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    If Gameforge thinks it's okay to release new cards and only make them only accessible through spending money, they're terribly wrong. Everything on the NA sever is already so expensive.

    I understand what you mean. I don't want to give up because I love this game so much, but if things don't change I'm going to have to pack up my stuff and move to another server. I want this game to thrive.

    I made a couple of changes to my original text. Please check it out.

    I’m just going to jump right into this. This game needs to implement new features or else it will die. People will either move to the private server, KR or stop playing completely.

    • Shop prices must be lowered. $40 for an in-game costume is outrageous. $10 per Grutin wheel spin for something we will probably get with much lesser value? Unfair and causes inflation.
    • Give us a place to farm dzenai. We’re punished for using a gold seller, yet there’s no way to make in-game currency that competes with the high prices of the market. Give us a dungeon that we can farm for (at least) one million dzenai per run. That will seriously benefit everyone and reduce the terrible market prices.
    • Fix RNG. It is nearly impossible to get anything of value within a reasonable time span. I have done Primal at least 100 times. I couldn't get a single shoulder drop to complete my set (until very recently) and this is with multiple buffs (gold/silver VIP, Gronco). I don't mind working for things in games; it makes stuff rewarding and competitive. The problem is that players are giving up! If you don't reward players, they will stop playing. Enough said.
    • Lag, bugs and glitches need to be fixed, especially for primal. It is extremely unfair for players to die when they shouldn’t. Golden Citadel can take up to a minute to load. These are things to be ironed out ASAP. I understand that many of the glitches are in KR, but some of the bugs are GF exclusive.
    • Implement KR UI. Gives us new UI, new Akasha looks, new gear and stat looks, and implement the market that lets us view character looks in-game. Especially the appearance market. If you want to charge people $40+ for an outfit, at least let them see what it will look like on their character first. Sometimes pictures just don't suffice.
    • Make it possible to trade, sell and discard brooches. This is extremely overdue and can easily be fixed. It is so aggravating having to put brooches on an article of clothing, trade it, and then trade it back. Implementing this super easy feature would make things immensely better.

    Content is obviously something else. I know many Korean MMOs that undergo a North America implementation are sometimes halted by the original developers in regards to content. Regardless, things can still be changed and they need to be changed greatly. Gameforge, please start listening to the players. We're the ones keeping this game alive.

    Don't make us laugh. You can announce that in-game by having text pop up for anyone online. Better yet, you guys could just have it so it goes into our HEMS if you were really that concerned about everyone grabbing their free items. At least give us the option to turn it off; no game that cares about its player base does this.

    I understand that the event hasn't went underway, but will players of any level be able to participate? I haven't been able to participate in a sprint event with a new character for a while and I'm not sure if it'll apply to this just the same.

    Thank you for your response. I wasn't sure how up to date the database was.

    Two players is enough. Frankly, waiting for GC can sometimes be very slow. You can usually get two players just fine, but four is probably an extra 20 to 30 minutes depending on the time of day. Anyway, I'm on board with this suggestion.