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    Yeah those Lords at SFL leadership are very fishy for me, probably they're Bashai themselves like Veneris, sort of Tokyo Ghoul style xD

    Because I don't know if Veneris was lying about lords orders or not but they seemed to be obsessed with getting to the souljunk queen as well and not care of casualties.

    I'm not sure if it was bribe with the promise of some reward, or Catherine softened her up (she starts in Candus), or something else. But what I like about Ephnel is that she's not the typical Goody Two-Shoes with the mentality that "I must save everyone!" and that everyone in conflict with humanity is pure evil. She actually listens to Naomin without prejudice in Grace story from what I seen on videos.

    The other thing is, not all Firestorm Battalion hate humans and wanted this war, Kurisu even says "the war was a mistake, both you and I made wrong choice" or something like that. Naomin also shows up to Toru at end of Grace story for the first 6 soulworkers and says "what do you think I was fighting for?". My theory from this is that not all of those (maybe just Sukkarak because he wants power) wanted this war at all with humans, and it was Flamar or Amad, the "scumbag" Naomin says, who forced them to, and Naomin becomes a rebel.

    Naomin also shows up to talk to Ephnel in her Ruin Fortress story, but I'm not sure what it is about since it's in KR. Probably about the rebellion though. So while for the first 6 soulworkers Naomin is hated with prejudice and the "rebellion" only happens at end when she talks to Toru, Ephnel is more understanding and starts talking to her without hate.

    Ephnel is more like a blood soulworker like those in Ruin Fortress (those don't really dress modest either except Nita)

    She isn't exactly on good terms with every human in general so it makes sense she is more on friendly side with Naomin than the other soulworkers.

    Maybe this helps if you didn't read it yet:…XPuzteBfDwdbMFmYKOVg/edit

    I think Naomin in the video you linked is either referring to Amad or Flamar with "him". Flamar if I remember right is the upcoming raid boss and seems to be the actual leader of firestorm battalion, because when you kill Sukkarak in Cold Rain he mentions him saying "Flamar... I'm sorry"

    +1 for this and it has nothing to do with wanting it "easy with no grind" but it's just stupid to have it rely only on rng. Some people can get full set done in 30 runs while others could need a thousand and still not have full. The crafting drops would be more a safe way to get it if your luck is terrible, which is more than fine and needed.

    I forgot what exactly Veneris said that drives Firestorm but they're obviously more on the savage side. Nihil are driven by Honor and as it is obvious, they are much more organized and less chaotic.

    Yes, they're a group of Bashai just like the Firestorm Battalion is.

    And apparently Edgar was the bodyguard of Luna Nox, now it makes sense what Edgar always meant even back then with "All I wish is to make her smile" or something like that

    Some people want to play Ephnel so obviously they'd prefer that over content :P

    Either way the real problem is how slow we get content, we don't even have Chii Adv yet

    Wait, level 68 raid? Wasn't 65 the cap or it was raised again?

    And sorry for slightly off topic but does anyone know what music is in the first audio movie starting at 2:03, it's awesome!

    I have a question about AoV Haru weapon.

    Since I got both blueprints I am wondering which one is better to craft in future when I get enough Void Fragments. I don't even know how this 1000% works (can't be 10 times more damage right?), let alone how the bonus works for the burn effect of Slash'N'Dash (does it apply only on base skill or burn too?)

    So I'm asking here in case someone knows. I saw some end game Harus with the Wind Rupture one but not sure if they had a choice or just got only that type to drop.

    .5 to 5 is a 900% boost.

    We're gonna complain about them anyway since there's no way they can do everything or enough right, so who cares about some extra yelling? Say that everyone gets their +9s. Will they be happy? Heck no lmao, they'll start complaining that there's nothing to do, not even an illusion of something to do, which we do have now.

    And asking for motivation to grind? Maybe they're giving you less motivation here so you have more for other things. You could always be a casual. Started playing on day 1 here, still haven't gone primal. Divinity OS 2 is draining my days just fine.

    Can you stop defending such ridiculous amount of grinding needed for no reason?

    I play this game semi casually and I have a +7 Primal Weapon I will never even attempt to go past it (unless we get that HUGE increase to normal chances like said in this thread). Last upgrading event I sold all my aetharite for high prices, and I don't regret one bit. Better than wasting hundreds of ADs and tons of Expansion Tickets and possibly get absolutely nothing to show for it.

    Why would you keep content (even in form of upgrades) away from the playerbase like this? what's the point? You do realize there's more gear to +9 not just weapon too right? And that every new raid we get a new set to +9 all over again? Or that there's PvP sets too?

    The way it is now is not even about milking, because only a very few insane ppl will even try to +9 with the ridiculous chances we have right now. Most of us, me included, aren't even gonna attempt it, ever, waste of my time and money.

    Thanks :o so it is good now

    haru players are such dummies, they don't even realise that they deal 15% more damage. They can't even look at their stats bar to see that +15% final damage is not +15% base attack damage.

    Maybe because I don't have that trash skill spec'd and asking if it's worth now, could use your brain at least.