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    You even indicated you're very new to the private server, while spent hundreds of hours on the GF servers. When people play a new game, or a different version of it, at first everything seems all shiny, and bright, but after a while, you start noticing the blemishes. Based on your own statements, you would still be in the shiny, and bright phase.

    Can't see how the game gonna get worse for me, i already know about "blemishes", you can get stuff too easily sometimes, i dont like that you getting medkits for 50/100% heal for free, it makes game a little bit too casual, but i dont mind it, i just wont use them if i want the challange.

    Aside from that, I'm sure if someone stole your stuff, like your car, computer, or something else of importance to you, you'd be screaming bloody murder, and be demanding justice. Yet here you are advocating for people that committed theft, that kinda makes you look like a hypocrite you know. Basically you, and others supporting private servers are saying theft is perfectly fine, so long as you benefit from it, although if you're hurt by it, then it's a horrible crime, that must be punished.

    So BSW stealing from GF? Who's fault is that? If this is illegal, why is this even a thing? And the real question, why do people chose private server over GF? Because prices are lower and there is more contet? No, becasue GF servers are just terrible, and this is only their fault that players are leaving.

    You didn't answered my question.
    I tried that server in this few days from chii release just to try the new character (chii will be my main) and that server is so boring.
    I don't want to play in easy mode, sorry, if you are not good enough for the official server then don't play it but don't bother us in this forum.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    Your saying it like you need some high skill to play SoulWorker, it's all about grinding, and yeah, it's easier to grind in BSW, if this is a huge thing to you, then you can play GF servers, but it's not the only difference between the servers.
    It's just happens for us to discuss this topic here, why not? You are not forced to read it, this forum is not very much alive anyway, so let people discuss at least something.
    My english is terrible as well, don't worry about that xd

    So guys, nobody answer this question: Why are you here in this forum? Go and play bsw without bother the player of gfsw.

    I really dont wanna be mean and toxic here, i've played GF server for so long, everyday thiking -"i hope it will get better, i hope GF will do something", but their game is just terrible, and i'm still sad because of that, even tho i left this server months ago.

    I didnt came here from BSW to just sh*t on GF, but after seeing how good game can actually be, i cant say anything positive about them, sadly.

    certainly wouldn't even for a microsecond consider giving them any money, and advise others to do the same.

    Sure, better buy some lootboxes from GF, maybe you will get your full set one day.

    The reason why people playing this " illegal theif server" is very simple. it's just way better in every way than gameforge server, not only cash shop, but EVEYTHING is better there (except ping).

    So yeah, i will rather support people who make it possible for me to acctually enjoy the game, than pay for GF lootboxes.

    The only reason the whale players wanted in BSW is, REAL overpowered AR cards from boxes due to the high chance, and TERA brooches for free or sometimes pay/ trade from the shop/players. That's a fact they wanted it for their chars being shine so badly.

    I've played on GF server for 650(!) hours, and only about 20 hours on BSW server.
    I already can tell how much better this server is... Leveling, rewards, EP doesnt really metter(you can play with 0 EP), content, and MORE players! Back in gameforge server sometimes i was waiting for hours to just get in any primal party, here is BSW are almost always open partys for primal/AOV.

    Yeah they added Chii already but it took a lot of hours and ended up with a lot of bugs.

    Oh really? Bugs, huh? So gameforge never bring any bugs after updates? I still can remember how they removed 10k hp medkits from the shop, it was like that for about 2 weeks until they fixed it XD

    If you come to the forums I take it you have hope that something might change from you posting this here.

    I'm pretty sure that gameforge doesn't care about what we are talking here, but i still like the game, i want it to be better, and i know it can be better, and it's just hurts for me... I spent a lot of time playing this game, and i had a lot of fun, but now i see how bad situation is, and this is just sad... I might comeback later, but i have no hopes for this game anymore.

    Why do I feel like this is becoming a continuation of some other thread where someone went into a rant about the meaning of p2w? I'm not gonna discuss the semantics of "impossible" or "literally", but even the possibility of you opening the door and all the air going out of your room is not 0. I personally follow the true p2w meaning where e.g. you have donator weapons, truly no way to get them besides paying.

    As far as other servers go I don't know nor care much, but it's not all fun and happy times. I've heard that in South Korea it is normal to have paywalls if you want to advance people just accepted that like there's no problem. May be just a rumour, makes no difference to me.

    And yeah, you answered your own question. As far as I know a company needs succeed in material terms; be financially successful. If "impossible to get" works for them, it works.

    Rng just likes to mess with people. And for just one thing, they did improve daily rewards just recently, maybe an improved version of NPCs is around the corner as well, the possibility is not 0.

    And what did we learn out of this conversation? What do you want to say? Eeverything is fine? Gameforge doing the right thing?
    We have to just play this laggy game without endgame content, and pay for rng boxes?
    And maybe, ond day, gameforge will add something good to the game, like daily rewards, but they will bring a tons of bugs again and destroy game optimizaton even more...
    People will not just sit and wait forever, people will leave, every month game losing players, and i will leave too, coz im tired of waiting for 3-5 hours to do 10 primal runs.

    How does that look? Any examples please? :huh:

    My Mistral just breath fire behind me when it's supposed to be in front of me. xd

    Same thing for me, it's a bug 100%. (appeared after Lily advancement update)
    Sometimes cards just don't work, even if i'm staying still and not doing anything.
    Also sometimes my akashas works backwards :D idk why, just happens.(mostly in primal)

    Same here, also sometimes when I summon Akasha nothing happens - I can spam for example F1 button and my character is waving their hand and it won't appear nor the countdown starts

    It means you Akasha is on cooldown, it's a weird bug, happens when you get knocked down while casting your card.

    I've played games where you can get everything fairly easily.

    Can you feel the difference between hard to get and impossible to get? +9 on primal gear is literally impossible without paying idk how much money (A LOT). Or you can just farm rucco and candus city for half a year (probably still not enough)

    Tell me, why is this a thing? Why other servers have normal upgrade system? Coz ppl do spent a lot of money on buying strength tickets, and gameforge are ok with that, this is the only reason i can see.

    If they will add NPC system, it's not gonna change everything, there is still lack of content, bad optimization, tons of bugs, rng boxes in game shop, in game market controlled by rich ppl(literally any person with a lot of money can drop or rise price of any item) and much more, but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't do at least something, just do one thing for now, just anything good.

    Cosmetic stuff just a one time thing, company not gonna able to paid every employee every month by just having cosmetic.

    There is company that can do that, if game actually good, not p2w, have good cosmetics, ppl will support it.

    At the end of the day, all i can say is most MMORPG is gonna be P2W

    Yes, and this is sad.

    i think there is other option like MOBA, FPS, etc. game that completely no p2w aspect at all.

    What's so different about mmo, so it has to be p2w?

    Games are games, real life is real life, i can support the game, if it's actually good, but i dont want to buy progress, and i dont want to see, that people around me can just get everything in one click, when i'm spending hundreds of hours grinding for this.

    Also funny thing, that games with this donation system will never be popular/succseseful(most of them), but i guess developers is ok with this, as far as the game makes a profit.

    sorry for my bad english :C

    lol~ i wish can just pay2win my weapon to +8 or +9.

    I mean... you can, just go and buy hundreds(maybe thousands) of anti-destructions and strength expansion tickets, also sell SC to buy wucs, and go on.

    This game is like pay2convenience

    Yeah, it's not really convenient to farm rucco town every day for half a year, if you want to get +9 XD

    Vip membership is pay2play in soulWorker xD
    You not just speeding up your progress if you pay, you can get everything in 1 click... I saw a dude, who was buying DZ for SC just for fun, he wanted to get 100b... do i need to say, how this affect already very poor economy?
    I dont think its only about that we missing some gear between aurith and primal, this game needs more content and items overall, also craft is very boring.

    FoT brooches too? Yeah, you probably can buy them for someone if you get lucky, but how much fortress crit brooch worth? 50b? 100b?

    You guys dont understand what pay2win means... just look at some real free 2 play games, like Path of Exile or dota 2, you will see the difference.
    I am not saying that SW is completely p2w(i wouldn't play it then), but it is pay2win clearly, if you can buy game currency for real money, then there is nothing to talk about.

    Yes, one day(probably) i will get hidden Rita and enough 4 star cards to level it up, when someone can just buy 4star akasha transmiters and get it easy.
    I opened more than 400 akasha transmiters, i have only two 4 srats cards... 542h played...
    Think now, how much do i have to play, to get Rita and lvl it up to the max (or hidden big plastica XD)
    I'm not even gonna say anything about brooches.

    You seriously saying, that there is not adventege for them who is paying? like...rly?

    At the ultimate end

    This ultimate end is gonna be at 1500-2000h, for player who didnd pay, and to get everything you need, you have to farm rucco hundreds of times. (which is just a little bit boring..kappa)

    everyone can get the same stuff

    Not even sure, if you can get +9 primal weapon without playing... maybe if you will farm everyday for like 150-200 days..maybe..