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    Je me permets d'ajouter une réponse intelligente !

    Devrais-je donc économiser mon précieux argent durement gagner pour investir dans le prochain mastodonte rival de Soul Worker qui sortira au printemps 2021 ou bien continuer de faire du jeu d'argent passionnant avec Soul ?

    Moi je les ai pas les 4000h par an pour faire du reroll-poubelle en boucle et éviter cette contrainte c'pour ça je demande...

    I recommend you in the meantime to extinguish your frustration, to play an amazing character called Chii.

    She's breathtaking and you will probably enjoy playing her boring gameplay since you seems bored enough to throw your prejudices to Chii players.

    I am waiting for Lily's rework too because it is unfair in the current situation, but I remain respectful for other player's tastes...


    Grind in real life or Grind in game, your choice. Whether Grind in real life or Grind in game, the RNG on akasha is the same for both type of player. They both spend time to grind, so depend on which country or your country standard of living, some place is more efficient to grind in game, some may be more efficient to grind in real life.

    Game publisher still need to pay their overhead cost and all the expenses, they need someway or other to make money to pay off their expenses. If you want everything easy to get then play Maplestory 2, everything is all just grind can't p2w, only fashion need to spend over there. (ooh forget, the game is closed because not making profit.)

    Although I agree a company has to make profits to sustain cost and expenses, it doesn't change the fact that this system is way too unfair / unrewarding unless you're from that fraction of players having all cards with little efforts.

    Having too much of RNG in a game makes players flee the game with all the consequences it can have (bad reviews, drop of popularity, loss of profits, etc...) !

    Did you know that one well-known rule of marketing says that a dissatisfied customer tells eleven people and that a satisfied person only tells four people ?

    The game could have attracted more players of any kind if the editor stopped nerfing everything and that farming meant actually farming and not gambling.

    Besides, cash-shop addicts doesn't necessarily spend everything in Akashas so don't worry about that !

    Best regards,

    It is true that this stupid system is making most of people nowhere near victory!

    It's clearly the most annoying filter in this game, nearly as much annoying as stat rolls or upgrading filters.

    And they're not helping at all with the events...

    It's not fun to chain alts, not everyone has the time for, and alting to get the essential for a main... Never seen this...

    This event is completely unfair for a vast portion of people having no luck with the transmitters...

    I can't believe there is nothing for gear upgrading in this event especially strength extension tickets, not everyone's life is terrible enough to keep alting day and night.

    There are no Akasha's either, a complete disgrace since it gets really tight to get the right 5* Akasha's now that there is a shitload of them.

    Who is in charge of deciding what to add in the events?

    #@%$£ this, really.

    Can you start the Month of June thread ?

    May is almost over.

    I was thinking about 「Please renounce the exploitation rights on Soul Worker license.」 but it is a bit too pragmatic... No really if they can't handle it then they better keep what's left of their dignity to raise the bar on the remaining games that work best.

    There's only Yota (probably a second account used for purchases for obvious reasons) who still *invest* in Soul Cash anyway so who cares.

    Sorry if I might sound rude, but me too am finally pissed off.

    Masochists or what? :/

    Well actually.. yes.
    But that's another story! (◕‿◕)

    I have a little time to waste today so I'll complaint with pleasure about those partial updates every trimesters... é_é

    Pour éviter de faire un énorme pavé répétant les mêmes points sous différents angles je vais me contenter de résumer au mieux mon point de vue.

    Globalement :

    Un peu mieux que la dernière fois.

    Points Positifs :

    - La possibilité de récupérer plus aisément tout types de broches médiocres dans les donjons.

    - Le craft journalier des broches « premium » à l'auto-groutin.

    Points Négatifs :

    - Les récompenses de l'auto-groutin n'ont aucun intérêt pour les anciens.

    - La quantité de revêtements proposée est ridicule et ne correspond pas à la réalité (plusieurs centaines d'essais pour certaines personnes afin de réussir à monter une partie +9).

    - l'Absence des parfums.

    - La limite des pompons par personnage.

    - D'autres inégalités concernant le fait que certaines personnes termineront l'évènement sans aucune broche TERA et finiront pour certains par être las, en effet assurer une broche TERA pour tous aurait été bienvenue pour les moins chanceux mais nous ramènerai à un autre problème que je me permet de décrire brièvement ci-dessous.

    Je reconnais effectivement que ce dernier point n'est pas applicable dans notre version du jeu car le nombre de comptes fantômes aurait explosé pour récupérer les broches TERA mais peut être qu'un jour nous verrons des broches exclusivement liés au compte afin d'offrir une chance égale à tous ?

    Malgré tout, cet évènement a permis de faire chuter le prix très excessif de certaines broches et moi même j'ai eu la chance de faire quelques affaires extraordinaires, donc c'est pour cette raison que je le qualifierai personnellement mieux que la dernière fois !

    Merci de m'avoir lu !

    Forza Del Destino (Force du Destin)

    Désolé je n'ai pas d'idées de petites phrases ou de réflexions amicales mais plutôt ma gratitude pour l'initiative de ce sujet ça nous fera passer le temps o/


    Just the word « Promising » in the topic is utopian!

    Don't be sad, you have your update, a super cool contest! :smirk:

    Unfortunately this attempt to make people forget the delay is futile.

    But maybe they are doing their best, I can't really judge that, and I won't, since I'm not working there.


    I have no idea if this has been discussed over before, but I would like to know, how accuracy influences critical chance.

    Indeed, a lot of people says the more accuracy you have, the more crit you will trigger, but this answer is incomplete.

    Example : If I refer to the Soulworker Big Sheet my base crit chance percentage reaches 97.4%, while I stand at 76% of critical chance on my gear, and modifying accuracy doesn't affect the outcome on the sheet since it has been deprecated on 1.20 for some reason.

    Could that be, that accuracy has no more influence over critical chance ?

    Besides, even by lowering my crit near 68% I still have 88.6% base crit chance, with 11.4% of normal attack chance.

    This concept is still obscure to me, and I would greatly appreciate if someone could explain it to me or us more precisely.

    I want my Stella to be a weapon of mass destruction and I don't care if she's not supposed to dps for some people.

    On my side, since the release of Dipluce, I used the full capabilities of my Gold & Silver VIP + 3 Golden Vitamins on my main character every day, and half the amount on my alt, which is a huge amount of fp.

    I ended up having two of the new accessories, some just got one, so in my opinion the real question is, are f2p players satisfied with the new patch, especially for those who have no dZ to compensate the very low drop rate?

    I don't mind grinding at all (it's not difficult), but it gets boring at some point and I can't stop thinking about whether f2p's will remain grinding, or move to another more rewarding game! (;´・ω・)

    Cheers <3

    Never experienced this before, both servers and website crashes at random interval.

    I don't know if it's a bunch of script kiddies who are having fun with denial attacks or an internal issue, but it gets quite annoying...

    Could we perhaps have some info about this?


    Bonjour / Bonsoir !

    Suite au nouveau contenu fraichement déployé et celui à venir, <UBW> a.k.a Unlimited Blade Works invite des joueurs actifs et motivés à progresser dans la joie et la bonne humeur !

    Nous sommes une petite équipe de joueurs prêts à rendre service sans juger votre niveau ou votre temps de jeu ! Notre but n'est pas de créer une usine à robots mais bien une équipe soudée et prête à relever tous les défis !

    Si vous vous sentez d'attaque, vous pouvez nous rejoindre dès aujourd'hui en nous contactant directement en jeu ou par SMH aux pseudo suivants : Bebesha, NewenPoi ou Hibiiki. Où encore sur le forum !

    À bientôt camarades ! <3