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    The best would be making a ticket on the support system requesting that ;)


    As Rintsuki said, you need to register an account on the support system in order to be able to talk about your ban.

    Since bans are only discussed on the support system, this thread can be closed.

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    Hello Mr_Dealer ,

    Since this is an specific problem that ocurred to you, I would advice you to directly contact our support system and explain your case, they will be able to help you.



    How do I make a useful bug report?

    Bug reports are key to the development of games and can help fix issues players run into, however, when submitting a bug report there are some key concepts you need to keep in mind when writing them.

    Organizing/ Preparation:

    Collect and gather all your information! Writing a bug report requires all the information to be there in order to be effective. Without information, your bug report will cause you more hassle because you have to continuously return to add or edit information.

    Make sure you adhere to the community guidelines! You'll want to make sure you follow the guidelines when writing your post as certain things are not permitted to be posted on the forums. An example would be exploits. If you believe it doesn't belong on the forums, as a staff member on the SoulWorker team or contact customer support in regards to the issue.

    Writing and rewriting. Be sure to make a draft or a mock op/ outline for what you're going to be typing. The more readable and clear the information is, the better it is to understand rather than pick at our brains trying to interpret what you're saying.

    Information and Titles:

    Include relevant information and photos/recordings! You'll want to make sure when you're collecting information, or writing, that the information you use should be relevant to the bug(s) you will be talking about. Additionally, try to take recordings or get screenshots of the bugs so developers can get a literal example of the bug in action rather than having to rely on a description only.

    Useful titles versus useless titles. When picking a title make sure to use a title that conveys a good idea of what your post is and not something else.

    For example: SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS BUG IN SOULWORKER | I found a bug | SouldWorker isn't working/ is broken. All of these are bad titles for several reasons, first, you don't need to use all caps in a bug report title as it takes away from the actual meaning of the post. In other words, it makes it look as if it has no real important information based on the title. Secondly, they provide no insight as to what the actual bug is which makes sorting bugs by post or finding similar hugs a hassle. These titles will yield the lowest effectiveness and ultimately make your post stand out less.

    A better title would be: Character Creation Bug | Dungeon [BossName] Boss Bug | UI Graphical Glitch. These titles are definitely much clearer than the ones previous and help to say what the bug is, however, there's still one problem with these titles, they don't narrow it down a little further.

    The best titles: UI [ElementName] Bug causing FPS droppage | Dungeon [BossName] Boss glitches our preventing DPS halting the dungeon | Character [CharName] Skill bug causing animations to get locked preventing the ability to fight. Yes, the last two are long but they get the point across very well. Not that titles should be long, not all should, but it's okay to have long titles. If you're doing a multi-bug report, then a "multi-bug report on this, this, and this" would be fine as the title would be way too long, but for one bug, these titles are great ways to draw attention to your report.


    If you're using this as a means to give feedback or provide a bug and feedback on it, make sure to do the following. Explain how it would impact the game as well as other players. Consider what implications your feedback has and the consequences of that feedback if any. What part of the bug or feature did you find useful or enjoy and what did you dislike.

    Things to consider when writing a feedback report. Is this feedback hindering game progress significantly or making it too easy? Have I tried all the available methods and/or adjusted to the changes made? Is it simply because I'm lazy and don't want to put in effort while killing PvE mobs? Etc. Thinking about questions like these are important to decide how you should construct your feedback report. Remember, feedback reports are designed to help improve gameplay experience and alike. Your information, though it may be opinionated, should include hard data, real information, facts, to back up or support your feedback. Without it, your post just appears to be more of a complaint than actual feedback.

    Putting it all together:

    Formatting is important an crucial to your reports. By having formatting you enable readers and developers an efficient way of getting through your information. In addition, formatting helps improve its readability. Grammar, spelling, and so forth are all important. You wouldn't want someone reading your post and misinterpreting it because you forgot a comma. Run it through Grammarly to see if you need to fix any spelling and/or basic punctuation.

    You're done!

    Congratulations, now you know how to write an amazing bug report. There's just one thing left, managing your post. Now that other users can see it, they're exposed to your post, they might have questions or make connections. You'll either want to try and answer them or include their information in your post. Keep in mind that criticism on bug reports should he constructive and if a similar post is linked, just include that in yours so it's easier to find similar threads and connect them together.

    TL: DR

    • Bug reports that are useful include the following on the surface:
    • Adheres to the community guidelines
    • Constructive title
    • Detailed information
    • Images or video recordings displaying the bug
    • Time and location of occurrence
    • What you were doing
    • In game information
    • Affiliated/ players around when this bug occurred
    • Names of items/ NPC/ function