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    skimmed way too quickly my apologies.

    first off: chii was NOT RELEASED AFTER DESIREWORKER EPHNEL WAS please give the correct facts before acting like you know everything.
    secondly the reason as to WHY we got chii early was due to a code merge which end up screwing things up for everyone.

    I'm probably the only one who wants not only jin's but Erwin's and lily's rebalance.

    let's not forget that the game shattered to oblivion when chii got released

    Actually I've been wondering if the good 5 stars have a lower rate than those that aren't as good but are also 5 stars. I've opened a lot of akasha and ironically enough, I've gotten every single akasha except for Tenebris and Erwin(4 stars). Out of all those openings I have had several GC boss cards but only one Veneris. It is as if they know what we want, but want us to continue gambling to get it.

    not entirely, all the 5 stars have the same rate, but as I stated somewhere else the 5 star drop pool is big, for better clarification.... if you get a 5 star akasha from a transmitter, you have a chance of getting any 5 star akasha (the bigger the pool the less likely you'll get the card you want, it comes down to a big chance)

    believe it or not, i've open quite a bit of akashas and still haven't recieved veneris and tenebris which annoys me to no end, I just assume that I will never ever get those two cards, and every time I get a 5 star it's either: 900g,Equaleon,Jagger or something else besides those two (I'm including miriam as well cause I don't even have her)

    the Oden Faceless quest is a odd one to understand but I'll have you know is that I've done the quest and it never appeared after completing episode 2 and 3 of Cold rain.

    I'm just asking cause I don't play the server but I do know what you mean with the bankshare since that already turned me away :/