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    I wonder if MMOs will ever move on from the archaic system of "1% success rate, if you fail you're shr3k'd m9". Tera used to have a system where if you fail enhance, you have better chance at success the next time. That would be optimal but most game developers are too hungry for money of desperate players to implement such system.

    Aura Kingdom had something similar too. There is something called "potential", which has a 100 points limit and every time you fail enhancement you'll get a value based on your current upgrade level, so it'll take a maximum amount of attempts to get your item done.

    Now, SW is not even clear about the enhancement chance. They should at least add a label showing it.

    I know the relation between those, but steam client might run login methods differently from the standalone client. But it's not the case in this game, anyway, since the only things that are handled differently is the cash shop and patcher.


    That feel when.

    Bugfix [to be confirmed] the character list will no longer be empty occasionally when switching characters.

    about fucking time

    changes character still happens. boots game up NA missing . oh look stuff that wasn't in patch notes lol

    Nanashi-san Bug still exists regarding the character list being empty upon switching characters.

    My bad. That's why I added a note to still confirm - it was based solely on my experience (switched lots of times on purpose and didn't get glitched). Probably they fixed the major cause of this bug?

    Also, what client are you guys using? Non-steam?

    This is not the first time they've added new content, removed old ones, adjusted or fixed stuff without reporting to the players through the patch notes, so... How here are a couple changes that didn't make it into the patch notes:

    Removed smelting material as requirement for the materials crafting table, yet, they remain for sale at the blacksmith.

    Increased cost for crafting materials to 1425 (minerals) and 1510 (cores).

    Bugfix [?] empty character list will not show up as often as it used to. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

    Removed craftable fashions from Jenna;

    Added some others in exchange.

    Let me know if you guys notice anything else.

    Something must be wrong here. I bought both VIPs and am still not winning... SUPPORT! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?

    I bought them for the extra energy and drop chance. Unfortunately I just impulse bought it seeing "20% drop chance" before I remembered that a 20% increase to the current drop rates of 0.0% is still 0.0%

    You're a winner in our hearts. In our hearts.

    One more time, whispering: in our hearts.

    Something must be wrong here. I bought both VIPs and am still not winning... SUPPORT! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?

    I bought them for the extra energy and drop chance. Unfortunately I just impulse bought it seeing "20% drop chance" before I remembered that a 20% increase to the current drop rates of 0.0% is still 0.0%

    You're a winner in our hearts. In our hearts.


    I got mine just now, 7 minutes before the maintenance. <3

    It was much more than 15 hours, tho. I could only make it from 30 to 45 seconds each death, which would be ~19 hours total.

    Thanks for making this thread, without it I wouldn't even have tried.

    Wait, do all weapons show the 100% if they're perfect? I just started worrying about getting a good weapon and haven't seen any with the 100% next to it

    It's just a multiplier for its base value. 80% or above is tagged as excellent.

    I'm not assuming anything, I don't even know you. You're taking the topic too personally, imo.

    "I'm still able to make gold" - just like everyone else in here, nobody ever said they can't make money, you're the one bad-mouthing people assuming they're complaining 'cause they can't. Also, anecdotal evidence is not a valid argument. Reporting your experience shall never be the main argument, it's only valid as a support to your main point.

    You gotta be quite blind not to see the changes in the market they're effectively making - at least in comparison to the legitimate real money -> dzenai exchange method, which is by selling SoulCash items, they're beating the prices hugely, which means whales and cash item sellers are gonna have to adjust their prices or surrender to buying gold via illegit websites.

    Don't play the pro if you don't know what you're talking about. I'm not sure which server you're playing at, but at Tenebris 1M = 0.2 USD right now (RMT/Gold seller price). An outfit is worth 10M to 12M, the other pieces can range from 2M to 4M, and in general they sell the whole costume pack for 25M. Tell me in which kind of universe you live in that paying 20 USD for a costume pack to sell for 25M total is a better deal than just buying 25M for 5 USD avoiding the need to even find buyer for your costume pack.

    You can also check the price for regular items such as LV55 blueprints and weapon upgrade chips. The latter, has increased from 300K to 500K buyer price in 3 days or less. Sure, the demand increase as more people reached end-game, but still the dzenai devaluation came in too fast. As I said before too, my own dzenai gain increased too much from selling the same items as always - less than a week ago I'd make from 5M to 8M a day, now I get from the 15th base and higher and with that I'm spending as much as I'm making.

    Stop what? Elaborate, please.

    You just came in, threw some fallacies into the discussion, now you don't even make sense anymore.

    I see a lot of people complaining about bots. I mean for the general chat I just hide all in the settings, and as for not being able to make money that's a myth. I'm making money quite fine, and I'm not even max level yet. I guess people love excuses on why they're not succeeding (real life, or in a game)

    What if I told you the money you're making is most likely due to the inflation caused by the huge amount of dzenai the gold sellers inject into the market? For the past week, my daily profit by selling the same exact item increased like 3 times the value, but still can't do as much much with the incredibly higher amount.

    You're being fooled by the big numbers, while your acquisitive power is decreasing.

    GameForge has every right to send out notices to Goldselling websites, and there's prescience of Game Companies and Publishers working with Payment Vendors like PayPal and American Express to help cripple goldselling websites' ability to accept those payment options.

    There are even notices ordering those websites to remove currencies/merchandise attached to respective intellectual properties.

    Here is one such example from 2011:…o-hobble-mmo-gold-sellers

    As you said in your previous post, those guys have some balls and also don't give a shit if they're considered the cancer killing the industry. You can see they don't give a shit about the games they make a living from when they're devaluing gold price on a daily basis. Every time I visit Rucco Town 1M is at least 10 cents cheaper - I don't doubt they'll start selling 5M for 1 US$ soon.

    What bugs me the most is how most of the publishers are money-hungry and trying to cripple the competition (like purchasing publishing rights for a game and never publishing it just to keep your own with no competition. AKA the recent case of SEA licensing of SoulWorker), but they never target the gold sellers. I know there are dozens of them and they're always changing names and domains, but still... this is some weird stuff.

    How far can they go from the ToS, btw? Can they include a clause telling the players to agree with strict and punitive measures against real money trading? I mean, in a way the agreement/user contract can intervene with business out of the game and its portals?

    I know some games can force people to accept non-disclosure agreement about tournaments and events, so it'll affect any external website and social media. There really must be some legal actions they can take against them. Any judge would consider this an illegit business.

    Edit/complementing: Is there really no precedent on this matter, btw?