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    You cant create a new acc since april no ?

    New accounts are still creatable iirc, it's buying soulcash that isn't possible

    According to this post in the closure topic, registration of new accounts has been deactivated at the same time than payments.

    "New players" that manage to login to the game since then are actually (and most probably) players that kept their account, created some time ago.

    Otherwise, GF messed up until the very end :kek:

    Either they messed up, or idiots from Burning think that this is a forum for them.

    Both are hilarious.

    Also i'm wondering, what are you going to do now that GFSW is dead, kura?

    Hello guys, I am new to this game and have started playing around a day ago. So far my Chii is level 30 and I was wondering if there are any specific guides I should follow for where to allocae my skill points because I have no idea where to put them in. Thank you.

    1: Play Burning Soulworker if you want to continue playing after this month ends.

    2: Use this skill build. 2 of the main skills and a passive won't show up till you've done your advancement.Screenshot (746).png

    First off, this is the wrong subforum to post in. Second, don't even bother playing here.

    Play whatever classes you feel like playing, and do it on a different server. This one is shutting down and there's no ETA for the new one, so play Burning SoulWorker instead.

    1: Yes

    2: Yes

    3: Just focus on progressing till you get to Grasscover Camp. Then try getting carried in AoV and do your advancement quest.

    4: Upgrade your weapon to +6 when you get to level 35. Armor isn't worth upgrading to +6 till you get Terminus.

    5: Play a different server. JPSW is playable if you know how to register for it, and Burning is also a good server to play on with a good(kinda) community. It also has a lot of boosts to progression that here doesn't. If you don't like private servers and don't want translation patches, wait for Lion Games to self-publish its English Soulworker first.

    All characters are DPS, with some support skills. Stella is able to heal the rest of the party, but is DPS like the rest.

    Chii has a unique mechanic with her Black Blood/Hunter's Mark skills, but suffers from HP issues around level 20-40 dependant on damage output.

    Ephnel is... Ephnel. Try playing her and see if you like her.

    Also seriously, that server has its own discord. Ask there, this is GFSW's turf.

    Who cares, GFSW is shutting down in 2 and a half months. Without the chance of data moving.

    You have 5 options.

    1: Move to JPSW

    2: Move to KRSW and learn how to use a VPN

    3: Move to the Private Server

    4: Patiently wait until LG releases ENSW 2.0

    5: Stop playing and focus on another game like maplestory.

    Do all MMOs openly tell you "this is the info of this enemy"? No. Do they tell you literally every formula on how the game handles damage? No.

    You get that info from dataminers.

    According to the SoulArchives...

    Enemy Evasion in areas

    Standard Districts: 35

    IDD: 350

    AoV: 580

    HH: 810

    LF: 1100

    VS: 1200

    So, you need 1810 accuracy for HH.


    Well, there is a trick to get to +9 without altfarming.

    Buy far too many Strength Expansion Tickets off the premium shop.

    thanks. so i am able to make it with chest items?

    chest? oh you mean the box ones, yeah.

    Upgrade the Terminus Spirit Arms to +9, as well as the Terminus Shoulderguard to +9 and the Terminus Chestguard, Boots, and Helmet to +6 at least.

    even if you decide to get ember set from aov hard mode, your terminus/auirth or w/e from leveling boxes is enough for it.

    Besides, Primal's Devourer set is better than Ember anyway. Too bad we don't get tickets for Devourer pieces anymore...

    1: Use the Terminus gear set you've been given. If you don't have it at level 55, make a new character.

    2: Find a guild or people who will carry you through AoV Manic.

    As the title says how do you upgrade items without wasting anti-destructors? i'm assuming every time you use an ad but the item just fails it doesn't break, it only breaks when it fails and says "protected" right? and that only happens after a few normal fails, so there must be a way or something that you don't waste your ad's when the item wouldn't even get destroyed if it just fails. So how do you do it? is it like every few fails that you need to start using ad's to prevent it from breaking and then it goes back to just failing and it just goes back and forth? please if someone knows for certain help.

    Its an mmo rpg, you are supposed to grind here

    Just alt farm more or play different game.

    iv'e heard some people who has 200-300 attempts on a single item, sure man you go ahead and alt farm that many ads, there is no way there is not a trick to not waste ad's when the item wouldn't get destroyed, and since nobody here knows how i'm gonna go and ask players who got full +9, they'll know the trick

    *Laughs in 37 deleted alts and: 2 +9 AoV weapons, 2 +9 HH weapons, 6/9/9/8 AoV-M and 9/9/9/9 HH-EX armor*