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    Well not defending GF but Taiwan server likely will have more players but it is also a reopening of the servers, so naturally there will be higher amounts of player. Once it stabilize in a few months we will see the trend.

    It's gameforge, of course there is nothing new since. We supposed to be getting corrupted records part 2 and desireworker together next. Speculation is that it should be before the end of the year. Other than that nothing really. There was also upgrade rework, so its much easier to get good rolls with ECs.

    I'm not sure if updates will really save the game. It is a part of it, but the game just doesn't have that great of a long term retention. No matter what update the game throw out, it will only last for a month at most, if even that. The updates would have to be really frequent.

    Corrupted Records is content, but you can finish it in a day. While VERY enjoyable in my opinion, it doesn't have much replay value and so there's nothing to keep the player base returning. I alt farmed for over 200 akashas and waiting for Lupan ever since corrupted records came out. From the community it doesn't seem to be in the normal akasha transmitters. It has been a month and I got nothing else to do in this game. I'm tired of waiting and it was the only thing keeping me motivated. There's nothing else to do other than running HH and AoV for the millionth time.

    I can of course farm money to buy a full Tera brooch but Tera is so expensive and rarely on sale(NA) that I'm not motivated to do so without some easier intermediate goals to make this journey more entertaining.

    As a result I've just been playing Genshin after a friend showed the gameplay. And yes it is single player but it is still fun af. There is also co-op though. Soulworker is not that much different when it comes to that aspect. I do most things solo except for HH and AoV. Meanwhile Genshin have a vast open world for me to explore and still quite fresh for me. Maybe I'll get bored of Genshin at some point and come back. I only log in for Gronco, HH, IDD, and corrupted records. So about an hour and a half of play time then get off to play Genshin.

    So the special akasha pack is changed to another card but no announcement on Lupan being in the normal akasha. It would be odd for it not to be after the sale is over bu there isn't any announcement.

    Will the Lupan card be available in the Normal Akasha Transmitter pool in the future? threea Yes, it will be added in the pool in the future (there will be an announcement about this as always)

    Basically the title. Me and some buddies of mien was expecting it to come with corrupted records part 1. But now thinking it might come with part 2. However there's no news on this.

    I remember seeing the KR video when it was initialyl released, but do anyone have an idea the exact time table it was released? Between which updates? Before or after DH part 3?

    threea Can you provide any information?

    Another bug report, so while alt farming, I noticed the cinematic camera pan of the city is missing when you enter a new city zone.

    Oh and as for the HH runs, everyone that I know that didn't get it completed upon the 7th day have this problem. I had it completed the instant it was available along with a friend of mine who I do HH everyday with so I don't know first hand.

    But another friend who haven't played much the past 2 weeks had the HH runs not count.

    Corrupted records was AMAZING! I've been looking forward to this and the story exceeded my expectations. I didn't think the dialogue would be as long as it actually was. That being a good thing since it really gave a lot of time to flesh out all the characters.

    This is got to be like one of my top favorite moments in the soulworker story. The other was Renegade's camp ep4, which is absolutely beautifully done too.

    I already knew Stella's story, but this gave me new appreciation to Lily's personality and motivations. She gave up on life after her family died. There was no one she cared about and no reason to continue living. She didn't realize it but she wanted to die. Tenebris using that against her(being the only one that can kill her) to get her to join them was absolutely unexpected move. Ideally she would find meaning in life during her stay but unfortunately events did not transpire that way.

    Well eventually she did after she got out of the void.

    I think this did as much for Lily's character development as advancement did for Chii. Really made them much more complex characters.

    Also Tenebris character got fleshed out a lot. He seems less like this perfectly nice and strong individual that could stand against anything. He feel so much more real and I love him for that.

    Kant's methods are really well written. he subversion tactics he pulled is subtle and not forced. The writing felt natural and didn't handwave anything. For example he purposely triggered Iris with "listen to the adults" because he know that is what Iris don't like. He also purposely targeted convinced Tenebris to give up on saving the sinworkers and just save Catherine in order to prevent Stella from getting salvation. As Tenebris said in the first half, every sinworker have a weakness, and that is their greed. Catherine is Stella's weakness. Kant can't have any of that and he specifically convinced Tenebris to take that away from Stella under the guise of saving her.

    As for Lupan, I really like her even though she had very little screen time. I suspect she later turned back in to a sinworker. She seems pretty yandere for Tenebris so I suspect it is pretty easy for her to fall back in to her old ways. I think that's the ultimately the flaw in Ladi's and Tenebris's methods. While they targeted the sinworker's weakness, they failed to separate them from their past and overcome their desires. It was a temporary distraction, not a permanent solution.

    Woo that was good. This was my most highly anticipated content for a very long while and it didn't disappoint. Helped flesh out the character even more. Really gained new appreciation for Lily. I already knew the gist of it for Stella but it's still heartbreaking to see. Also I really love Tenebris as a character, he has so much more depth now and seems much more real. I also suspect Lupan becomes a sinworker again because she seems pretty yandere for Tenebris.

    I also noticed how Kant was purposely triggering Iris with the 'listen to the adults' comment. His approach is actually quite cleverly done, so props to the writers. It didn't feel forced or hand waved. It actually felt like a real subversion of GCC members.

    People complaining about it being a daily 30 second run and unimpressive rewards seems to miss the point of corrupted records. Pretty sure it isn't really supposed to be a farmable content. It is like the same thing as advancement and the main story. You do it once and enjoy it once. Personally i enjoy this far more than another mindless raid to farm.

    So I'm kinda confused what was going on with Stella's story. Was she already a Sinworker when they 'rescued' Catherine from her and then she flipped out and started killing people after or was she not one and Kant tricked everyone into thinking she was but then eventually became one after having her friend taken from her?

    Also I'm pretty sure that she is already a sinworker. Catherine actually was her weakness that would have gave her salvation. That's why Kant was so adamant in convincing Tenebris to give up on saving sinworkers and just save Catherine. So he can take Catherine away and let Stella continue to be a sinworker.

    Ah thanks, that makes more sense and redid the calculation. I split the total hits between 'with Leona' and 'without Leona' based on her average 'up time.' Then I calculated their respective critical hits and adding it back together for the total critical hits with Leona given a certain time span. Then I compared it with the control (60% base crit)

    Some more math:

    The conditions for this will be an average of 100 hits per minute(for easy calculations) or 1.67 hits per second with the aforementioned 60% base crit.

    In a minute, Leona should activate 6 times due to her 10 second cooldown. Each time she procs, she is active for 4.5 seconds.

    6 x 4.5 seconds give us a total up time of 27 seconds.

    27 seconds x 1.67 hits per second, the seconds cancel out and give us approximately 45.09 hits while Leona is active.

    When Leona is active, she adds 25% crit to the base 60% crit for a total of 85% crit. As a result 85% x 45.09 hits give us 38.3265 hits in which you will crit.

    For the remaining hits you get without Leona:

    100 total hits - 45.09 htis w/ leona = 54.91 hits w/o Leona. 54.91 hits x 60% = 32.946 critical hits.

    Adding the criticals when Leona is active(38.3265) with when she isn't(32.946), gives us 71.2725 critical hits out of 100, or about 71.2% crit.

    Compared to a flat 60% crit, this is a 11.2725% average increase. The 11.2725% increase is also a FLAT increase and remains constant regardless of how many hits and your base crit percentage.

    I was wrong, and Leona is definitely useful.

    As a side note, I was originally just trying to figure out what was the actual % increase with Leona. I actually did the original calculation multiple times with several methods but came to a 1-2% marginal increase every time. Hence why I posted this. But As Alisaa pointed it out, the original calculations made some major erroneous assumptions.

    Yea we as a community can't do all too much.

    Gameforge needs to update the game to at least be somewhat close to KR. Then proceed to give us quality of life improvements and actually decent worthwhile events that aren't boring.

    Then they need to advertise. The game lost its chance after the first few months.This is true for all games. I played a few games that were unpopular but was greatly improved with positive feedback from the player base. But the game remains unpopular and reputation forever tainted because no one went back to the game to even notice the changes.

    To solve this a advertising campaign regarding the revamps and improvements need to exist to let people know they should give it a second chance.

    However we all know gameforge won't do this. Why they won't? We will never know. A successful game should get them far more profit than having a throwaway gaming mill.