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    So new video talking about how the player characters became sinworkers.

    It started with Lily and Haru.

    BTW, based on the current trend of updates it seems each map will get a 'extension.' Rucco with Grasscover, Candus with Dipluce horizon. Grace and ark ship will probably get their own. I'm suspecting that each map will uncover a background for a character there. Grasscover was for Miriam. Candus is probably for Aaron. Grace would probably be for Maverick. Ark ship, not sure but maybe the blood soulworkers?

    This could obviously be not true but I just noticed a slight pattern.

    Based on current trend in new levels, we will probably hit around lv80 after all the map extensions.

    I'm not sure what may come after. Based on how we are kind of close to the climax it seems, I think it is not impossible for the story to be able to be wrapped up by the end of ark ship's new map extension. Assuming no new plot points are introduced. This might take maybe 2 years at current update paces. If the game is still alive then there maybe new additions just to keep it going. Though this is entirely speculations.

    Can't wait for the new map already. Aaron look so cool. remind me of the officer coat from WW2 Germany.

    Also the right side with the new female character. That emblem. maybe another organization similar to the SFL? I always wondered that SFL can't possibly of been the sole ruling power over the world.

    There must be other factions that is either defending humanity and/or for or against SFL governing their own city zones.

    Maybe pre-void government?

    I believe that Tenebris was convinced by Kent to incite a rebellion. In GCC, everyone is doing parallels with the soulforcers and soulworker rebellion. And Tenebris himself suspects that the version outside of the void might have fallen for his tricks. Although this isn't confirmed and might be purposely misleading the players to think that.

    As for Tenebris knowing Rosca's plan. I'm not sure. It doesn't seem that Kent's manipulation require logical reasoning to work. It appears more similar to hypnotic suggestion. So Kent doesn't have to tell Tenebris or convince him. It appears the only thing that overcomes it is willpower, reasoning and positive emotions.

    I say willpower because Tenebris in the void resisting the sinforce perfectly fine. He might have succumbed outside because he forgot about its existence. Same with the player character, they overcame it by sheer willpower, moving on from the past

    Amanda's craze was overcame by reasoning. She was listing things and making random claims against Avon before long she started contradicting herself which snapped her out of it.

    Lastly, strong emotions such as love because the instant Miriam saw Tenebris she snapped back to normal.

    Anyway, in a side quest earlier, Bamz was endangered and the player had to rescue him. After that he got a tiny little bit of power. Weak but soulforcer nonetheless. It was stated that life-threatening situations(in the void) may trigger the abilities it seems. Which would make sense why Catherine became a soulforcer too.

    After new update, Casen goes to Bamz to ask about how to become a soulforcer and he mentions this. here are some snippets.

    It seems soulforcers is a product of Valea Viilor and not Rosca according to Bamz. But how reliable he is as a source... I have no idea.

    It goes from 2-3-1. Don't ask why the numbers are jumbled... it's just how it is


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    Despite this being the successor to the 1st link, it was never linked to it as reference. I think it might be good to link some of the previous discussions of the story here for reference:

    New KR Content?


    Anyways I thought the whole God thing was hinted. Rosca was, at least to me obviously a deity. Her intervention at the end of Ruin fortress with insane amount of power and the ability to resurrect the player.

    The description for the Aurith gear also hinted at a deity along with the entire Golden Citadel quest.

    Anyway I think Kent/Amad is just a fake name he uses. He used Kent to get friendly with Tenebris. He used Amad with the SFL. but I think his real name is Valea Viilor. The bits we got of him seem to match what Amad/Kent is doing. And I can imagine that as being the deity of the Bashai.

    So here is my current theory of what is happening. Rosca and Valea Viilor are opposing deities fighting for dominion over humanity. Rosca's apparent plan was interrupted by Valea Viilor. However her plan for humanity was not a good end either as the video said "going on a similar line." So while Kent wanted to corrupt humanity, it appear Rosca's plan wasn't much better.

    So for humanity to survive, they must side with neither. The negotiations with the Bashai happened 13 years ago(despite being 10 years earlier in the story) with Ladi as the SFL founder and leader. I do not believe the Bashai assassinated him as thought by the SFL. I do believe that the Bashai legitimately wanted to negotiate.

    For one, Naomin, one of the generals of the Firestream approached Grace city herself at the end of ruin fortress story. I also remember Kurisu said that this war was pointless before his death. Based on these anti-war sentiments, I think the Bashai did not seek war.

    This lead me to believe that kent/Amad/Valea Viilor was the one that killed Ladi. Or rather turned him in to a mutated sinworker. The goal was to provoke a war since neither the humans nor Bashai was seeking war.

    As for NED, I think they are just a 3rd party in this. I think they lean towards the humanity side although they have dealings with the Bashai most likely via Henryk. NED(Godren at least) didn't seem to have known nor support Henryk's activities. They do have a lot of questionable activities but I don't think they intended to oppose SFL. They seem to have only left due to the SFL declaration of war on them. The arguments Rawper made remains very convincing and still have yet to be disproved. So I do think NED is only out for profit and relies on humanity's survival for that.

    As for the leaking of the operation in Grace city, it is likely to be Amad that leaked it to the Bashai. The NED seemed to have not been responsible.

    Henryk probably only wants to get glory and power. Originally, that meant making scientific break through at the cost of innocent lives. I have reason to suspect that might make him the perfect pawn for Valea Viilor.

    I do think NED will probably later join back up with the SFL, in fact I think they might be the link in which Bashai and humanity unite. So far both have been used as pawns by Rosca and Valea Viilor for their own fight.

    Oh... and yes NEW WAIFU! Naran and Nita is old and used after the summer event lol

    Well kinda good but also kinda bad. As f2p I farmed myself to the very top. I had perfect tera brooches with great effort and also upgraded succesfully my weapon to +9. I feel kinda dumb about spending billions of dz on brooches and converters but honestly in the big picture this is a big improvement for the whole server. with this update the huge amount of dz will be gone and casual players also have a chance of converters and a lot of antidestructions with grutingold now.

    What can I say? You didnt had to farm brooches and energy converters before. You just had to wait for this day xD

    Anyway I won't complain because this is one of the first steps to improve this server.


    GF isn't ruining loyal players. It's a single temporary loss to the loyal players that did grind. But now EVERYONE gets the goodies. Not just whales, not just no-lifers, not just new players. EVERYONE. Some might not like it but I think sometimes, some players have to take a hit for the team.

    Some games have premium items that end up being OP and that gets nerfed. Is that a rip-off? Maybe but its better for the overall health of a game.


    For those that whales or grinded, its a temporary loss but in the future they also get a lot since its easier to obtain things.

    Not sure about loyal players leaving because of a loss profit. I can understand this, premium items and the like should not get changed too often since people paid for it. But this is to better the overall health of the game.

    When new players leave, it's because the game is frustrating. If they enjoy it, they would stay. So making it more enjoyable to new players, mean they will more likely become the loyal playerbase.

    A dying game SHOULD NOT focus on the loyal playerbase, that's a small population. They need to attract NEW players, that's how a small game grow. Catering to the loyal player base only maintains the status quo. Ofc they should support loyalty but they shouldn't screw over the new players just to satisfy existing ones.

    Could there be compensation? Maybe though I'm not sure how anyone can quantify the effort put in to it. Anyways, things like this happen. People grinded for certain gears. When new gears release, the old ones become obsolete. So if you grinded for valuable brooches that lost its value... well that's just how these things go.

    So then is premium membership considered pay to win for you?

    I understand what p2w means. I never seen it used for speeding up the grind until the past few years. p2w had always been something unachievable giving paying players an advantage and that is what i will go by.

    Regardless, p2w is semantics, we each perceive it differently. But we can all agree that grinding the gears is tedious and should be made easier.

    One may argue that the absolute best gear SHOULD be hard. But I think the problem is there isn't sufficient alternatives or intermediate gears that people can settle with. Shion and Aurith is completely outclassed against Primal, but the grind to jump from one level to the next is massive.

    A gear in between that is still competitive with Primal, but still not as good would be ideal. Maybe this can drop in Primal too but at a higher rate. This will give some satisfaction to those that are grinding. Kind of like a intermediate reward while they grind for their main goal.

    Well pay TO win would imply that you need to.. well pay to win. But as far as I can tell, you can get the best stuff without paying a dime. SO I disagree.

    You can get the best stuff without paying, if you grind for hundreds of hours, or you can just pay money and get it easy, this is what called pay2win.

    I'll admit it is grindy, but pay2win, for me would mean there is an advantage to the players paying. At the ultimate end, everyone can get the same stuff, so there is no ultimate advantage.

    That's the whole point of the win part. That you NEED TO PAY TO WIN. But if you can win WITHOUT paying, then it really isn't pay2win.

    If getting something quicker is pay2win, then every game with subscription for faster EXP and money gain would be pay2win. Earn more money=buy better gears. That makes EVERYTHING BUT COSMETIC pay2win. So no, I disagree.

    The grind for good stat roll is frustrating. That should be made easier, but farming gears being too grindy=/=pay2win.

    If you want to discuss what is considered a reasonable amount of time, then sure.

    You can get higher stats with free titles. I wouldn't say it reached a Pay2win threshold tbh.

    I will still say this game is far from pay2win. And not that it matters since its a PVE game, although it could be annoying to see.

    On the other side of the spectrum, a game doesn't need to be p2w to annoy the playerbase.

    Ok... alright so you guys want logic?

    Then let me ask you this.

    What is wrong with having a religious outfit available in the game. What harm does it do to people, the gameplay, or to society as a whole.

    if there is one, name it and we will discuss rather it is true or not. THEN we will talk about if it should be censored.

    If simply being religious is the only reason, then that is stupid as religion by itself means nothing. That would be illogical, the premise itself is illogical.


    Oh and BTW, you may of explained it to someone else, but it wasn't on this thread. Or at least I can't find it at all. So you should explain it again. All you need to do is copy paste the explanation, simple as that.