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    Probably nothing more than just create my characters (no one other than me is going to take my characters' precious names ù_ú), maybe going to recreate my guild as well, and sometimes login but only to slack into friends' rooms or doing sh*t stuff around here.

    I'm not planning to farm as much as I used to on GFSW. Since I cannot recover my previous account data, losing so many time play spent into fastidious farm won't please me at all.

    You can consider I stop the game and also stop gathering info about it to put into the original SoulArchives, although I'm not completely turning my back on the game.

    You cant create a new acc since april no ?

    New accounts are still creatable iirc, it's buying soulcash that isn't possible

    According to this post in the closure topic, registration of new accounts has been deactivated at the same time than payments.

    "New players" that manage to login to the game since then are actually (and most probably) players that kept their account, created some time ago.

    Otherwise, GF messed up until the very end :kek:

    That's a special case, the third soulstone's elem. damage don't stack with your main elem. stat. Since you have 2 solace, your main elem. stat is solace then, and can't be added to hate stat and whatsoever...

    The point about upgrading and using a third soulstone on this case is mainly to raise your global elem. proc chance (as you know, soulstones deal extra elemental damage when they do proc, with the nature of these damage depending on the elem. of the stones; you should also know that, no matter how high your elem. stat is, as long as an enemy has elemental resistance, you cannot reach 100% proc chance although you might end up very close of it. This is where the 3rd soulstone gather importance).

    From what I've read on another guide (a while ago before creating the soularchives), having a third stone increases your proc chance because, if your main stones fail to proc, the game still does the test for your 3rd stone separately, and adds extra elem damage to your root damage if this test was successful; it seems these extra damage keep the same efficience as if it was your main stones that did proc, so if your hate stone proc, you should get the same extra damage than if it was your solace stones that did proc. That is why using a third soulstone was useful before.

    But now, with the release of HH/LF legendary weapon drives (LF available for all other versions than EU/NA for the moment) and since bosses' elem resistance is higher, using a third stone loses interest in general and especially for the last endgame raids.

    About the relation "more elemental damage = more proccing", it should concern only your main elem. stat. That is the other reason why is it strongly not recommended to play with 2-3 different stones (the first one being because you'll obviously deal less damage), but with at least 2 having the same elem. and a potential 3rd one if you want to raise their proc chance.

    Hi. The only outfits you can get for free through such ways are costumes you can get by collecting SoulSequences and completing districts progress (these are blueprints, so need to be crafted afterwards), purchasing blueprints at Mister-o-mat with Grutin golds (need to be crafted as well) or both advancement and desire worker outfits through related quests (but adv quest is lv57 and Desire quest is lv65 and pretty long + hard for ungeared people; those don't need to be crafted though).

    Aside from them, every others are premium so cannot be obtained through farm, only from purchase. Fortunately there are ways to farm Dzenais faster later (I guess you aren't high level as you play since only 1 day) so that you can purchase outfits or fashion accessories easier.

    For now I recommend you to focus first on leveling and gearing than trying to get premium fashion pieces since it'll be pretty long and fastidious, for nothing else that's really interesting than visual pleasure (except if you can manage to get some brooches sets, but seeing your question I assume you don't have the means to purchase them as well)

    I am surprised Kurako didn't mention the one place that makes farming flexors/tags a breeze, everything else was very informative though.

    Skyclock palace (SCP) at golden citadel is by far the best and fastest way to get them, as well as zirconia sand as Kurako mentioned which can be used for crafting flexors as well.

    I didn't mention it probably because this damned raid doesn't drop me anything else than DZ in general >_>"

    Moreover I said that I wouldn't mention every places where you can drop chip flexors, because there are actually pretty lot places dropping chip flexor dispensers. For example, rank 1-6 can be dropped in:

    - Viilor

    - IDD

    - SCP

    - Primal

    *And crafted through event rewards pane.

    But drops truly depend on your luck. On my side, SCP is a shitty place for chip flexors farming since I'm poor as hell about luck in drops and Viilor rewards me more chip flexors than SCP; but don't take it as a general truth, if you're globally lucky then try your luck in SCP, you may get better rewards in terms of flexors than everywhere else eventually.

    Since Viilor can drop tags (or "flexors"), you just have to be lucky there.

    But there are several ways to get tags:

    - from direct drops (chips directly on the ground, generally unique to a given raid. For example, Viilor's direct dropped chip will be "Viiloria" which gives flat atk boost + accuracy)

    - from chip flexor dispensers (these exist in different rarities and can be dropped by several ways as well. I won't list every of them here but Viilor can drop dispensers giving tags between rank 1 and rank 6 or between rank 3 and rank 6).

    - craft (at Jenna's, you need Zirconia sands to craft flexors though. These can be obtained as drops on slayed bosses in raids or by dismantling other flexors). Note that these are random and you need luck to get the one you want.

    If you already have chip flexors in your inventory, you can apply them through Trisha's enhancements menu > Flexor. You first need to put your piece (check before if this one can receive flexors on it. HH weapon can receive one on your example), then the flexor you want to apply, and in the bar below all flexors you want to sacrifice in order to raise applyance's success rate (since it isn't 100%, applying a flexor without feeding it would mostly result in a fail, therefore you need to place some flexors as fodder here to increase this success rate in order to apply your flexor).

    This process costs some DZ and aethars + the success rate isn't improved the same depending on the rarity of the flexor you want to apply and those you use as fodders + an applied flexor can be overwritten but cannot be extracted.

    The higher your weapon quality is the more attack you get. 100% is the maximum you can get to. You can try enhancing your weapon by speaking to Terisha. To check your current quality, hold shift while hovering above your weapon and something will show up next to your attack damage and says a percentage something like poor, excelent, etc.

    Well, true, but even with 100.0% quality you can't reach 16k base attack or more (max is around 14.7k without tag). The only way to reach such a value is still by adding a tag on it.

    Note that the max value reachable with a tag is ~18k on a HH weapon (with the hero tag "Battered"), but this isn't necessarily the best tag for PvE.

    spritmannen Here is the promotion video for the "motorbike" outfit:

    (Jin's one is presented at 1:16).

    About the fashions' wiki in general, here is the working link:소울워커/코스튬

    Note that there are outfits with sometimes only the artwork, or potentially in-game screens but not the emote(s) if there is one or two for the concerned outfit. Therefore, look for a green link below the outfits' articles, they usually show both in-game render and how does the emote look like

    About getting enemies' evasion rating, this can only be made by testing bit per bit until we reach a point where we stop missing enemies at all; the other way would be to inspect the source code but eh, this is less easy to achieve than simply increase our stats bit per bit and directly testing in-game. xd

    The same process is involved to find their accuracy stat, even though this isn't really valuable to know nowadays in terms of endgame build since we don't play the evasion meta anymore to get efficient DPS.

    Oui, le manque de contenu a fait que les joueurs ont quitté la version occidentale officielle pour se rediriger vers d'autres versions éditées par d'autres éditeurs (ver. JP notamment, ou KR pour ceux qui ont eu cette opportunité).

    Tout ceci explique sans doute cette sensation de "vide" sur le serveur, mais il reste néanmoins suffisamment de monde pour pouvoir jouer en équipe et progresser


    D'après le support je n'aurais aucun compte affiliée a aucune email existante sur mes comptes support le seul problème que j'ai c'est que j'ai eu un nouvelle id sur mon launcher gameforge sur mon ancienne adresse email c'est donc possible que mon compte a été supprimée ?

    Possible en effet, ou la liaison s'est mal effectuée.

    Mais bon, de ce que j'ai compris tu étais niveau 44 et tu as arrêté le jeu aux environs de 2019 ? Dans ce cas là je te conseillerais presque de recommencer depuis 0 plutôt que d'essayer désespérément de récupérer ton ancien compte, pour une raison principale : les récompenses accompagnant le joueur dans sa progression ont été changées avec la sortie de Chii Aruel (mi-septembre 2019), mais tous les persos créés antérieurement à cette date ne peuvent bénéficier de ces avantages.

    Entre autres tu mettrais plus de temps à récupérer ton perso' et à essayer d'avancer ensuite plutôt que d'en recréer un tout frais avec les avantages de maintenant.

    En revanche, il ne tient qu'à toi de tout recommencer depuis 0. x')

    I guess you're condemned to keep this item in your inventory if the delay to ask for a refund really exceed that much. :lilly2:

    Or maybe ask the support to remove it from your inv so that you get one inv slot back, but pretty sure you can't get a refund for it anymore

    Hello. Nothing indicated yet about xmas event's end date but we can suppose it ends with the New Year sprint, which ends on 1st Feb; but this is in case of no delay (and GF seems loving to delay content updates, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Concerning a potential brooch event, it'd be nice indeed to see one another again but not sure we'll get a new one anytime soon here (although I hope I am wrong on this point)

    Just apply on existing parties or create your own ones in the team search engine ("N" by default); you can precise it is for event, so you have greater chance other ppl join you this way.

    And if you don't have the level to run in Golden Citadel, then level up and complete the red quests series Attention > Brillant Skies > GC unlocked. This series is given first by Shiho in Ruin Fortress at level 55 onwards, and you just have to talk to some NPCs to unlock this raid actually.

    I don't have any link sadly. But you can start with the market of the official EU/NA Discord server.

    You can find a link leading to it in the archived News and announcements topics, if you didn't have it yet.

    Hum... About fashion accessories from these boxes (earrings, necklaces and etc.) you should be able to sell them as long as you don't equip them once.

    About outfits (Barricade outfit and the Golden Orbit one), you just have to be lucky to get tradeable pieces. Otherwise you just can't sell them no matter which platform you use to try to sell them.

    Moreover I never heard about an "internet forum market" xd. The only "global markets" I know are usually located on pretty big Discord servers, but that's all what I know atm

    It rolls the value of the selected stat randomly. On your screen for example, it'll roll the cdmg value between its min value (wich is around 100-200) and its max value (599); note that the stat's value can go down with this function so I better recommend you to stack some BP, 3k min for a legendary gear set, in order to cancel the roll and preserve the previous value in case of bad roll.

    Thank you for the reply ^^
    This feature seems too weak for 20 EC's it costs tho

    Well... Yeah, but at least we can roll back in case of bad rolls and we still have possibility to get higher values for a specific stat without having to waste dozen of ECs to get it back but with a better value xd.

    It might be better, but it's still already better than before, that'w what we should keep in mind for the moment

    It rolls the value of the selected stat randomly. On your screen for example, it'll roll the cdmg value between its min value (wich is around 100-200) and its max value (599); note that the stat's value can go down with this function so I better recommend you to stack some BP, 3k min for a legendary gear set, in order to cancel the roll and preserve the previous value in case of bad roll.

    On GF launcher, it is not possible as far as I know. But didn't you have to use an email on the website to register and then be able to download the launcher? If yes, simply use the same email you used to register in order to download the game and you should recover your previous account.

    I've only written my Username and Password on a piece of paper, no email, but I've already tried all my emails that I use, and on the previous Soulworker launcher I remember you only needed Username and Password to login and not emai.

    Ask the support then, they may be able to help you recover your account IDs (you can access the support through the "support" button on top of the forum's page).

    But anyway it isn't possible anymore to only use username and password to log on the GF client. You either have to ask the support for recovery or create a new one; if you didn't play a lot back then, I recommend you to create a new fresh account so that you can benefit of the advantages for new players.