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    This topic has no sense lmao

    Just another complaining for complaining topic , they didn't announce it for today so there is no point of asking details for something they didn't release yet :)
    1 - Estear Eggs event was announced, check your information before posting , would be nice and wont make CoMa repeats things again and again

    2 - "where is my Haru modelling + 2nd skill balance" : Feels happy we are that close from KR about balance patch , we are only 2 months behind KR with those.

    3 - "when are u adding Silver Knight hairstyle" + "Iris is still missing her Maid and Lewd Maid costume" : Same from 2- , on fashion release we are close enough from KR too , this one is just a complain for complain topic again so i'll skip :)

    4 - "1000%-2000% upgrade event" : Tell me who is your provider , pretty good stuff I swear , no seriously , so you are another frustated guy from event lol , it was NOT nerfed for 5 days , you had time as everyone to get the stuff, it's your own issu if you didn't; and the event still on going atm , you could get more stuff instead of writting here :)

    5 - Your only valuable point was Akasha system card , but the revamp system alone is useless, I rather see it coming with the new akashas (don't tell me you want to make your Big Plastica or Grutins into hidden lmao , we have those cards since the release => aka 1 year :V , would just means you didn't farm any alts , so it would means aswell you dont farm power strenght extension outside of event , so your whole point about enchant would just stop there , since lots of people were already +9 before the event , they didn't need the event since they farm alts :x )

    In my opinion , the most important to bring at the moment is now some kind of content like dungeon or raids, but something to evolve our actual game , wich is Akashas !!
    We have been playing with same akasha since begining of the game , only little few ones been released wich are LIMITED akasha, aka nothing because they are like impossible to get (cf . the guy that spent 1k $ for Catherine and didn't get it).
    I really think the most important part now is to bring us new akashas , god knows how much more Korean version got compared to us. I really hope we will get more content on NOT LIMITED akasha side.

    So, lots of people for some differents reasons (Activity / Country / Frienship / ... etc ... ) want to switch server, the actual only solution is to create a new character on the other server , but obviously , this way is just so bad once you did spend some time on the game , because you will just lose all your progression, items , gears , stuff.

    So here is my feedback about adding an item into the premium shop that does allow people to transfer server, since I totally understand that just asking the support while be a tedious work to do, if you have to deal with this kind of stuff everyday.I hope the request will be accepted.
    Thanks for reading,

    I feel like having more on the previous weeks , like 3-4 but well if you say so . I still think the loot rate is bulls**** , not dropping my last part on over 250 runs is just completly ridiculous. I really wonder how poeple that can't do 10 runs a day still play with this rate.

    Noticed that primals stuff got a recent nerf on loot rate, not just about rng ,doing 20 runs a day to get 1 to 2 item per day.
    Anyone else feeling that change , since 1 week more or less .

    Imo it's maybe a bit too much , but you all right on the fact we need more anti limiters and Anti destruction amount.

    But this alts thing farming is tbh boring me at some point for few simple reasons that it doesn't allow you to play many char at max level to be efficient on alts farming.
    i'ld be more interesting into making Antis on the end game content , somewhere i don't know where , and for antilimiters it's still ok ; but get your alts to Grace .