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    From my experience, main quest exp gives around the same as a manic run til level 30 (or somewhere around there). I was surprised to find that my exp bar jump 40% from one quest after reaching Grace City.

    And also because of the main quest exp boost, some levels are super fast while others are brain numbing slow—having to run manic too many times to level up. I don’t mind running a dungeon .. but if I’m running it 10 times just to level we got a prob GF.

    1. If you're going to make a suggestion/discussion about a rework, at least provide examples or an idea included with your suggestion statement.

    I have edited that point,forgot to write my opinion about that rework,my bad.I will rewrite it here: Death to be a 2-step system :Bleeding out(in which u can be revived by ur teammates),and death,which can be solved by the classical spawner

    Stop playing Fortnite.

    This humored me waaaaay more than it should’ve

    Another thing: it’d be nice if you could revive your teammates. Sometimes they die and don’t have revives and then it’s just you with your 20 ressurections soloing the boss.

    Elsword, another one of their games, actually allows you to give your respawns to dead party members.

    Yes, that’s what I was thinking of. But then again, you get 10 free respawns per day on Els plus they’re easily obtainable compared to SW’s... zzzz

    Right now you can’t transfer between client/steam. iirc CMs said they were looking into it. So for now you’re going to have to either stick to steam or play anew on client.

    hello yes hi, i've been playing elsword since 2014. when SW got released for jp, i was like "whenever this comes out for NA im gonna ditch els for this"

    my opinion of elsword has been going downhill hard and fast since revamps and started flaking on els right as rose got released. i tried closers, but from playing the private server, then CBT, and now OBT to release, i got way too tired of repeating levels i've played three times already. reinstalled elsword after a year hiatus for CS (wasn't worth it tbh) but then SW OBT came out.. lmao

    although i love the concept of elsword, SW's combat is also amazing and is something that's also enjoyable to me :)

    yikes i'm only 32 lmao. been swamped with schoolwork so i couldn't play sw as much as i'd like

    i honestly should start reading ToG again but i always keep forgetting to whenever i open the app. feelsbadman.

    i'll just throw you a friend request on discord so i don't flood your thread with replies about webtoon stuff hahah

    How far you in terms of levels? Feel free to add me in game :) My IGN is Elaine

    I've taken a break from reading ToG and I stopped somewhere near the end of Hell Train arc. It's such a good Webtoon tho

    Hello & welcome!

    as you probably know, SW is in OBT so hopefully server issues will be resolved by official release. and unfortunately NA has been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to server stability.

    also.. IS THAT UREK MAZINO hello yes tower of god hmu