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    this is legit the default i did not bind it. ik thats how it is normally. but when u redownload it it becomes double bound by default.

    So yesterday Me and two friends downloaded the game. it being my second time downloading. i remember before that Akasha skills were on the F1 F2 and so on. I also remember that you could use consumables under the ctrl+q and ctrl+e. now you cant. it is listed in game as DEFAULT that AKASHA skills are 1 2 3 4 5 underneath your normal skills. as such you cant activate your active skills ever. nor can you use equipped ctrl+q or ctrl+e. the rreason i mention my friends was they Just downloaded it the same time as me. so they are running strictly under default. And they said that for them there was no option for Ctrl+q nor ctrl+e nor F1 F2 etc. this is the same computer that ran it just a few months ago near halloween.

    as far As i know its the NA server (edit tried my backup on the eu server same thing), all characters. Has anyone else ran into this issue? when i sent a bug report they said to just move the skills around which i did. Make sure my language of the keyboard matches the game. yes English on both. And after running a file check all was good.

    i consider myself a lvl 45 Stella and this is taken from my 11 jhin. no F1 here.


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