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    It's ok you're good :)

    Do you know the difference between DH and DW? I think you owe me an apology here.

    Really, Chii was released early?

    In KR she released after DH. She was released here months before we even got DH pt 1. So yes she was released 'early'. It was likely Gameforge's request to have her early, and this should have been fine, but Liongames doesn't have the best programmers and they broke a bunch of things in the process. That's when they decided to stop the code merges / out of order content and just follow what KR did (hence pushing back Chii adv til after HH which is right on schedule according to what KR did).

    And again, we are playing different games for sure, i don't know were you have seen a patch every month.

    No I'm definitely correct here. I'll admit the very start of the year was dry with basically no patches and things didn't start to pick up until April (which also had a 2 month gap until the next patch) however here is how things went ever since:

    April 8th - DH pt2 and the PvE rankings

    June 4th - Hidden Hideout

    July 7th - Brooch rework

    August 6th - Chii adv

    September 8th - Corrupted Records pt1

    October 22nd? - Desireworker / CR pt2

    So there has clearly been a 1 month pattern that emerged in the late spring/early summer. If this keeps up it's quite likely next patch will be DH pt3 in November and if they don't stretch out the Abyss Lounge patch then it will be LF after that (December?) followed by Ephnel. Of course that's only if the pattern holds and if I haven't made it clear already I have no faith in Gameforge's ability to handle this title properly so for all we know suddenly there will be months between patches again.

    Chii had adv after 1 year so ephnel should wait like she lol

    I know you're just trying to stir up controversy but you're completely wrong here. Yes, Chii adv took way too long between her release and advancement but if you look at how KR did it her adv actually arrived here right on time (shortly after HH release). Chii's initial release here was early and because Liongames aren't very good programmers apparently, after breaking a bunch of game code from doing things out of order (which tbh shouldn't have been an issue for competent devs) they decided to step back and generally follow KR's release order for 2020 instead (only exception being CR really).

    So it's not that Chii's advancement was late, it's that her initial release was early.

    Because they are now clearly following KR release order Ephnel will release around the time of the LF patch and her adv and desire should arrive together in another patch a short while after that.

    It's also obvious that all DW content for the characters currently on our server will all release together. I don't know why this was even a question in the first place (jk it was obviously to trigger people).

    All that said, Gameforge has no idea how to compete in the gaming market. We're facing a very real existential threat from other games like GI and the possible return of the p-server yet instead of trying to push content faster to stop the massive bleed-out of players (with an ever growing stockpile of content they could use to do so) they've actually slowed down their release schedule. For most of 2020 there has been a big patch every month. As of the DW patch it will have been a month and a half (50% longer than the time between most of the previous patches). Not sure if this is a strategy (let ppl get burned out on GI first??) or total incompetence but given the current environment around these types of games we cannot have delays or it actually will be the end of GFSW.

    NA isn't even that dead. You can pretty much find party searches all day and players are everywhere. Ever since they added rankings and the content earlier this year it feels like the population size has been slowly creeping up.

    Yes EN has a higher player count but I doubt it's more than double NA at this point.

    Ok I can try to answer:

    Also I'm pretty sure that she is already a sinworker. Catherine actually was her weakness that would have gave her salvation. That's why Kant was so adamant in convincing Tenebris to give up on saving sinworkers and just save Catherine. So he can take Catherine away and let Stella continue to be a sinworker.

    Ok that makes sense. So Kant wasn't trying to turn Stella into one, he was trying to keep her as such. I can buy that explanation.

    So Corrupted Records Part 1 came out today and it's pretty cool. New content to play through, fashion to farm, and even an akasha card was secretly added. There was also at least 1 bug which slipped in. Since I don't see any threads for this figured I'd start one and if we can get our feedback in one place should be helpful for threea to relay to the team. So in no particular order (except the first one which is by far most important):

    -The trader machines that are normally outside of most districts to let you repair/dismantle/etc are missing. It appears there is no dismantle feature at Yumi either. I'm assuming this is a bug as those machines are a huge QoL improvement so this should definitely be a priority to fix. UPDATE: I noticed the machines still exist in Dipluce Horizon and Ruin Fortress so they might only be missing from Grasscover Camp?

    -Lupan's akasha card was added but there was no announcement. As of now it appears you can obtain the card via merging but it is unclear if Lupan is in the regular pool or a different pool like neo (yes neos still exist just not sold in the store at the moment). I tried opening 20 neos with no luck but that's a low sample size and have yet to see any confirmation if the card is in the regular pool either. It would be nice to get some clarification here. UPDATE: She was added in the Akasha of Blood shop item which says increased chance of Lupan but we still don't know if she can roll from regular trans?

    -Chii can now obtain the Bellatrix and Chalice Bloom earrings from CR drops but if you held onto the class qubes (drops from Grutin World) Chii still cannot open those. Likely an oversight. I might file a ticket with support but probably worth mentioning here too.

    -While most of the translations for the story are pretty good, there was some really confusing dialog that happens involving Lily where they keep referring to her as "he".

    -In the announcement it states you can go to Maxim to craft more GCC boxes. The crafting menu is not at Maxim and is actually available through interacting with the book shelf.

    -It was also announced next patch should have CR pt2 and Desireworker. Are these supposed to both be part of the same patch or will DW be afterwords?

    -The 'Improvement improvements' are great QoL features. Glad to see this made it in. Think you guys could look into getting the dungeon replay button available to us as well? That's another really big QoL feature for anyone grinding a specific raid/district.

    -Something seems awkward about the event tickets (SFL Coupons) pricing in the event shop. Raids only drop 1 per run with a maximum of 15 per character (that means 15 runs!). There are items like the pineapple candy which is priced at 2 tickets each. 2 entire runs for a single pineapple candy? That doesn't really make sense. Also the luxury scent items being 4 tickets a piece but resetting daily doesn't seem right either. Maybe this was intended but it feels very unbalanced compared to how these shops are usually priced.

    Anyways that's all I got off the top of my head. Overall the patch is pretty good but we need those trader machines back!! Thanks

    So I'm kinda confused what was going on with Stella's story. Was she already a Sinworker when they 'rescued' Catherine from her and then she flipped out and started killing people after or was she not one and Kant tricked everyone into thinking she was but then eventually became one after having her friend taken from her?

    sorry to break your hopes but this gonna be the smallest patch possible, if they could split it into even smaller pieces -- they would

    Ya it's sadly true. Not only is this 2018 content but it's only a piece of CR. This means at a time when we really need to catch up to everything released through 2019 in KR, GF is instead trying to stretch out 2 year old content we should have had available to us last year.

    Now to be fair we've only seen the silhouette in the announcement so we don't know if it's more than the Lily/Stella part or not. It could be more, and it really should be more, but I've learned to expect the bare minimum :/

    I just hope we at least get some QoL improvements along with the patch. EC and refinement revamps would be nice, and we're getting way behind on some of the character re-balances so hoping we see some of those too.

    I leveled an Ephnel on JP and the experience wasn't anything like what the JP defense force shills try to tell you. Yeah there was an event going on at first which gave a decent amount of akasha cards for a few days but then it stopped and was replaced with the Turbulent Beach event which had rewards pretty much just as bad as our version of the event. There's also basically no way to farm a good amount of akashas and there aren't even conquest boxes for 100% progress on cities. So I wouldn't listen to the people telling you how generous JP is. It's funny listening to these guys mock how we can do alt runs but at least we have a reasonable way to farm antis, SETs, ADs etc.

    Also their population size seems comparable to NA... so it's not even doing that well.

    The no bank share thing is a joke too. Hard enough to gear up even one character there and having to 100% start from fresh for each different character you want to play is just not worth the time.

    Anyway wrong thread to be discussing this but literally the only thing JP has on us right now is more content. Oh, and they aren't putting outfits on some fraudulent weighted wheel like Gameforge does, so I guess there's that too.

    Gameforge continues to try and scam players with "the wheel". We're talking over $500 on average per outfit.

    Meanwhile the content gap between our server and KR continues to grow more and more. Content-wise we're almost caught up to where the private server was at LAST YEAR.

    With Gameforge simultaneously failing to bring content at a reasonable pace while trying to do cash-grabs via blatant scams I fear the server won't last much longer. The TW server had a scummy publisher very similar to GF (both money scams + lack of content) and they just announced end of service last week. If GF continues to behave like the TW publisher then we will meet the same fate as them.

    Between both neglecting and abusing the players we're reaching a point where everyone is growing sick of the environment GF has created.

    If the next update isn't something big and soon then we might as well meet the same fate as the TW server just did. Speaking of TW, I believe they are now the first official SW server to close down. Thing is their publishers were really bad, arguably worse than Gameforge yet they already had DesireWorker (but no brooch revamp lol). In terms of content, our pacing has been pretty close to theirs and this is really concerning considering the similarities.

    JP on the other hand already has Ephnel and is about to get her advancement + DesireWorker in just 2 days. Keep in mind Chii released on JP only about a month before Chii released here. In the same timespan since then we've only received Chii's advancement (AFTER ELEVEN MONTHS) yet JP will have received Chii's advancement + desire, Ephnel, Ephnel advancement + desire, all translated and VOICE ACTED. The fact that JP can outpace us that fast since last year shows there's some gross incompetence over at GF HQ right now. Something isn't right.

    Things are not looking good. Corrupted records isn't going to save us either. We need to at least get all content up to level 68 within the next few months. That means:

    -Corrupted Records

    -Dipluce Horizon pt3

    -AoV solo ranked

    -Primal Hero

    -Abyss Lounge

    -Innocent Daydream pt2


    -character balance reworks

    -new armor amp

    -EC/refinement UI overhauls

    -Lunar Falls.

    You know what's crazy? Even if we got all that content in a patch tomorrow, KR would still be way ahead of us. They'd still have more districts out of Grace City, Violent Sun raid with heroic gear and IDD pt3. Oh yeah can't forget the jump map and a bunch of other little things like the church.

    Even the private server had more content than us THIS TIME LAST YEAR. How can anyone at Gameforge think that this is an acceptable path forward with this game? Is there a plan to catch-up or are we expected to shut down soon as well? Either way something has to happen as this content gap is now completely unsustainable.

    Yeah this is a bug that seems to be going unnoticed by many due to how minor of a detail that red ring is but yeah Chii's advancement visual 'sub weapon' is not displaying. It's supposed to be that red ring circled in the second image but it's not displaying for us.

    It displays for other characters just not Chii. This is supposed to be the equivalent of Haru's 2nd sword on her back or the fuu-chan orb that floats around Stella's guitar, etc.

    I'm pretty sure when they said content for everyone they probably meant the turbulent beach event.

    This will be the third time we've had that event. It's nothing new. Even then if it was to be considered content then sure enough the current event's Grutin World counts as well. So why didn't Chii adv release last update with the brooches? Or why not the update before that along with Hidden Hideout? It's 11 months since she first released here. No other character took this long to receive their advancement and on KR, Chii's adv took only about 3 months.

    Ultimately we're faced with the reality that Threea lied to us about 'content for all characters' being what held up Chii's advancement. Not sure the reason for this. It was stated only last month so it's surprising we'd get misinformation so close to the patch date.

    I just want honesty.