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    Desireworker was always going to be an update that would take no time to finish. The content along with it (CR) was also pretty pointless imo. Im glad that we finally got DW but its not that gamechanging once finished. The point isnt how good DW is but rather how the state of endgame is post update. If we got something new to play like idd2, abyss lounge, LF; that would be different.

    Not sure why people think asking for lily rework is bad/weird when we've had stella rework for almost an entire year despite Lily's coming out a month after Stella's on KR.

    Considering that the accuracy requirement is getting higher as we continue to progress, I do believe it is of immediate importance to bring these buffs as accuracy is an important stat in the game. However, this does not mean that we should just postpone chii's advancement or any of that matter. In fact, it'd be great that they would bring these changes with the upcoming patch considering they did mention they don't want to bring an update where only chii players benefit.

    And yet you're still on two soulstones yikes

    I don't see what this has to do with this thread or if it adds anything to it. If you have some personal issue with that person, then take it to DMs, nobody in here wanna see that.

    Pointing out that this player obvs wants to min max but still runs 2 soulstones

    And yet you're still on two soulstones yikes

    Sadly GF Lily's have no hands thats why theyre saying other chars are worse than their :shrug:

    This implies you're Lily to other characters from other servers. I wonder why that would be different.

    Not like Lily consistently does 2nd least amount of dps

    At least my statement is true.

    It really isnt. Stella is one of more played classes lmao

    Honestly, I don't know anything about loli, I'm just here to annoy you guys. I was thinking about the revamp and not some random buff she has gotten back then, people never really specify their issues. People were kekW-ing about Iris being unplayable, but the only skill that didn't work was her passive, which people shouldn't have levelled in the first place, everything else was either her revamped skill or the old one.

    All I see about loli is that you can't right click on Soul Cry? But what's a Soul Cry, what's right clicking?

    My experience with Iris kinda took away my trust from people that complain about bugs without explaining in details.

    Ah yes i love pepega people who have no clue what they're talking about and acting like they do. Thanks for admitting it :)

    They probably dont know what they bugged lol. Imagine GF which add things w/o bugging other stuff tho.

    So repare yourselfs if Haru / Lily / Jin will be useless cuz of their bugged GF edition revamps in future :shrug:

    Like they cant even add hairstyles into shop even if they have them in files past months loooool

    Lilly had 3 bugged skills since release, +2 bugged skills with advancement. Stella and Iris gamers literally cried because their char got stronger.

    Only stella buff during bug was 62 on soul cry right click with 2/3 extension

    It was patched with the attempt of fixing the character. But then she still wasn't fixed completely and the 62 bug was removed. So tell me exactly how that was relevant.

    Please explain how Stella was better when bugged. She was dog before revamp where her numbers were super low and prevented her from bursting mobs with a single ability. Her entire kit was balanced around Bass Wave numbers. Since beta she's never been good in anything as supporting in this game is completely useless.

    Gameforge managed to fix the patch that broke half the maps in the entire game; prevent newer players from progressing. It took one day.

    We finally receive the largest patch in a whole year and we can't even enjoy the patch properly. Im surprised this is still an issue with the upgrade box in the premium shop. Disappointed that every patch we're locked out of servers for several hours and yet it's always riddled with bugs.

    You want to know what else was patched almost instantly? Xivus.

    You want to know what's been an issue for several months? Stella Soul Cry. "Fixed" btw in patch notes LUL

    You're an @Edit by Albus if you think the changes to stella in the last patch was a nerf. The crit buff is pointless since you crit cap and skilling into right side is a waste of SP and loss in dps. Playing support on Stella was already a terrible idea to do but it's just slightly less bad now and you people still complain about it :thinking:

    @Edit by Albus: Offensive language

    Thank you, for future reference could I get the hours that customer support is active? I know the hours are based around German time but that's around the early morning for me (3am ish) and I was curious on whether I could wake up early enough to catch them with another reply.

    Filed a ticket on the 23rd, they replied on the 24th but after a reply back there still hasn't been a reply. Assuming that gameforge is on break for christmas, when is customer support back online?