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    So specifically about the new/future card systems, I think most of the confusion stems from this post from a few months ago.…/view/2496632202943653704

    >A Transmitter Will Be Leaving

    With this update we will remove the NeoSanctum Transmitter from SoulWorker. This still leaves the Akasha Transmitter which can provide you with all the cards

    This part strongly implies that any cards are obtainable from normal and farmable cards that you don't have to spend money on and I think this needs to be addressed and fixed.

    They already announced pt2 and desireworker but I thought you needed more than part 2 for desireworker

    well.. sort of. originally it was required to have the AoV Solo ranking item for one of the parts in the quest but it was recently changed in KR so it depends which we get. other than that all you need to have access to is all 4 corrupted records and hidden hideout which we will have after part 2.

    nah we're not following kr route whatsoever at this point, i'm familiar with it though. just hope we get it before LF because that's at least 9+ months away.

    so uh we've had the skip button for a decent amount of time now and i'm sure most people who have been waiting for it have really enjoyed it. the repeat button is honestly 10x more useful and everybody will like having it, any chance we can get it within the next few updates (if its not planned already)?

    korean server already has a system like this with the ability to add presets for your chains and easily swap between them. same with akasha.

    this is what i have been doing twice a week for the last 5 months, its not so bad if you pace yourself. when i was doing 2 alts through grace/week i would do a bit on each char/day. candus one day, half of grace the next and then finish one of them the third day, then repeat. i don't think its bad at all this way and realistically you have all the time in the world with how slow gameforge adds content :b don't stress it


    threea Lie after lie... Excuses after excuses... Ppls already hate you enough isnt that good time to start doing something more and better? Or you guys dont care since Beta? I think hairstyle are not that complicated to add into IS or just kick out those ppls who are responsible for IS LOL

    threea why can't we just have the hairstyles at the very least? i really can't understand what is preventing this team from giving us them AT LEAST. is it pure laziness or just being pieces of shit?

    Hey there, your feedback was forwarded to our team, however there is no date we can give you for the remodelling/revamp of Lilly yet.

    any RESPONSE from your team? me and many others would love to be able to actually play lily without being mostly dead weight already

    Hello everyone, we will forward your feedback to our team about the hairstyles. We always add in the shop the items or packages as they are provided to us directly, and if an item is not in the shop, it means we do not currently have it available.

    So any chance of looking into a cap on wheel spins where we get to choose our desired prize or does Gameforge plan to continue trying to extract ~$600 per specific jackpot from the player base and pretend not to notice how upset the wheel in it's current form has made everyone since the day it was introduced?

    I agree something like this should be implemented for every RNG type item we have currently. In KR, outfits aren't RNG in the first place and for the items that are, after so much you are guaranteed to get what you want. For example, if you buy $120 worth of cards you can select any 5* if you were unable to find it within those (and tbh, i know many people including myself who have spent more than that trying to find the new best cards).

    There are packs in KR to purchase outfit/hairstyle/portrait all at the same time. For all of these outfits. Which we didn't receive.

    Hello! An update about the Spiral Cat sets you are asking about: we only have the rights to use the Sweetie Pie set in our version, unfortunately the Spiral Cats one cannot be used here because of licensing limitations.

    Is this also why we miss hairstyles with outfits? If so, why? And is this also the reason we haven't gotten sins back in the premium shop?