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    Thing is that you cannot outban bots, but you can however ban anyone who buys from said bots.
    All this information can be found in the database if the company is willing to put an effort into tracking it,

    after that it's just a matter of keeping an eye on the traffic and acting on it.

    A company can literally see and know who buys from the bot accounts so it says a lot about them if they are

    not taking actions, sadly. Nothing you can do about it but refusing to support the company for not acting on it.

    Thanks, you made my day.
    oh and one more, can you spoiler the date these costumes release?, i'm trying to prepare more money on this.

    No one can possibly know this. Though for some outfits you can make a wild guess.
    E.g: Swimsuits around summer times and christmas related suits obviously around christmas

    This wiki has a bit of background story thus some insight on possible personalities:
    When you scroll down you can click on the other soulworkers.

    To summon it up tho:

    Lily - Was a small little princess type of girl who was adopted into a rich family and LOVED her big brother.
    When her big brother got eaten alive by the void she tried everything she could to save him but it was too late.

    This cracked her sanity. Her behaviour is really tsunshun and yangire. She loves tearing shit apart. Her humour is very cold and sarcastic.

    Haru - The very helpful and caring older sister type of girl. She went to medical school and was raised by her mother due to

    her father passing away in an accident. Her mother has always been very proud and loving towards her so her mother naturally means the world to her. The void torn apart their house and her mother died under the rubble. The incident left her feeling guilty and emotionally overwhelmed so she tends to cry a lot and talk about how unfair things are. (The awakening will change her due to her converting those feelings into an inner power so the speak, like a motivation to destroy the evil)

    Stella - She is the youngest soulworker and is still quite a kid at heart which means she is very naive and oblivious to things. She was casted away by the people around her due to them blaming her for the void incident which means she had no one but her imaginary friend, fuu-chan. She is quite the loli little sister type who just likes to mess around, likes cute things, and appears to be often hungry and tired when battling. She is the one soulworker who spend the most in the void (where time passes differently) so she was supposed to be 29 by now.

    Erwin - The highschool genius and game creator who got bored of life. Everything was just easy for him and he was looking for more. He loves the ladies and he is hardly ever serious. He acts like it's all a game to him. He went into the void willingly hoping to find an adventure that his usual life could not offer him.

    Jin - A very helpful young man who volunteered at a rescue team, aiding those who were looking for shelter after the void incident. He wants to do and help more than everyone else can and is truly bothered by the fact he cannot. He once encountered a mother and her son and told them the shelter would be safe for them but when the void struck the little boy yelled at Jin how he lied and Jin felt so bad about this that he swore to this kid that he would save him. He's definitely your caring older brother type that would be a leader of the group and ensuring everything would go well.

    Iris - A rebel type of girl. She was born into a prestigious family. Her parents had her life all planned out and told her she was going to be like her big sister. She doesn't shy away from a fight and so she stuck up for her friend getting bullied by punching the bully. This led to her mother slapping her and yelling at her as to why she can't be more like her big sister and that they didn't raise her like this. She ran away from home on her motorbike thinking she doesn't need them but when the void tore apart her home and her family was nowhere to be found she broke down thinking "Why did this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?" In the end she had nothing left to lose and decided to go into the void, destroying anyting in her path.


    I hope this helps a bit.

    Anyone with a different opinion is always brainless and a troll nowadays, can't win either way.

    Yes the system was being abused but it has been abused for well over a month.

    You know what is unfair? Letting thousands of people abuse that for nearly 2 months and then close it off to newcomers.

    If it was such an abuse and exploit of the system they should have gotten their asses on the matter way faster.

    The fact they didn't took it out completely and still let you do it every 7 days still does not compare to the damage done.
    (Also lmao at calling it an exploit but still making it so you can do it once a week, that alone is indication they did this for

    the money. No company lets a true exploit sit around to be further abused)

    Some people have gotten their upgraded Puppet due to this system, enjoy getting that with the limitations now

    if you don't care about that then sure by all means go ahead and continue to play or even defend this game

    but don't go around insulting others for not wishing to deal with that shit.…ome_to_undercutting_hell/

    They put emotes in cash shop, while it should be a reward beating ultimate. They put hildibrand costume in their cash shop instead of rewarding those that kept up with the story. Putting dyes is fine but they keep adding stuff and act like a free to play company. Players already pay 12$ a month, they just update it frequently. Now they have carbuncle stuff in there too, nope u can't craft it ala cash grab. Next to that, the designs of the in-game obtainable gear is ugly. Now they come with a new app and have a separate "premium" version where u need to pay extra dollars next to your subscription but don't wanna go in details cos I'm not smart. Just surprised me from a pay to play company. I would understand if it's from a free 2 play mmo but it just gets worst and I'm glad I quit FFXIV and went to Soulworker.

    The thing that confuses me is how you act like SoulWorker is better than FFXIV.

    You complain FFXIV adds emotes/costumes/dyes and now a premium app you don't NEED.

    That is the key right here, you don't NEED any of the stuff you have listed right now.

    What does emotes do to enhance your gameplay?
    What is so good about the costume that it makes you unable to beat Kefka or make money with gathering?

    Why would you care about cash shop dyes when you can buy them ingame?

    As for the APP, it has not even been released yet and has no indepth information as of now (far as I am aware)
    so there is NO way of telling how bad or good this might be but from a quick glance it's literally useful for those

    who are actively selling/buying on the market. If anything it's just a nifty thing for when you are on the go/out

    but nothing gamebreaking there.

    If you are tired of FFXIV then sure, fair play to you but realistically speaking the only things that game has for sale

    are silly things that if you really want them you can afford them since they don't cost more than the subscription itself.
    (And I assume those who have money for a subscription model also have money for those things if need be)

    When you compare that to the cash shop of SW then SW is just horrible. Yes it is a free to play game and they do need

    their money one way or another so I understand they need to make the shop tempting but the prices are pretty high

    and they have items in there that (can) drastically enhance your gameplay.

    If that is your sort of thing then by all means good for you that you like SW more but from a realistic stand point

    FFXIV is much better and healthier for your wallet and throwing the term cash grab at it for it's rather pointless 'cash shop'

    is overall pretty weird and highly insulting. I mean.. if you rather be triggered by silly carbuncle shoes and ears than

    the fact the akasha transmitters are now pretty much unobtainable besides the cash shop then be my guest but do realise

    that your personal feelings on the matter don't make them realistic or fair.

    I'm happy I switched to FFXIV

    and I feel bad for those who truly wish to enjoy this game.

    Which server are you on? :D wanna team up. I'm playing white mage on Malboro server

    I would have loved to but as Fairlyn stated I'm on Omega server ^ ^

    Edit: lmao at the person saying FFXIV is a moneygrab..

    Also I don't see a reason as to why it's a bad thing to 'mmo hop'. Games are made to be fun and to be enjoyed

    and if you are not enjoying yourself then you should gtfo. Who cares if you play an MMO for a month until moving

    to the next one? If that is what it takes for you to enjoy your spare time then so be it. To each their own.

    Sorry to say this but if it was an exploit that was not intentional then Gameforge should have fixed it the very first week.

    We had the open beta phase to test things and funny enough it wasn't touched in the slightest in all that time.. also it

    has been stated on the forums numerous times that people were using this method to farm Akasha cards so it seems

    very convenient to me to come forward over a month later claiming this was an exploit just to try and increase the sales.
    Smart business move Gameforge but you must be seriously retarded to think people don't see beyond the lies.

    Haven't bought anything yet, tho was planning to - now however I think I'll wait until this is resolved as I don't want to deal with this kind of annoyance ._.
    Is this only related to paypal quickpay? Or normal paypal transactions as well? - Thanks in advance for the answer!

    Only Quickpay.

    Normal paypal is safe, just decline them when they ask if you wish to use quickpay.

    Are you guys using the Steam Client or the standalone. Haven't had that issue yet.

    Standalone client here

    I'm so happy that at least my paypal account seemed to be smart about it and put all those orders in pending mode

    That way I could quickly resolve it and I didn't have to deal with any support to help me.

    God bless me lol.