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    bsw is f*cking dead, why don't u spend ur lonley *ss there? Why do u keep trying again and again to prove how good bsw is, and how bad gfsw is. We all know that already. ur basically just advertising the server,

    Honestly you should honestly be banned or something, it would be a blessing, maybe then you would stop trying to poor more toxicity in this already toxic mess, and get a life while you're at it.

    im repeating this but, why are you actually here? what's your purpose? why did u make an entire thread about this?


    if the p server is so good, why do u keep coming back here to b*tch on the gf server. I'm not saying gfsw is better then bsw or anything, but if bsw was really that good why don't u just stay in the forums over there?

    All you've been doing is saying unrelated crap, and preaching about how good bsw is.

    The gf server isn't affecting YOU, so please kindly f*ck off.

    ok honestly if u play on bsw or dont play the game anymore you should just stop bugging the people that do play this version of the game.

    thank u for answering questions above <3

    Oh, i have another question

    if AoV gear is the strongest gear by far in NA current available content

    Primal gear is still required to do Primal raid?

    you get aurith gear from golden citadel to do primal then get primal gear from primal to do AOV

    "Increases the daily accumulated limit of the customer rating and increases the amount of earned points of familiarity." In patch notes. If this isn't about NPC loyalty, I don't know what it is.
    And that thing doesn't count, it's an event item. It could at least say by how much it increases.

    watch them say it was a mistake smh

    Yeah I moved to another version. Being scammed £400-£500 on this version made me hit my limit. Not touching anything from GameForge ever again. Period.
    Also additionally back when the first lootboxes, I predicted that all the somewhat decent or good outfits will get lootboxed. I was correct. So happy I left this version lmao

    how'd you get scammed? it was ur choice to spend money on the loot boxes.

    Look at threea close down all the problematic threads that questioned the game and how good it was.

    (yes The state of the game - The Population(New Players) deserved to close, it became a toxic mess, but the one bitching about adv (WILL WE EVER BE ABLE TO CATCH UP ?) did not. They simply stated problems with the game. hey closed it just because it badmouthed the developers with its ridiculous prices, p2w and bugs)

    Just don't buy the RNG costumes then? there's many outfits not in RNG loot boxes (even if they r overpriced lol)

    also we aren't sadistic, it's just that I don't want to leave this version because of the many friends that i've made, and they refuse to even mention bsw.

    Also why not go back to bsw forums and enjoy ur life there? why come here to start a fight? Just pretend gfsw doesn't exist instead of trying to move people from here to there. If you want more players do it another way.

    Let us enjoy the remaining time we have here lol, before eventually moving on to another mmo.