weapons. At least the bosses do. Kind of similar to soulworkers. So maybe they do have a equivalent.

    As for Nihil Kingdom, I thought it was just a story faction and not a future playable one with characters.

    Also With Bashai being available to play, I think that humans and Bashai will unite together in the future story against the deities. It's already clear that neither side actually wants this war. And it seems to be that Kent was the one that provoked it to begin with.

    SO yea, pretty interesting.

    I really liek teh artwork for the new character but I'll have to wait and see her personality.

    So new video talking about how the player characters became sinworkers.

    It started with Lily and Haru.

    BTW, based on the current trend of updates it seems each map will get a 'extension.' Rucco with Grasscover, Candus with Dipluce horizon. Grace and ark ship will probably get their own. I'm suspecting that each map will uncover a background for a character there. Grasscover was for Miriam. Candus is probably for Aaron. Grace would probably be for Maverick. Ark ship, not sure but maybe the blood soulworkers?

    This could obviously be not true but I just noticed a slight pattern.

    Based on current trend in new levels, we will probably hit around lv80 after all the map extensions.

    I'm not sure what may come after. Based on how we are kind of close to the climax it seems, I think it is not impossible for the story to be able to be wrapped up by the end of ark ship's new map extension. Assuming no new plot points are introduced. This might take maybe 2 years at current update paces. If the game is still alive then there maybe new additions just to keep it going. Though this is entirely speculations.

    Can't wait for the new map already. Aaron look so cool. remind me of the officer coat from WW2 Germany.

    Also the right side with the new female character. That emblem. maybe another organization similar to the SFL? I always wondered that SFL can't possibly of been the sole ruling power over the world.

    There must be other factions that is either defending humanity and/or for or against SFL governing their own city zones.

    Maybe pre-void government?

    I believe that Tenebris was convinced by Kent to incite a rebellion. In GCC, everyone is doing parallels with the soulforcers and soulworker rebellion. And Tenebris himself suspects that the version outside of the void might have fallen for his tricks. Although this isn't confirmed and might be purposely misleading the players to think that.

    As for Tenebris knowing Rosca's plan. I'm not sure. It doesn't seem that Kent's manipulation require logical reasoning to work. It appears more similar to hypnotic suggestion. So Kent doesn't have to tell Tenebris or convince him. It appears the only thing that overcomes it is willpower, reasoning and positive emotions.

    I say willpower because Tenebris in the void resisting the sinforce perfectly fine. He might have succumbed outside because he forgot about its existence. Same with the player character, they overcame it by sheer willpower, moving on from the past

    Amanda's craze was overcame by reasoning. She was listing things and making random claims against Avon before long she started contradicting herself which snapped her out of it.

    Lastly, strong emotions such as love because the instant Miriam saw Tenebris she snapped back to normal.

    Anyway, in a side quest earlier, Bamz was endangered and the player had to rescue him. After that he got a tiny little bit of power. Weak but soulforcer nonetheless. It was stated that life-threatening situations(in the void) may trigger the abilities it seems. Which would make sense why Catherine became a soulforcer too.

    After new update, Casen goes to Bamz to ask about how to become a soulforcer and he mentions this. here are some snippets.

    It seems soulforcers is a product of Valea Viilor and not Rosca according to Bamz. But how reliable he is as a source... I have no idea.

    It goes from 2-3-1. Don't ask why the numbers are jumbled... it's just how it is


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