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    Some people may want to take the easier road farming normal mode alone when they can't clear higher level manic modes, especially solo. Why exactly like that, who knows. Let's not hijack the thread though.

    As I noted in my example, you're being sent back to do dungeons almost ten levels below your level, at that stage, even manic would be easy, but normal is a joke, and feels like a waste of time. Also I was asking for the capacity to finish the quests at the given difficulty level, or higher, which would still mean people could do them at normal if they wanted.

    Also hijacking a thread would be if people went off on a tangent to talk about something completely unrelated to the topic at hand for a number of posts. Something like I was saying, and you're responding to is completely on topic, so would not be hijacking.

    In case nobody noticed the Normal and Hard difficulty actually gained the biggest boost in this update.
    So what you are asking for is and was already implemented in the patch OvO
    I actually really liked that about it, I went over it on the live stream a while back.

    I was happy about it because my girlfriend is now more likely to get to max level since she doesn't need me to do manic quests with her.

    Also I went from 58-60 using Carnivore Park Episode 3 Hard :D (pretty certain)
    Instead of what used to be the largest EXP area "Meat Factory".

    Not only Did I end up getting around 5mil more EXP per run this way but I also completed the runs much faster. If I am not mistaken I was getting around 11-15m EXP per run with EXP gear, titles, etc.
    That district also has 3 RPLY quests so you get bonuses for killing the boss :D

    Basically normal and Hard are much much closer to manic. I'll look for the Spreadsheet I made.

    Hi, When I was Streaming on the store page yesterday I noticed I wasn't on the list.
    I had mentioned I have a twitch account for my Store Page streams and a personal one. Maybe you missed this detail by mistake?

    Why do I have two?
    To be able to support SoulWorker on every streaming platform, make full use of my reach, and the tools I have spent years scripting for chat commands and giveaways. I made a "SW" version to avoid the twitch exclusivity clause without having to un-partner my personal account.

    If I can only have one linked,

    Honestly, the most important one to have added would be SW since I use it for your steam store page. Having OPxGTTv linked is more of a pleasantry for me. I appreciate it, but I only sought linking to the forums to better promote Soulworker and bridge the devs and the community.

    Meaning, if it is because I can only have one. The please link OPxGamingSW it would be the best choice for both Gameforge and Soulworker.

    Thank You!

    My accounts are as follows:


    this portion was removed as contact with someone else was possible

    Since our drop chances are level adjusted, this will just make farming stuff for things before the high level content harder, which is what I don't like about such changes, as I'm the type that likes doing that. With that in mind, I wish we had something like Anarchy Online added ages back, where you could opt to have all your XP gains go into a reserve pool, then once you disable that option, you gain XP from the pool at the same rate as new XP, making it like a 2x XP buff for as long as there's XP left in that pool.

    Only other levelling comment to make is how I really wish quests let you complete them at a given difficulty, or higher. The most annoying examples of being locked to a low level difficulty is in Ruin Fortress, where at level 52, you unlock a number of new quests that will send you as far back as level 45 zones, to do each of the four dungeons in an area, all at normal mode. When I'm a higher level, the only reason I want to go back to areas almost ten level below my level, is to farm stuff, which I do at manic, not normal. Further refinement could then be that the quests track which difficulties you did, then adjust the rewards accordingly. Although even without that, as they are now, I tend to just ignore them, as I'd be better off doing those, or higher level zones at manic, than to do those multiple part quests in normal mode dungeons, but if the quests let me do them at manic, then I'd actually do them.

    Hmmm.... The drops being level locked and the EXP gains is a valid point.

    I often do run another character to farm the Journal of Malice jewlerry set for viewers/newcomers, or because I dismantle mine by mistake T~T!

    (candus city, n-107 episode 4 manic, wearing 2 pieces of the set provides a 10% EXP Boost. Making it the only ring with EXP, not counting valentines day rings.) These things go for 300-500mil DZ n.n

    while running this I tend to wear EXP gear. Technically, I could simply use non EXP gear. With the boost it would be faster to Alt run to 26. I can already typically do it in 2 -3 hours pre update. Now, using the system you mentioned, well...... I think I would rather do my 2-3 hours and grab all the grutin gold from achieves c:<) Aside from that set, I wonder what in the world you are farming that is beneath your level?


    By the way:

    Those quests you unlocked are the "rookie raids" xD!

    They can already be difficult on both their normal and contaminated versions especially solo. I cant say I'd be excited for a manic version I might get stomped ;-;!

    wait.... Getting stomped?


    Actually I think i would totally be excited over this! OvO This would make parties all the more necessary and create more friends and guilds and also have people seek and share knowledge on the weapon sockets you mentioned above. 🤔

    Anyway, if you want to farm and you are ignoring those quests thinking that they are beneath you. You're doing it wrong 😅.

    Those actually drop a ton of materials, Brooches, and Energy Converters. Which is why come gronco drop boost you will see players flock to those "low level areas".

    Also they tie into the story neatly, and

    Don't judge city's by their districts' levels, rucco town's bank is the best hang out spot ;-;!


    And this may be straying off-topic, but I see many complaints about the game being too hard..... I believe this and people with poor gear choices are closely related. I had no problems clearing any content alone...... It's not that the game's difficulty needs to be decreased. It's that the players are not taught the game properly..... I personally have never found the help pages useful for information I wanted.

    Eheheheh let's try not to hijack the thread.

    Good news though, this is going to be addressed soon.

    Keep an eye out for It!

    And nuhhh, I won't spill the secrets c':


    Patch notes?


    •Leveling: more experience points for completing dungeons and defeating enemies

    In the maintenance details all I could find was the above sentence.

    Considering most people likely do not memorize these things. Comparing the before and after is difficult. Not only that but trolls would likely use this against you to claim it to be placebo.

    Including proper and detailed patch notes would be useful in your quest for

    obtaining real feedback.


    However, as far as I can tell from my experience helping new players level.

    The EXP gains have gone up.

    By how much.... Couldn't say.

    is it good? Yes,

    BUT if there is a possibility that any of the following are true:

    1. some places may have changed more than others

    2. That some places changed less than others

    3. That the previously known method of leveling was now inconsistent in some locations.

    4. That it interferes with the usefulness of the RPLY Quest [clear:total:RPLY] ratios that were previously known by the community.

    Then I would say;

    This hinders my ability to provide doubtless and in depth insight to newcomers in the Soulworker community.

    Re-running all of the areas in order to catalog the new EXP gains, without having any data to compare it to, in order to re-obtain knowledge of efficient leveling, is a tedious task. A task that could have been avoided with the release of detailed patch notes.


    Thank you for your work on making the leveling experience easier for those who wish to join their friends, or simply tackle the most epic boss as soon as possible.

    I'm actually a fan of the added boosters the mobs now drop within the districts.

    Should be working fine :p
    They fixed that in about a day haven't seen it since ,
    If you ever see that just try logging in again (that's what I did and it worked for me I pressed that button like a crazy :DDD ).

    It's a common limitation of Networking and has nothing to do with the game itself, it has to do with Server Hardware and software and will happen to any game.

    Community is growing fast (on any network) in order to avoid server crash you have to throttle the influx of connections at first unless you want like Destiny 2 ... everyone on at launch server dead for days ehehehe OwO

    threea (delete this post if necessary, didn't really know where to contact you tried your wall but it's off uwu)

    Hey I'm a GameForge Partnered Streamer. I am also one of your Steam Store Page Streamers (2-6PM EST)

    Could you please add my channel to the twitch plugin eheheh....

    pretty please ? <3

    During my Store Page streams I am also live on


    If you could add both that would be amazing ^.^ eeeeeeee *iris candy eating sound*

    Turn off the in game V-sync
    Use third party solution if needed
    I just use the NVidia Control Panel Vsync

    I would get when vsync on (in game) at 144 dips into the 40s
    With it off smooth sailing at 120 frames :stella3:

    works fine for me on all resolutions Just wondering is your monitor plugged into your GTX 1060 are your drivers up to date, along with C++, Direct X, etc. Have you checked the game file's integrity if it's yes to all of the above I'll see if I can help you on this tomorrow (today is my only day off I do BIG sleep uwu)

    6pm-1am EST Twitch - OPxGamingTTv
    It'd be easier for me if I could help you while live as I have been told i'm terrible at text How To Do's :haru2:

    Hopefully we get it working soon :iris3: