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    compare to a server that steals all the content and that closed because the one who did it "was going to die" pathetic ... xD.

    Before he stole it from GF and LG, now he steals from JP because with them he will not have "legal problems".

    Those of you who play there and believe what the creator tells you about that ... anyway xD.

    Good luck in the year that you will spend being robbed until I close it again.

    PS: I won't deny that GF makes it horrible, but come on, the "pirate prophets" always come to say "my server is better" how can you be so tiring? Is it so difficult to stay calm there? xD

    Honestly, why do we listen to 2 ****** who have nothing better to do than come to bother a forum?

    What does the P server do better ?, effectively you do not have to negotiate or pay anyone to bring content just steal it.

    Do you want to g back to a server where the creator "left due to a terminal illness" and CASUALLY has returned and has been saying for about 3 months that he will reopen the xdxdxdxd server and the worst thing is that people believe it? ahead.

    Which GF does it wrong? Yes xD

    PS: sometimes like you are, I miss Keita so that she can put one of her great texts shutting up these 2 xD


    sinceramente, ¿por que hacemos caso a 2 ******* que no tienen nada mejor que hacer que venir a molestar a un foro?

    ¿Que el servidor P lo hace mejor?, efectivamente no tiene que negociar ni pagar a nadie para traer contenido simplemente lo roba.

    ¿Te quieres volver a un servidor en donde el creador "se fue por tener una enfermedad terminal" y CASUALMENTE ha vuelto y lleva diciendo como 3 meses que reabrira el server xdxdxdxd y lo peor es que la gente se lo cree? adelante.

    ¿Que GF lo hace mal? si xD

    PD: en ocasiones como estas hecho de menos a keita para que ponga uno de sus grandes textos callando a estos 2 xD

    Sorry for my google translation but it is what it is.

    GFSW "1000 players"

    TWSW (?) 6500+ players

    now say it without crying :)

    It was announced that the NeoSanctum cards were added to normal transmitters each month (even if we don't get any new content), why is not Arua in normal transmitters already? Soon it will be two months since Arua is in Neosanctum trassmitters.


    Hello, I've answered to this right before, Arua is still in the NT since there was no rotation yet. Once there is a change of the cards in the NT (new cards will be introduced), then Arua, Lilly & Jenna will be also added/moved to the normal ones.

    FlameShiki This is the same process as always, there is nothing different/changed than what we did before, maybe you were confused by the wording ("removed") ? If yes, then my mistake, I meant the above.

    As mentioned before, the rotations are happening when we have a bigger patch/update at the moment and not during a standard maintenance - this is why since DH2 there were no new additions(that can take longer than a month, that was the initial plan as we also said back then).

    For the second part, it is still the same process that will happen with the upcoming rotation.

    If I remember correctly, the rotation was going to be every month, regardless of whether the update was going to be big or small.

    We were not born yesterday, we know that the cards are no longer rotating because you are earning more money than usual for Arua.

    PS: Lily and Jenna have nothing new.

    PS2: if you do not understand me well by using a google translator, I will tell galleys or albus in my language and that they translate it for you, I do not think it will cost too much.

    Llevo un tiempo jugando a este juego, y me divertía bastante. Me seguiría divirtiendo si no fuera porque han matado el juego tomando decisiones absurdas. Juega muy poca gente y el foro está prácticamente vacío.

    @Editado por Albus: Mencionar otros juegos

    No sabia que no se podian mencionar otros juegos ya que en el foro ingles lo hacen cada 2 por 3....xD