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    You misunderstood. This is actually an update that makes people feel as if they were playing the game in the Korean Server! No more complaining and people switching to other clients!

    Yeah, yeah, I know there are probably a lot of other threads that already have links to this but I thought it would be nice to share the full 2 minutes trailer featuring the new "Shadow the Edgehog" spinoff "Edgeworker", I mean the whole Desire Worker update.

    Desire Worker: Your Edge Awaits

    I recommend watching the trailer while listening to "I Am... All of Me" (

    ) for the full experience. Amad is a really bad boi.

    Hai proprio ragione, la perdita della localizzazione italiana è proprio un brutto colpo.

    Adesso non potrò più postare tutte le cose strane e gli errori che trovavo, come Lilly che viene considerta un maschio dagli NPC, o Jin femmina...

    Per non parlare del bellissimo "Bella zio, a bombazza !" di Ari e altre interessanti formulazioni.

    Ah be', c'est la vie.


    F forum italiano.

    So, while everyone else is busy either dealing with the Easter Event or finding useful information about the lore of the game (that nobody cares about), I'm here wondering about how to complete a stupid quest which asks me to get some "ValSoul" in District 6.

    I get there and I try to kill some monsters to see if they drop anything and the result is obviously quite disappointing.

    It's at that point that it hit me... since District 6 monsters are really tanky but not that dangerous I decide that it would be intersting if I attempted to get the highest combo score possible. After all, after getting the title "Biggus Dumbus" for completing the 150 Amaryllis quest, there isn't much else I can do.

    And thus, after a few attempts I manage to get this:


    In your opinion, what is the highest combo score that can be obtained in-game? My bet is on 9999 right now.

    Yeah, idk this game release content so slow. Legit AoV out, some got full AoV in less than few days, then +8 and away from soulworker. and probably not coming back until next new content. This type of game if u progress too fast, u legit got nothing to do.

    Well, you can still play the marvellous "Kill X 150 times" quests that "WILL CONSUME YOUR BODY AND SOUL".


    So here I was, surfing the net with the hope of finding more information on the Soul Worker 2011 prototype and then I get to a site displaying some interesting art with a familiar style:


    Yeah she's exactly who you're thinking she is: Lilly's secret blonde twin sister !

    She'll be available as a playable character in the fortune wheel soon... Nah, you just got P R A N K E D, bruh.

    Seeing other art such as:


    New Iris Skin confirmed Not in a million years.




    Does the last picture give you sense of Deja vu even though you've never seen it ? That's because it's from Project D'Light, which had some... let's just say interesting interactions with Lion Games and Soul Worker. But that's a story for another thread.

    And well, I was almost sure the guy who made these was the same illustrator as the one working on Soul Worker.

    That idea got confirmed 100 % when I found these:


    Iris was actually supposed to use the two halves of the motorcycle as a weapon... wait, no, that's from another game whoops (...the adventures of Deadweight 5 ).


    Loli Iris !!! How can I tell ? Well just look at the following picture:



    And now for the real giggles: while browsing sites with news from around the 2011 and 2014 period I happened to spot a very odd picture that I had never seen before, namely:


    Our favourite loli guitarist... from 2013 ! Turns out this picture was made by someone named Kadrina, but I wasn't able to find anything about the author. It's interesting to note that there's a noticable difference in style between this and the previous artworks... it might be because it's also very similar to another character from Project D' Light.

    It could also be the art piece mentioned by Ice+ in an old thread of mine.

    So who's the person behind all of this, you ask ? The answer is quite simple: Armcho, also known as "reef". Who's also in charge of the art direction of the Soul Worker even now.

    And here's his twitter accout:

    You guys are making Henryk appear like a really bad guy when he isn't.

    You know, I actually considered something similar as a 4th alternative, but I had already decided to go for 3 so I didn't put it because it looked a little bit cliché, especially compared to the other options I listed.


    Capisco che la storia la considerino solo in cinque persone, però diamine che Ben venga scambiato per Kukbap non lo posso accettare.

    Diamine, Ben è quasi del tutto inutile, mentre Kukbap è fidanzato con una loli legale. Io ritengo che ci siano grosse differenze inequivocabili.

    Per piacere, non confodiamo di più le cose di come non lo siano con questi nomi presi da chissà dove.

    i'm expecting Henryk's death will be cruel and cold

    Haru will slice him in half

    Iris will mount him on her cannon and blast him to outer space

    Chii will claw him to mince meat

    I'm offering you three more realistic alternatives:

    1) Argh, you're so close to making Henryk pay for his crimes but whoops, he says "Look behind you, a free +9 power-up ticket that's not in a wheel !", you turn back and Henryk gets away. Again. With Chloe telling you that Henryk got away this time too. (Yes, I'm aware I've made this joke once already, but I honestly like it that much).

    2) Some sort of plot element will turn him into a monster that the player has to fight in a ridiculous, unfair, tedious, buggy and frustrating boss battle. Due to excellent game design plot reasons, you won't actually defeat him at the first time, but you'll have to re-do the boss battle around 200 times before you get any satisfying conclusion. (Totally not an Amaryllis Orion reference)

    3) Rosc... I mean Amad Kant... or heck even Tenebris... someone else kills Henryk instead of you. In a rather simplistic way too. Even better, he'll probably be killed offscreen. Because he outlived his usefulness or something. Hey, I'm not the one making obscure intricate evil plots for futile reasons, so I don't really have to justify it or anything. (Turn out he's not really dead and plot brings us to #2)

    1. Perfino il rumore termico nello spazio è più attivo dei forum italiani.

    2. Ari ha deciso di esprimersi in modo molto GGGiovane tutto d'un tratto.

    3. Quel maledetto jingle di Striscia la notizia che fa "Striscia-ia-ia-ia-ia-io" in realtà è un residuo di una canzone del Gabibbo che si chiama "Menti Brulicanti".

    4. Gli atomi di un cristallo di elio a 10^(-9) K sono più attivi dei forum italiani.

    5. Voglio un evento in cui tutti i grutin si trasformano in Gabibbi e come effetti sonori dicano solamente "Mea !" e "Belandi !". Ovviamente anche la macchinetta Grutin deve essere convertita in un Gabibbo e può solamente esprimersi come quest'ulitimo.

    6. Durante l'evento estivo esigo che una volta nell'arena ci sia "Fritto Misto" come musica, ovvero il tema di Paperissima.

    7. *Battuta sull'inattività dei forum italiani #69*

    8. Nell'evento in cui i grutin si trasformano in Gabibbi, voglio anche i costumi del Gabibbo per ogni personaggio.

    9. Il senso di questo post è lasciato al lettore, perché francamente nemmeno io lo so.

    10. Volevo arrivare a 10 perché almeno si fa un bel numero tondo tondo.

    After Dipluce Horizon events, Cpt. Veneris has to deliver his promise and tell us where henrick is. After that, I am 100% sure that it will turn into another chase just like in Grace City.

    Here's my prediction for how the Henrik situation will unfold:

    Soulworker & company find out where Henrik is.

    Soulworker & company get to Henrik's location.


    Henrik says "Look behind you, a free nice costume that's not in a lootbox or in a fortune wheel !


    Soulworker & company look back.

    Chloe says "Wait, Henrik is getting away !"

    Henrik leaves. Again.

    * angry Soulworker noises *


    She came there because the Blood Soul worker(Forgot name)

    She was called Suzie Shion.

    It caught my attention when he said "you are looking for the mercy of Valea too" though. I don't know how you guys perceive it, but I look at it as if they were secretly worshiping him as a God. It is similar to what religious people say "Seeking God's Mercy."

    Yeah, seems about right. Also remembered a post that mentioned Valea Viilor in the old story thread:

    On the side quest with Betty, it appears Lupan might have became a sinworker(?)

    In his radio message he said "His power nestles within the body and seizes the mind and organs, the hands and feet. Valea Viilor is merciful and frees us from the tortures of thought by making us as greedy as animals."

    Note how he said greedy as animals. I'm associating greed with desire. Not exactly a synonym but I think there might be a connection. Maybe this 'Valea Viilor' guy creates sinworkers by tapping into your desire and turning it into mindless greed.


    Nice thread Untilted , because I actually did a very brief study about monsters HP and Super Armor values due to the whole "monsters feel a lot weaker in the new dungeons" issue. Never made a post about it, seems like the right time to remedy.

    All pictures were taken in solo runs.

    Here's what I gathered so far:

    - Monsters are divided in HP classes, meaning that certain enemies always share the same HP value. Same goes for super armor values.


    Artiglio Selvatico.jpg

    - These classes definitely scale with levels, but sometimes change numeric values within the same instance of the same dungeon.

    Shock Splitter.jpg

    Shock Splitter 2.jpg

    - I do not posses screenshots, but the boost that enemies gain in parties is extremely noticable, especially if you have the bad luck to be left alone to fight a boss with boosted values. Happened to me once with the first Bunkerbot and at first it looked like I couldn't beat it due to a lack of DPS and its healing ability; redid the fight in solo and it was a lot more managable.

    And now some hilarious fun facts about monsters HP values:

    - The portals in Grace City's raid posses extremely high defence yet they also have a stupidily low amount of HP.

    Portale Flash.jpg

    - All District 6 monsters share exactly the same amount of HP.



    - The monsters in Grasscover Camp show strong deviation from HP scaling, with the values being lower than expected. The next three pictures will show a boss from the first Grasscover Camp dungeon, a boss from the last instance of Ruin Fortress (second episode of Ark) and the final boss of a raid.

    Bull Infernale.jpg


    Kurisu Baishem.jpg

    I always love to point out the lack of super armor of enemies in Grasscover instances. I don't even know if it's been fixed yet.

    The last side seems to be humankind itself - according to the end of the video (Haru standing before the shop window and watching the old tv). But the objectives of the SFL are still not clear except for the official claims and humankind is still splitted in different factions.

    I'd also like to emphasize the whole shenanigans with Henryk (the last 'k' is just to be annoying) and the Ned Company. Though I'd focus more on the former rather than the latter.

    Right now he seems pretty much carrying his own agenda, and I seriously believe that his motives are really as simple as "I want more power and be better than anyone else" or something similar.

    However it's quite likely that Henryk is just a mere pawn of someone else, most likely but not certainly Kent, who pushed Henryk into making his henious crimes just for the sake of a bigger plot.

    Where the Ned Company stands in the middle of all of this is not really clear to me but they seem to value profit above all else, with maybe the exception of military power (a.k.a. Ruin Fortress stuff) in some circumstances, but I'd still say that they just act following the simple principle of "do whatever increases gains for us and forget about the rest".

    Just my two cents, kek.


    Why are we still here? just to suffer?

    Every night, I can feel my leg… and my arm… even my fingers. The weapon anti destruction items I’ve lost… the alts I’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it, too, don’t you?