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    You're an @Edit by Albus if you think the changes to stella in the last patch was a nerf. The crit buff is pointless since you crit cap and skilling into right side is a waste of SP and loss in dps. Playing support on Stella was already a terrible idea to do but it's just slightly less bad now and you people still complain about it :thinking:

    @Edit by Albus: Offensive language

    Thank you, for future reference could I get the hours that customer support is active? I know the hours are based around German time but that's around the early morning for me (3am ish) and I was curious on whether I could wake up early enough to catch them with another reply.

    Filed a ticket on the 23rd, they replied on the 24th but after a reply back there still hasn't been a reply. Assuming that gameforge is on break for christmas, when is customer support back online?

    Not sure if I am allowed to comment here or if this has been brought up before.

    Stella Bugs.

    Way too many of them.

    1) Spirit Swamp will sometimes not appear when casted. This has a 100% reproduction rate when attempted to cast it where it would spawn inside a wall in dungeons or over the edge of the platforms in D6. Spirit Swamp also has a very delayed refresh rate when you turn around with it.

    2) Beast Parade sometimes keeps you in place when hitting a mob. The hitbox is still active and mobs will be hit but Stella doesn't move. Not sure if it's just hitboxes colliding.

    3) Spectral Pit seems to be inconsistently coded on whether it's considered a multi hit move or not. The golem in Dimensional Rift drops points every time it's hit so players use multi hit moves yet Spectral Pit makes it drop only one point, despite it gives multiple combo when used on mobs in dungeons. Adding to that Spectral Pit doesn't proc a Breaker's Ampoule until the spell ends which is weird considering something like the start up hits of Bass Wave will proc it. (This one customer support asked for a video as evidence but I had trouble procuring one)

    4) Orb Song is either incorrectly coded or mistranslated where it says it will give 50% attack damage when consumed yet it always gives 50 attack damage.

    5) After Bass Wave is cast, the player is unable to press Left or Right click to use the skill. Most noticeable when thrown in front of the capping stations in Dimensional Rift where you can press Left click to cap.

    6) Not specifically stella related but I've had skills on phase three cast before phase 1 or 2 when the button is pressed. Likewise phase 3 skills can sometimes be unresponsive and not be able to be cast when pressed despite it being off cooldown. The current fix for that is for Stella to press Right Button Click but that's not always an option when attempting to cast a specific stance.

    7) Getting knocked down on the ground in front of the capping station does not let you press Left or Right click to exalte. Instead you get up instantly and attempt to cap the points once again. This continues to happen if you turn your camera around and aren't facing the capping station. Like number 5, it probably has something to do with attempting to cast a Left Click skill in near proximity of the capping station