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    I'm NOT advertising here, but people on twitch are streaming private server gameplay.

    Which is currently buggy as hell KEKW

    Hello technical support!
    Can SW developers to add Russian language in game?

    Because, i think Russian community of game is big.
    Server Discord of Russian community have +- 2000 players!
    And to do one language+ is not so HARD
    If all text are throw in Google Translate
    is so GOOOOOOD for all Russian... Community...

    I think you think about this


    Also this isn't google translated.

    The Private server is, and the owner of it hates russians anyway.

    TL;DR Attack Damage is better than Crit Damage unless the crit damage offered is 1.8x as big.

    PRIMAL was removed.

    PRIMAL HERO is still an event thing on KR, but i think LF Hero is replacing it.

    PH was first introduced pre-DH iirc, lmao

    I think PH it's an event raid, now removed from the original version because useless. There is a possibility that gameforge will not bring PH here.

    gameforge's update schedule is more out of whack than anything, up next: more fashion, then after that? another akasha of bundle! then..... content maybe and more bugs.... let's count the bugs in the next content update

    Well, i hate gameforge, i hate this company so much and i will not play their games anymore but there is bugs in every patch even in other games. But there is a difference with good publisher: Gameforge don't fix stella's soulcry (one of the most popular character and her strongest skill)for more than six months, other publisher fix bugs that badly affect the gameplay 2 hours after.

    Primal Hero is an event raid in KR (Internally THEPRIMAL_EV), but in JP it's always there.

    We're most likely never getting it.

    By the way, i also found an image implying that "Currupted Records" (sic) would have a ranked feature.

    The one time that GF actually fixed a bug that badly effected gameplay quickly was last year when they somehow made 20% of all dungeons uncompletable.

    PH was first introduced pre-DH iirc, lmao

    Which update do we expect to come next? I mean after DesireWorker?

    Don't know for sure, but probably abyss lounge.

    Second Daydream most likely. I found these in the DATA folder.

    Second Daydream ranking image + loading BG, Primal Hero loading BG and a ranking image for it.

    Hmm, we might end up with Primal Hero (time) Ranked at some point.

    I found collision data for PH and 2DD, and map data for the last 3 dipluce dungeons.

    NOTHING for Abyss Lounge, though.

    Let's change our deal. If they don't do an update on the 1st of december or earlier i'll delete my account on the 2nd.

    But otherwise you're just being a dick here.

    Yeah we're more likely to get Ephnel and Lunar Fall the other way around. That and maybe DH3 taking another 2 weeks, but otherwise i think they'll actually be able to do this if they don't procrastinate.

    You have 12 days left to troll around. I hope you enjoy them.

    1: We have nothing better to do this forum is dead without trolls.

    2: Badly translated with worse inflation and even more predatory upgrading mechanics. But it's all fine because the buggy mess has broken SIN brooches and FNEL!

    3: "guys it;ll be open in october"

    "guys it'll be open in november"

    "guys the closed beta test will start in late november"

    "guys we'll have an open beta in January"


    He has worse schedule slip than Gameforge does at this point and people won't call him out for it.

    Tbh i think i will wait till Luna Nox to open the rest after i get Tenebris.

    The current event gives you Red transmitter but they changed the Rates on GF so you get only 3 star cards and sometimes like 1 out of 100 a useless GC mob card

    And how come you know that ? GF never made the rates public. You can only check jp/kr rates on wiki. Are you comparing your luck betweeen every version you played? I could do the same and blame jp for having barely two usefull 5* passives. But complaining about rng is kinda dumb.

    Imo nothing wrong with the rates, I finally got every akasha I needed on gf, the last remaining one from this event. You are just unlucky ;/

    I just got myself a 5* Arua. Waiting on Tenebris and making them all hidden now, and a second Lucy wouldn't be bad.

    The current event gives you Red transmitter but they changed the Rates on GF so you get only 3 star cards and sometimes like 1 out of 100 a useless GC mob card

    They haven't changed the rates.

    The rates are 89% 3*, 8% 4* and 3% 5*.

    And cards have a 20% chance of being hidden unless it's a Hidden transmitter.