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    Tempter's Gravel at:

    T1: Only exalted buff.

    T2: Exalted buff plus a bit of damage to those that enters the circle. The damage is negligible.

    T3: Exalted buff plus a paralysis effect.

    In this card, it doesn't matter what tier you use. You're as good with any of them because what you want is the exalted buff and that thing doesn't change a single bit between stages. But, needless to say, T3 is way better than the rest due to a bit more of utility against trash mobs.

    Rora-Mohan what about blacktop God aka the tanker? besides the tanker duration, is there any changes to the dmg he do in t1,t2,t3 or hidden vs normal?

    The damage is negligible between tiers. The only difference is the duration and that Asphalt Golem is more active with its attacks in later levels. Asphalt attacks a bit more and better and its AI is faster/better overall. The same case as Grutin Army. Asphalt also obtains some attacks at later tiers that increases a bit its mobility within the battlefield. Since the AI is smarter, it will spam the stomp charge more often if there is no mobs in the vicinity as an example. Hidden version is even smarter than normal. The normal version will stay more often watching the sunset doing nothing between attacks while the hidden version will have that cool time decreased.

    But the thing is, after you steal a mob from it, the golem won't take the aggro back anyway so even the T1 is good already. Just pop it in, wait for the mobs to make a trashball and then unleash hell. That's pretty much it.

    With flashy weapons like these, who needs skins.

    Also, until today, I didn't know that in my life I needed so hard to ride one of these motorbikes scattered in the cities. Vehicles in PC when?

    It should be both, as both are Golden Citadel.

    If they would've wanted specifically any of the modes, they should've said either Normal or Contaminated.

    But don't hold your breath. They always find a way to make everyone angry. Inb4 plot twist is the normal version that no one visits after unlocking it and we have a new rage wave.

    All varies.

    First of all, if you want to be safe, the only thing that you can be sure about that affects all cards are your own damage, crit probability and crit damage. Those three variables are the ones that make the most impact into the dps of each card.

    Now, each card works different. For example Worker Ex Machina only gets a boost on its damage in the last level while Hidden Rita damage barely changes within its tiers. It truly depends on each card.

    Mistral and Tracker does around the same damage on bosses. Mistral overall does more damage but the fire debuff gets denied by any midi-boss and boss so the only damage that it counts on these mobs are the one that comes from the ground puddles so it becomes on par with Tracker.

    I didn't test King Wayagon. I've read long ago that T2 does more damage than Mistral but with no evidence other than a comparision in a discussion of two players without factual numerical evidence on the table.

    Seems rather unfair that skills get changed with no free option to reset them. Happened with Lily die-phoon, and now this.

    In this case, I asked HOQ and he told me to not worry about that.


    He doesn't truly confirm nor gives info about it, but the "don't worry" could mean that the changes are negliglibe or not too impactful as someone could think. If anyone wants more information, ask any KOR player to clarify even more.

    And the "Volcano is better at 60" truly depends. The Tornado will always outdps the other one on paper due to the quantity in projectiles. Even if they decrease the damage of the skill to the level of the Volcano, the fact that it launches more tornadoes as baseline will just make it the better choice. The drawback is that you are locked on a spot, but if you're at point blank making the boss eating everything you spit and the boss ain't moving you can make insane dps. (In the worst case scenario you can go far, missing the hits from the canon into the ground and just use the skill as homing missiles). I have yet to test if the tornadoes are affected by atk speed. They could be since it's a channeling skill. If they do, that means even more tornadoes the higher your speed.

    I feel that, no matter what, Volcano is for area denial and a squeeze-every-time-is-not-on-cd-to-win-a-bit-of-a-dps against bosses while Tornado is our truly unleash hell on bosses.

    The little guide was only to give you a roughly idea of what you will swap Aaron later on.

    Your characters will change Aaron for Dark Gauntillus (Haru post-advancement. I heard Lily revamped also uses atk speed now for some of her skills finishing faster, so watch it carefuly these news from now on), Lucy (20% probability that you gain +2100 crit damage for 7 seconds when using skills), Suzie (+900 crit dmg), Catherine (+17% dmg on bosses) or Lex (A successful attack has a 20% probability that you get +40% crit rate and +50% attack damage for 10 seconds (cooldown: 40 sec)). The last four come from special cubes tho. And unless they offer these in some events you won't lay a finger on them because the package that sells them is pure milking trash. There's not even a guaranteed chance of getting them even after spending 50€.

    Aaron is a good low budget filler, but if you want to make dungeons even faster you should swap Aaron for Baalride + Worker Ex Machina. They are situational, they won't be used against bosses but that drawback gets mitigated making the dungeon clearing time faster.

    Aaron may be useful when you are low level. As soon as you get over 30% crit, Aaron becomes useless. Shade's uptime overall is way better and with your high base crit you can reach 50~60~70% almost every 5,5s depending on it.

    These are the baseline passive cards all classes can use:


    Megiddon for Stamina regeneration and Shade for Crit.

    If your class uses atk speed as base (Erwin, Stella, Haru post-advancement) or you want to make fast basic attacks to recover SF:


    Atk speed given from Dark Gauntillus.

    If your class doesn't use atk speed as base and you have SF problems or want to focus on unleashing skills with less basic attacks as possible:


    SF regeneration from Grand Blaze Taifon.

    If you don't have SF problems and you are soloing and you rely a lot on dodges:


    Even more Stamina regeneration from Skitter.

    The open slots are for actives.

    If you are clearing trash content and want to do fast runs:


    Baalride and Worker Ex Machina.

    And the list goes on. You will change actives and passives all the time depending on what you play and how your style is.

    For example, If you don't need SF neither you need atk speed you can even play with three actives (Grutin Army, Rita T1 and Big Plastica). That one is widely used when soloing Primal. And the moment you know all the patterns and are used to it, you can even drop Megiddon and add something else like Catherine (not out yet) that gives you +17% dmg on bosses. You can even drop Shade if you reach astounding % levels of crit at some point with Primal equipment.

    All in all, sometimes you will use only 1 active, others you will ending up with 4 actives unleashing hell. All depends on where you are. And you will end up saying your farewell to Aaron pretty soon. Or not, if you don't have anything better to add to your roster.

    Aquí no te va a ayudar nadie a mejorar la condición de PvP por mucho ruido que hagas. No vas a conseguir mover a todo el SW Occidental. Y ya hay gente que se ha quejado de la situación en todos los foros disponibles. Lo único que te voy a decir es que todo lo que ves, es legal y está permitido.

    El desbalanceo PvP es simplemente por como son las clases en sí. A no ser que el PvP empiece a ser más aclamado en Corea no van a empezar a crear parches exclusivos para PvP para arreglar tales desperpentos. Y ya te voy diciendo que este juego no se juega mayoritariamente por su PvP. Así que si quieres jugarlo te va a tocar lidiar con estas maravillas.

    Y perpárate, Iris también recibirá Exalted 5s cada 60s con su avance. Otra clase más a la que no vas a poder hacer nada mientras te revienta por donde la espalda pierde el nombre.

    There are some Ark Ship areas where the video takes place and the skills do fairly good damage. The Plasma Sabre extension ticks for 280k as a crit. By no means what she is wielding is bad equipment.

    I'm failing to see Camel Spin to do more damage ticks. What I've seen so far is that the range is increased and one last slash is added at the end of the animation. I'm no Korean speaker nor I play the Korean version so what I say is judging the video and not the real skill descriptions.

    To me, what has been shown about Camel Spin is underwhelming. That's my first impression.

    Finally, when I say that that skill is still useless, it's because that skill focus more on adding combos and a bit of mobility than dealing damage. Iris kit is already overloaded with multi-hitting skills and I won't be using another one for that when I can already get enough combos and double the damage output if selecting other skills instead of that one. But that is MY game style. Others will find that change a good deal and I will welcome then all day any day of the year.

    I will never be mad if the extension is confirmed in the future to be lacking damage and the only change is utility-wise focusing on a wider range. It's good that devs also start on adding utility changes. We already hit like trucks. All classes. Even Stella if you focus on cd reduction, atk speed and crit/crit damage.

    The only thing is that, never take anything for granted. I don't mind being wrong and that the game proves me wrong when the time comes. But you, thinking that the skill will deal a lot more of damage, I would also like for you to think that there is a possibility that the skill could still be bad in the future to make damage. The less we expect now, the better the surprise later.

    Plasma drill, light sabre and camel spin getting special tune ups? I think most players have skipped putting points into those skills, what a shame if we don't get a skill reset once advancement is out for our version of the game~


    If that's Plasma Sabre extension and not a new charge skill, converting all attacks into one may be useful. But that Camel Spin even with that extension is still useless af.

    Basically just does more damage ticks (Camel Spin) It'll be as good as Haru's spin when she got advanced

    Hard to believe. In the video, the player is struggling against normal monsters when showing it off. Also Haru's spin has less cd and is even useful without advancement tho.

    Plasma drill, light sabre and camel spin getting special tune ups? I think most players have skipped putting points into those skills, what a shame if we don't get a skill reset once advancement is out for our version of the game~


    If that's Plasma Sabre extension and not a new charge skill, converting all attacks into one may be useful. But that Camel Spin even with that extension is still useless af.

    What? I was talking about the flaw xCGG ↓ was pointing out and even you were quoting. Why do you bring End's quote in this and a point it has nothing to do with? Until that last post it has nothing to do with it at all nor I was bringing it up as a core problem of my answer.

    -why is raid gear useless when it is supposed to be the next step towards gearing up? like it's utter dog shit in terms of viability.

    The part from that quote, that you still don't understand, is that Vicarious is even at +0 way more useful than any set Rookie Raids drop all day any day of the year. I upgraded them to +9 in the last comparison because you were talking we are overgeared. Anyway, even at +0 Vicarious is still clearly the winner because the whole set bonus the set per se gives and not the +x upgrade bonuses or the damage and defense they offer. For 1200+ hours, you really spent low time on the inventory window and fail to realize the differences between said sets to say they win because they simply are upgraded.

    And now, that it's clear as crystalline water that Vicarious Set is better than Rookie Raids sets, because it's a fact and not because I'm telling you so (just do the math and some glance at the bonuses or look it up anywhere because it has been debunked long time ago), the core problem xCGG was talking there is: Why the friggin' hell a set from a step backwards is better than a set from a step onwards. It. Has. No. Sense. Whatsoever.

    And don't you dare to mention the drop of the Rookie Raids sets is easier because that was an overhaul not so long ago. We may have spent less time but KR stayed for even longer time with the old rates than us and Vicarious was clearly easier to get than Rookie Raid sets the whole time.

    I never cared about the rate nor I was asking to make it more or less difficult. I was only concerned about that one flaw I pointed out of set growth discrepancy.

    ↑ What are you on about? It's not about being overgeared. Full +9 Vicarious vs +9 Rookie Raid Sets, Vicarious still wins by a huge margin.

    1st of all, he's pointing a flaw this game has and you don't realize to see. It's not about being overgeared. The thing is, farming Rookie Raids to get a set that it's supposed to be of use on the next content but you keep using the one before that because is better is all wrong on its own.

    The stats the Rookie Set has should've been the ones from Vicarious from the very beginning. And the stats of Vicarious should've been the ones from the Rookie Raid. Now it's pointless for that.

    Also, Vicarious has been always the one more popular. Before overhaul everyone was going for Vicarious any day of the year. If anything, the set from Rookie Raids is only now popular among newbies because it can be equiped to all classes and its drop rate increased a lot with the Raid overhaul. And don't forget it's cheaper than before. Before overhauling the raids, the Rookie Raid set was hard to drop due to awful rates and the price was bigger than Vicarious. But no one was going for it. Not to mention Vicarious set was more easy (or less tedious) to get even when it's behind a character restriction wall and splitted between maps.

    Now things turned around. Vicarious is still tedious to farm but the one from Rookie Raids is way easier to get. But even so, things are like before, those aiming for a farm set will be always aiming for Vicarious if they ever get something from Rookie Raid and compare their stats. It's just simply awful. And it shouldn't be like that.

    As an example, It's like we get Primal but Aurith set stats are still the top. You would be really dumbfounded. That's what happened with Vicarious and Rookie Raids sets.

    I know it changes from click abusing to channeling. What intrigues me is how the skill works. Let me clarify what I have in mind:

    Epicentre: Each click → 1 hit of damage.

    Vulcano: Each click → 1 hit of damage → A lot of fireballs at the end as a bonus.

    But, how Firestack works?

    a) Holding the button → 1 hit of damage at fixed time intervals like Epicentre and Vulcano except that now it's automatic → Each hit spams tornadoes.

    b) Holding the button → You hit continuously the floor (swaps from hits over time to continuous damage) → Each hit spams tornadoes.

    c) Holding the button → You just spam tornadoes on the floor. There's no earthquakes anymore. The damage comes exclusively from tornadoes.

    That's what I'm asking from that skill. How it functions. I highly doubt c) is the case, but even so.

    Also, are tornadoes really heat-seeking projectiles? Because if they follow what's closer to them, that would be a huge deal against bosses and I wouldn't mind to swap to that extension. We already have spammable area denials from the very beginning and in my humble opinion, using the last skills extensions as area denials instead of pure damage dealing sources is a waste. But that's my playstyle and logic tho.

    How Firestack works?

    Vulcano is the normal Epicentre, each left click hitting like a truck with a lot of fireballs thrown from a volcano at the end as a plus.

    What about Firestack? You keep doing the earthquakes while holding down the button with added fire tornadoes? If so, the eartquakes keep being over time or they are changed to continuous damage? Or is the skill is totally changed and you just throw tornadoes?

    Just keep in mind with the abilities 'Hail of Plasma' and 'Epicentre' there is no "better extension" they are practically for seperate playstyles

    Doesn't Plasma Measure hits way harder than Plasma Meteor if all shots land? I believe for big bosses Measure wins Meteor by a mile but I cannot fully judge it because I'm using Measure from the very beginning and didn't try the other. The only use of Meteor would be area denial and against small bosses, as far as I can guess. But even so, the range of Measure is friggin big and I've seen mobs dying from far away from the edges of the skill, so it wouldn't be wrong to think that Measure would hit a lot more even on small bosses.

    Also, to use this post and not make another useless thread, what about Ardour? Is the multi-hit Grinder doing more dps than Discharge? Because Grinder adds multiple hits but Discharge increases the damage of the last shot. If it's like Ground Pound from Haru, where Strike Storm is totally bonkers and Measure a real disappointment, then Discharge sucks big time.