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    ich habe nun vor mir billig Waffen auf dem Markt zu kaufen, diese zu verstärken und dann teurer zu verkaufen.

    Nun habe ich aber das Problem dass mir relativ schnell das Aether ausgeht. Kann mir jemand sagen wie ich effektiv und schnell an mehr rankomme?

    Ich habe einen Charakter auf Level 40, und einen auf 22 die ich dafür benutzen könnte.

    Aether erhält man auf dem Level fast ausschließlich durch zerlegen von gedroppter Ausrüstung. Wenn du Level 55 erreichst käme noch Goldene Zitadelle als Möglichkeit hinzu da die Monster dort recht viel Aether droppen.

    Außerdem hätte ich noch eine Frage zu den Broschen, undzwar habe ich eine Quest dass ich 2 Broschen fusionieren soll, jedoch kann ich mit dem Broschenfusionierer nur MEGA und bessere Broschen fusionieren, jedoch habe ich viele BIT Broschen. Kann ich die Bit-Broschen irgendwo aufwerten, dass sie am Ende zu MEGA Broschen werden, oder gibt es einen minderwertigen Broschenfusionierer, der für BIT Broschen ist?

    Es gibt beim Mister-O-Mat (dem Grutin mit Kapseln im Dorf) Minderwertige Broschenfusionierer für 50 Grutin Gold zu kaufen. Das ist auch der einzige Weg Broschen langsam aufzuwerten, da bei der Fusion höherrangige Broschen entstehen können. Ansonsten ist man für Hochwertige Broschen auf Events wie das derzeitige angewiesen, bei welchem man mit 3 Transmittern jeder Art eine Premium-Broschenbox craften kann. Das geht aber nur 5 mal am Tag und das Event endet morgen früh kurz vor 9.

    Depends. If it was a weapon skin from the cash-shop or the one you craft with the blueprint from beginner raid progress, then no. However if it was the weapon skin you got from doing the advancement quest at lvl 57, then yes cause that one is only temporary.

    As mentioned before, the rotations are happening when we have a bigger patch/update at the moment and not during a standard maintenance - this is why since DH2 there were no new additions(that can take longer than a month, that was the initial plan as we also said back then).

    For the second part, it is still the same process that will happen with the upcoming rotation.

    Since we're on the topic I got a different question about those transmitters. If there are cards mentioned in the announcement for Neo-Transmitters that where previously available from normal transmitters, are those cards removed from normal transmitters for that time-period?

    Yeah, Chii has a different cutscene there compared to all the other characters. There's also another cutscene in Ruin Fortress that's completely missing for her since her Story takes a very different path from all the other characters.

    Overall, every single character has some differences in the story and it's dialogue, though it follows roughly the same outline. Only Chii deviates considerably which is why they changed those cutscene-parts for her.

    Maxgts Maybe i've misread it but the way I see it, they talk about having "had" issues, meaning they've resolved them by now and are planning to get back to a more regular update schedule. That's why i've told you to wait and see, at least for a while.

    We have in our code all the contents till luna fall

    That is something you never know. Even if you had access to all the packaged files in the client, you'd only be able to say that we have parts of it, if any. You don't know how much that content actually entails so you don't know how much of it we have if we have it. You also don't have any clue about the serverside of things. Since they merged for Chii release, it's impossible to have merged Lunar Fall into it as well since that update was in November in Korea. Pls don't spread misinformation.

    I don't really understand that part. threea can you explain what you mean by "deactivated rankings"? As I remember the only deactivated ranking is rift ranking, but you used plural. Is it a typo?

    I guess they refer to the letter behind your name. So if i'm correct they'll allow us to level past the green A now.

    Maxgts i'm not gonna go over everything but could you wait a bit and see first? They took a big step forward by admitting what was wrong and where the problems are. They hadn't planned it like this either so if everything had worked the way they assumed, we'd probably already have Dipluce part 2 and maybe even HH. They wanted to give the people the updates they asked for first so they released Chii resulting in the delays we're experiencing now. At least they learned their lesson and aren't gonna make the same mistake with Ephnel. I'm assuming they're gonna release content faster again now or at least once they reached the point up to which they merged. And in case Dipluce Part 2 isn't that point, I hope they're gonna inform us again once they do.

    threea Tbh, I didn't expect something like this. Not only did you admit to the problems, you even put out something that could be called an update plan, albeit without dates. Good Job doing something so unlike the usual Gameforge.

    was ich eher wißen will ob auch das Chii Advancementy kommt oder ob man da noch Langer rauf warten muß

    Nach derzeitigem Stand kommt es nicht und man muss noch warten. Zum Rest kann man nur vermuten, ich hoffe aber dass was an Events dabei ist. Wobei für mich die neuen Story-Parts erstmal ausreichen würden.

    And for that reason I'm gonna stop replying in this thread for a little bit. I'd imagine the CMs just frown when they wake up every day and see that this post always has something new in it and they're working from home now on top of the coronavirus stuff

    Since basically everything a CM has to do can be done online from home that shouldn't really matter. But don't worry about the everyday-part. Threea probably has other games to handle so she'll be checking on Soulworker maybe once every two weeks, judging by the frequency of non-automated posts.

    Just cancel publishing agreement already so Lion Games could publish it themselves

    As with every agreement, this is between both sides. So if Lion Games really wanted to publish Soulworker for us, they could cancel this themselves or at least make sure this version lives up to their standards. Since they don't do anything like that, I assume they either don't care or are fine with how things are beeing handled here.

    Hello there, while we cannot give you yet a date, we can share with you the content of the next update:

    it will include the second part of Dipluce Horizon and as for bugfixes, we are trying to have all the skills of Iris properly done within the same patch.

    threea while you have been saying Dipluce Part 2 is next in line, you've been saying this in January. F*ing January, almost 2 entire months ago. Within this timeframe, it should've been possible for any decent and caring publisher to release both this and the next update without any trouble whatsoever. So what is the hold-up? Why do we not have Dipluce Part 2 even though you seem to be working on it for at least one and a half months already? If it was nowadays I'd even buy something like "Due to the recent spread of the new corona-virus, we currently aren't able to work on the game as much as we'd like, therefore updates will be slower" but this stuff started way before. It's your job to "manage" us as a community so do that for once and give us some info and apology on how it is possible for a big publishing company like Gameforge to basically do nothing for 3 months apart from automated updates and events with incomplete information.

    Chii advancement took 3 months in Korea. Since they changed the order for our version and released Chii early (more costumes to sell I guess) it's gonna take them a while to first sort out all the complications and bugs associated with messing up the correct order for updates and getting to the point where they could add this. It's not gonna happen until Dipluce part 2 is out which I hope is soon cause the wait for that also is starting to become ridiculous. I really wish GF would just stick to the order Korea made and implement it at a constant gap, even if that gap is like a year. As long as it's consistent, I'd be a lot calmer about the future of this game.

    Should be in the folder I highlighted. The game sometimes freezes for like a millisecond and you'll still see the /png in chat, but don't worry, it still worked

    You're right. For some reason I assumed "Target" simply meant the folder the game was installed in and from there the usual screenshot folder. I didn't even notice there was a second one ^^'

    Fact 13: You can glitch into the house behind Oden in Dipluce Horizon by standing next to the wall, going back to character select, and picking the same character again.

    On that note: you can also glitch into the pile of boxes next to Xiwus in Ruin Fortress but I have no idea how that happened...