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    How to Create Guides, Resources, & Tutorials

    This thread serves as a detailed guide on how to create useful and helpful guides, resources, and/or tutorials as a whole, not just as a SoulWorker guide, resource, and/or tutorial.

    Note that effective guides, resources, & tutorials will take time to write so if you are not willing to set aside a chunk of time to write a guide, this is not for you.

    What are Guides, Resources, & Tutorials?

    Guides are written explanations aiming to provide a thorough analysis on how certain systems work in the game, stat translation, and so forth.

    Resources refers to anything outside the scope of guides and tutorials, like user made applications, wikia, etc.

    Tutorials are user made walkthrough guides on how to do specific things such as clear dungeons.

    Creating Guides, Resources, & Tutorials


    When creating guides consider the following before writing:

    • Does a similar guide exist?
    • Do I have a strong understanding or a thorough understanding of what I'm writing about?
    • Am I willing to receive criticism on my guide(s)?
    • Am I writing this for the right reasons?
    • Is this a guide or something else?

    These are questions to consider when writing and dictate whether you should or not. You can disregard it but these are crucial questions to consider and ponder. When you begin writing your guide, you'll want to section off your information, like you're writing a paper. A good example of this sectioning can be found on Ice's and Nekavrad's guides. Additionally, when writing guides, they should consists NEARLY and almost ENTIRELY of facts. Of course you can include your opinion and recommendations but make sure to explain why WITH facts. Remember, guides are supposed to be informative and factual, helping the readers understand the mechanics and so forth.

    When writing your guide, it's important that you have all your information collected and assets that you are using. It also may benefit you to write a draft and use a site like Grammarly (You're making a public post so grammar IS important if you want people to be able to understand you). For images, I recommend using imgur if you have more than 10 images as SoulWorker posts limit your attachments to 10 attachments that are up to 5 MB. Once you have all your information and images/ other assets uploaded and ready to be used in your guide, you can start to create it. The first section that you write should deliver your guides purpose immediately and not down the line; furthermore, give an introduction to what you're writing about so that players who are unfamiliar with what you are writing about have a general idea. Following that, break down your information into a hierarchy, starting with the most basic aspects and then proceeding to get more specific as the post continues. For example, Ice's Brooch guide starts by explaining what brooches are and how to equip them. It then follows this order:

    Types -> Sets -> Rarities -> Recommendations (Broken into rec. for each set) -> Stacking mechanic -> Table showing set bonuses

    This is a good example of using a hierarchy to explain brooches in this case for the following reasons:

    • Starts with what Brooches are
    • Explains they types
    • Goes into sets that types branch into
    • Talks about rarities after you've got a good idea of the types and sets
    • Gives recommendations for optimal stats for each set type (uses real stat numbers)
    • Talks about stacking mechanics after explaining brooches and their respective types
    • Includes all the set bonuses after everything has been explained allowing readers to understand the table better

    So as you can see, it's important that you organize the information in such a way that it flows into the next aspect of the other. Another aspect to note is that the guide has a format. Formatting is important for readability and organization when writing and reading. You should aim to create clear sections and space/ section content appropriately.

    With that, you should now be able to CREATE and WRITE a guide.


    When creating resources, there are a lot of things to consider. Please read the following:

    • Is this going to be used at all?
    • Is it functional?
    • Is there an existing one that I can contribute to/ is there an existing one?
    • Do I require other resources to create my resource?
    • Are there resources available to create my resource?
    • Does this follow community guidelines/ does this respect privacy/ does this abide by this games Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?

    Creating resources for other users is very hard to lay down an idea of how you go about it. Each resource is its own process alone so I'll provide a general framework to follow when creating resources. When you're creating a resource, you are responsible for its maintenance and overall safety for users. For example, if you're creating a website, you should not be tracking players IPs, using malicious methods or techniques to obtain a SoulWokers account information that would enable the hacking of their account, abide by this games privacy policy, terms and conditions, and guidelines. You should also mention somewhere that you are NOT affiliated with Gameforge or SoulWorker unless you are given consent to be affiliated with them. In addition you're resource should be functional so that users can use it as intended and not have to deal with headaches. You also need to credit people whose resources and assets you've used if you're using any.


    When creating Tutorials consider the following:

    • Are my steps clear enough that any player could follow them?
    • Do my tutorials require players to know stuff previously?
    • Is there an existing tutorial that follow similar steps as my own?
    • Am I experienced enough to give a detailed tutorial?
    • Am I willing to acknowledge errors in my own tutorial or open to suggestions/ criticism?

    These are important questions to ask yourself when writing a tutorial because the main purpose of a tutorial is not to tell someone what to do. The goal of a tutorial it to help players understand what to do and learn so they no longer require the assistance of tutorials. You need to consider all of the following above because without having certain elements, your guide could be lacking which makes it harder for players to execute the tutorial due to misunderstandings. Essentially you want a tutorial to follow the same framework as guides except this time you're providing a walkthrough and not breaking down mechanics.

    When creating a tutorial, whether it be video or text, you'll want to include some sort of graphic to guide players. Visual learning is much more effective in games since players can get visual queues to associate themselves with. Additionally, you'll want to start with a light introduction as to how you got to where you were, if a dungeon (Something along those lines). Great tutorials start right at the beginning outside of where players will begin their tutorial. This is purely because it enables players to understand how you got to the dungeon (Using this as an example) and see the whole process from start to finish. Guides and tutorials are the same thing in a sense, depending how you look at it, so don't get too bent out of shape if you see one labeled as a guide or you want to label it as a guide instead.

    Criticism, Suggestions, & Feedback

    Criticism, suggestions, & feedback are always responses you'll eventually get from one person. Dealing with it can be tiresome at times and can lead to disputes. The best way to handle it is with an open mind and if someone doesn't agree with you despite hard evidence, don't continue to argue, just simply agree to disagree and continue on. That being said, if there is an error in what you have provided, consider changing it. Not everyone is always right and that's okay.

    If a user is giving you a hard time one something you wrote, consider notifying a moderator or a staff member. Dealing with criticism and such can always lead to tension so if someone is harassing you because of your post, consider opening a conversation with one of the staff members on the board.

    Congratulations! You can now create a guide, resource, & tutorial!

    Now that you've learned how to make all of these items, you are now prepared to write your own guides, create your own resources, & tutorials of fellow SoulWorkers or anywhere else! Remember everything you learned above, especially how to deal with criticism, suggestions, & feedback!


    Zetto Although we don't censor any constructive criticisms or suggestions, the way you are going through about it is inappropriate for the board. I will be closing this thread - if you have any messages you want to say to our community managers, you are free to message them through the forum's conversation feature.

    Thank you