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    Basically what the title says, asking because I want to know if she does have or not? the other characters have 1 so im wondering if Iris does because theres nothing for her in the grutin shop in blueprints so idk if GF just forgot to add it or she never had a casual set to begin with....

    Also if she does have Casual fashion can someone show some pics. thank you....

    Swim School is indeed the school swimsuits outfits we can get that you see there.

    Also fashion Blueprint is a waste of time because you will get fashion blueprints that u can obtain in the game.

    Turbulent Cloths Cube is probably ur best chance of getting the actually summer bathing suits. But its hella RNG someone in game said that they got a respawner from it so buy are your own discretion even then we do not know if the bathing suits are even in there.

    Well just wait and see if someone actually gets it to confirm....

    I agree with this to some extent because I main Jin n Jin never had this much going for him when release which makes me kinda salty about it but whats done is done. IDC. Also games that have gender specific classes or gender choice n customization, you should know that female characters are always fan favorites especially in the Asian countries much like KR n JP. Why u think Haru n Lilly have the most expensive gear in the market compared to Erwin n Jin at least in NA?

    Also nothing wrong with giving freebies even if its cloths everyone got outfits for playing open beta. Isnt that what events are for to have players do missions or whatever to get rewarded for doing them? Thats not bumping sales down because I assure you a lot players have already spend $$$ on Iris already with hair colors/outfilts. Also this event is bringing back players...Besides you can get all the stuff you listed in the Market. To even get the iris outfit players have to play on Iris and reach to round 7 which basically means players will keep playing which is probably the reason behind it. To Keep Players PLAYING.

    In terms of battle/skills Idk if Iris is better then the other dmg classes because Im still lvling but I would say that all the characters in the game have somewhat equal playing field. Most of the characters are good at something better then the other in the game. then we have haru which is jack of all trades but master of none type.

    Im just saying what I think.....not a big deal to saves me the trouble of buying an outfits with 3 slots in the market for brooches....

    Cool n when Primal hits and after like a month "no new content reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" or "Primal getting old" the cycle never ends LOL.....

    I vote for events because events are what keep players playing games in general, Game content can come in time n it is not ez to implement because it takes a lot of time and testing.

    Like someone else said ppl will still complain because of the lack of content even if they added something, after like a few weeks the complaints are gonna happen again, So in order to keep players playing EVENTS are the best thing to do. By doing so it will help the lack of players n bring back some players to get some freebies. Game events in general normally last for 2 weeks.

    I have started playing SW around late april on and off. So far Ive only experienced 3 events, easter, house, n this world cup currently. The easter n house event werent bad but this world cup 1 is pretty bad. Summer is still in effect so hopefully GF give us a summer event n a good 1 at that.

    You do realise f2p can farm bsk's Right? Also whats so wrong with it by that logic I guess you should remove the market...

    Not tryna judge but based on what you said it seems that you have spend some $$$ on this game n you dont want F2P like myself to get good stuff without buying? Pls there are some generous players out there that give their left over brooches that they no longer want to players that could need them be it p2p or f2p...

    Is this a troll post?

    Summer event cool, but let me remind yall that Summer is still on. GF might give us this summer event by the end of july or something like that so Because we do not have the event at the same time KR/JP has doesnt mean we wont get it. Personally the House missions event was pretty nice it gave us f2p players some stuff that we need(Brooch Punchers, Inventory tickets, Anti Destruct) N this summer event looks like its doing the same Mission style like the House event so it outta be good n give us something to look forward to if GF does do this.

    After all KR n JP have been out for over a year let that sink in they are more polished than us Its only natural its been a few months n we already have Jin n GC n soon to be Iris n Primal. Im sick n tired of players comparing KR/JP to NA/EN like tf ofc KR and JP are better because they been out longer than NA/EN. I bet the early stages of SW in KR/JP had some hardships like we have now n they probably resolve those in time.

    If you are seriously unhappy with the game in NA/EN right now, then do what the Teacher said n go to KR version because "its a lot better"

    GF aint the best heck could be worst but IM still grateful we got this game in NA/EN

    Just my 2 cents....

    How to save the market? Well if you convince players with a messed up mind to stop buying Lilly Korean hair for 999mill then maybe the prices would go down. I mean it cant get any worst then that. WUC are high on demand so but you know prices can go down if ppl would just stop buying the overpriced stuff. But ppl are willing to spend that much which is insane to me. and yet they complain how sht is too overpriced lol. N i Notice ppl arent patient with the market. good deals do come about in the market sometimes. lol

    Like why is hair color 500-999mil, on early june hair colors were for like 100mill wtf happened. I honestly believe players that sell for a lot like 500mill+ dont expect their stuff to sell but then ppl actually buy them....Like besides fashion, Gold VIPs, EC(maybe), n maybe good Aurit gear there is nothing else that is worth more then 200mill.

    Thats just me.

    So heres a question what is the best element to equip on the weapon. So far ive seen a lot of players equip Blue/Ice/Solace Soulstone and Dark/Sin Soulstone. So far from what ive heard from players Solace or Ice I guess is the best element for PvE n PvP n Sin is good for GC. So far in terms of dmg solace n Sin are go to stones on the weapon while the other elements are better off being used on armor for resistance. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Also when u said u could see the element of the mini bosses n bosses, I dont see them, granted tho that I play SW on low settings n I know having High settings u will see the glow on mini bosses so I cant really tell the element.