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    Tokonome I’ve been asking about it ever since the beta release via pm and public post but got no response. They may have said they have no intention to add the loyalty system but I’m too lazy to search, I don’t even play this game anymore. It’s a shame this game has been ruined by gameforge, like all the games published by them

    If you read carefully what I wrote you’ll see that I’ve posted both the prefix and suffix of the title and it’s 10% crit

    The name changer voucher was firstly added when the premium shop was released just to be removed soon after.

    Now 2 months have passed and it's been added a second time. I don't know if it was added with the last patch or the one before but I'm sure that before the raids were revamped it wasn't available. e7c80d4a80.jpg

    As far as I know there wasn't any news about it from GameForge so I dare say, has it been added without LionGames knowing or is it a bug? And will those who buy it be scammed?

    There are 2 ways to do it:

    - Ask someone who doesn’t care to lose some EP to die during the 1st room you challenge and leave;

    - If one between you or your sister is a Stella don’t heal them and let them die.

    If you’re playing on the EN server I don’t mind losing some ep (there’s even the ep reduction “event” so I lose only 8 ep)

    The achievement counts only the normal mode and the same goes for rookie raids. We don’t have achievement like “clear LC 100 times” here but the JP server has them and they only count when clearing the normal mode.

    The developers made it like that but it makes no sense to me (well, a lot of achievements like “craft x times” or “dismant x times” make no sense since you have to do it 1 by 1)

    I did it duo with an Haru as Erwin, just kill them. I have what you call a good but not optimal gear and a +6 weapon.

    Actually I was more afraid of the mobs attacking the pillars since Worker Ex Machina still had cd and they were doing massive damage while I was killing the mini bosses

    Casual Raid - drops restored:


    Care to explain how you "restored" them? I've just completed JH and only 1 boss drops the fragments, like it was before the patch

    Edit: Bandit Highway has 2 bosses that drop fragments

    There needs to be time to test this.
    The tester needs to know how it was before the patch. What if he or she is new?
    The tester needs to actually care. He or she might just look for game breaking bugs.

    What you're saying makes ineed sense, if not for a "very little detail". The CoMa said that they're playing the game (but I can't find that post, I probably need to look better) and people can confirm that, they also know beforehand what the patch is about and I don't want to imagine what kind of other benefits they're getting, this is something I don't approve of (a part of the staff playing the game, that is) but I can't do anything.

    Edit: they don't know what the patches contain, sorry for the mistake. They add things blindly


    Yes, I do (and many users know that)

    There you go, that was the reply to this comment below

    Do you even play the game?

    No you don't ,because you would know how dumb this decision is

    Now, do you think a greedy cheap company like theirs would hire someone to test things? Either they test themselves of they don't at all. Which one do you think it is? If it's the former then I really would like to see how they're playing/testing things, but if it's the latter, well, that's how much the company amounts to.

    As someone said they're not developing anything and the time you need to test something is lesser than the time you spend playing (I'm not referring to you).

    No wait, I'm wrong. The only thing they're developing is their pocket.

    I'd really like to read what you have to say about Nyoka  threea

    To complete the quest you need to kill 20 revived mobs in d6. The revived ones hav a purpleish effect around them and spawn only if the normal mobs drop a sphere with a countdown on it (1 minute, 5 minutes, etc.). This hasn't been released yet.

    The same goes for the boss "The Thing". When the boss is going to spawn there'll be a circle on the top right side of the screen 2663-wtf-jpg. The spawn time is around 22:00 server time and until the "emergency" ends you can kill the boss in all the channels available.

    Credits to Tademokaari for the screenshot because I don't know if it's been fixed and I'm too lazy to check, yet alone log in

    Are you playing in full screen or borderless windowed? If the former that’s the cause.

    I'm playing with borderless windowed. So you're telling me I should put it to full screen and i wont have this problem again ? I'll give it a try, thanks !

    No, if you were playing in full screen it’d be most probably why you dc’d. I afked 6 hours in border less and nothing happened, but when the music ends while altabbed and playing in full screen it dc after 5 minutes

    They haven’t announced Jin which was added with the same patch as GC and you expect Iris?

    I wonder if they’ll separate Jin and GC in 2 patches so that people waiting for that character and know about what was added when will get upset and leave the game for good

    Why don’t u fuse it so you’ll get blue to yellow and so on?

    You sure you can get Yellow, red and purple? From Green/Blue that is.

    green to blue, blue to yellow, yellow to red, red to purple. thats the steps. for fusing yellow or higher you can't use the f2p fusers tho, and it's not guaranteed that you get a higher rank one by fusing 5 of the lower rank.

    Both fuser are f2p, the one you need for yellow/red/purple costs 300 grutin gold and you receive 1 per month with the login rewards

    First, you randomly get 2 or 3 slots on armor and 2 3 or 4 slots on weapon so you cant get only 1 slot. (mostly 3 than 2)

    Second, you get 3 socket from lvl 1 to 55

    Actually ave around 10 of them in my deposit so what do you talk about x)

    a2deae4971.jpg 23a95adb76.jpg

    Tell me more about it

    Also, after using 1 on my weapon this all I've left 9e8c2940b8.jpg

    And these are all the quests I've left 2220b14ec8.jpg

    Could you please refrain on spreading false informations?