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    There's a new character coming in December. We should get news on that pretty soon. There might also be additional expansions with the new char, but that's just speculation. I can't add more than that since, well, I lack intel. Usually, you would be able to deduct from the storyline, but we are so far behind we don't even get the benefit to even think about catching up.

    If anything, the chart tells me that it's going to bounce back then reach new lows over time. The bounce is most likely going to be when they release Luna Fall which is going to be lower than the previous high. Also, as others said, Steam doesn't hold the entire population of the game, but it would be safe to assume that the overall chart isn't much different than steam's.

    it was taken off, or maybe i cant see the second one, only gf shows up for me.

    It has been region-blocked. You can search it up on google and it'll show the link to it but you just won't have access to it. Here's what it looks like though.

    Now, According to what I've found TW publisher decided to terminate the contract , and Lion games did not want to stop publishing the game over the area, so they decided to self-publish. It has also been confirmed that the game will only support that specific region with the exception they expanded server to Hong Kong and Macau. This is most likely the first time they've done this and they are most likely still trying to figure out how it works. I hope everything turns out well for them, then maybe it'll mean something to us. At the very least, we now know that Lion Games is willing to self-publish and that is a huge step.

    I also heard rumors about a certain server coming back up and considering the current state of the game here, it is clearly not in their interest. Well, it has never been. Perhaps, they will update content faster because of this even though I highly doubt after the recent patch notes.

    Honestly, all this process seems very familiar to me. It is a matter of time now.

    I haven't posted in a bit but figured I'd drop a few things I've found:

    While irrelevant to the main topic itself, it is important to know: EME has announced to shut down a few days ago. I got the news a few hours after the announcement and I gotta say this is a pretty big win for the leftover publishers competing in the US market. I suppose that TERA players will have to settle for the bigger evil. It seems EME players are likely to migrate to Gameforge's version. More revenue for them and less substitutability, I suppose.

    I also strumbled across an early 2010s report of Gameforge which has some very interesting statements. It also shows the history of the few previous games they owned the rights to. There was this one game they owned that caught my attention though, so I would like to talk about it for a little bit.

    "The Saga of Ryzom" was a game the owned the rights for a bit which Gameforge tried so hard to save, but eventually were unsuccessful. From what it seems Saga of Ryzom wasn't very successful and not very profitable which Gameforge later realized and proved it to be much more difficult to save from their own perspective. It seems they were trying to "save" the game for unknown reasons but later realized they had to settle by shutting it down. Perhaps, you could call it a last short squeeze. Anyways, Here's some summary from the report

    I was wondering what happened to that game out of curiosity since, after all, it wasn't very profitable therefore it should no longer exist unless the developers fell into the sunk cost fallacy. At least that's what my thought of process was, but I actually found very interesting results: They self-published and it's also on Steam. According google 93% liked the game, but steam's rating is 6/10 and they only record steam players so I can't rely on their data. From how I see it though, the game seems to be doing good. Well, at least compared to soulworker.

    Considering that I've already mentioned EME, I would like to share a story about the publisher since I actually played one of their game, however, I'll keep it short. Basically, I used to play this game called "kritika" and they made a decision which killed the majority of the player base, but the game still dragged on for about a year until they later announced its shutdown just to be found later on the steam shop with a greater player base than EME's version. Personally, I found it very surprising which is quite interesting because that's the same thing Ryzom developers did.

    That's all I gotta say for now. Of course, there are a lot of implications coming from this, so take this as you will. Maybe I'll make another post about Gameforge's great currency exchange rate.

    Is it just me or I can't see the full image of the akasha cards? You may want to fix that if it's not just on my side. Also, two things:

    1) Wouldn't it be better to compile your other guide with this one to make one huge akasha guide instead of multiple?

    2) I believe you should put Shiho as S++ tier especially after corrupted records. The "Inflict max dmg" is not to be overlooked and maxed shisho can give you supernova at least 70% of the time which would mean 70% of doing maxed dmg(20% margin without it)

    Another important thing you guys forgot to mention is cooldown reduction. Cdr can literally double your dmg over time, so you gotta get that up considering all of you are below 26%. Try to get close to 40%, but if you can't afford that, then just follow the suggestions above.


    So I could totally get behind some kind of system that gives us guaranteed 5* cards. Making it a little F2P friendly from the idea Maurice1234 or Silvery had could help out too ^^

    I mean honestly, this isn't even P2W it's literally straight up gamble whether you pay or not. If you do pay, you just get the premium gambling experience which is technically no better than the free players version, and honestly, that is not right. If I wanted to gamble, I would just go to a casino instead of wasting my money here.

    You know it's funny cause you'd expect them to make up for the delays until you realize that it is actually harder to catch up especially after a delay. After each raid, they have to do their usual marketing tactics to get the most out of it which usually takes at the very least 3 months. After that, they have to update again or at least get the content ready if it's not. While KR is releasing content monthly we over here releasing it quarterly.

    Apparently this was a game for CN back then but I'm not sure what happened to it. However, I do know that Soulworker: Anime Legends is the one official and is under gameforge.

    Considering that the accuracy requirement is getting higher as we continue to progress, I do believe it is of immediate importance to bring these buffs as accuracy is an important stat in the game. However, this does not mean that we should just postpone chii's advancement or any of that matter. In fact, it'd be great that they would bring these changes with the upcoming patch considering they did mention they don't want to bring an update where only chii players benefit.

    And yet you're still on two soulstones yikes

    I don't see what this has to do with this thread or if it adds anything to it. If you have some personal issue with that person, then take it to DMs, nobody in here wanna see that.

    Found very interesting video and images while browsing through Ryua's discord:

    We get to see North Cloudream maps! Very interesting indeed.




    The person who shared this was Shaiko on ryua's discord. All credits to him.

    I would like to add a few things, well a half-assed theory as to why soulworker trust the SFL that much. My theory only applies to the first 6 soulworkers though because they are pretty much the main group and the one that Kant was trying to manipulate. Anyway, We've seen how they have pretty screwed up mentality and saw the crimes they have committed against humanity. Considering these things, it seems that Roska manipulated and forced the main group to be "heroic good" to prevent them from creating the same mistakes they did while in the void. By doing so, she successfully brainwashed and isolated them which changed their nature enough to prevent their corruptness from leaking. Back in rucco town, you can see how Haru feels an urge to the "heroic things" - "An indescribable feeling took hold of me, to know my aid was decided upon others over all things." I don't honestly think that their personality was heroic at all before becoming soul worker especially Erwin's. Anyway, other than what I've said, I don't really have any evidence to support this other than Roska's obvious attempt to foil Kant's plans.

    And I pretty much agree with your criticism. Another thing I would like to add is how I find it hilarious how Ava and Chloe were listening to Kurisu's last words as they even noticed --" Kurisu is talking!" Yet they ignored whatever he said as if he has said nothing at all when the things he spoke can be quite controversial. Whenever I'm doing alt farming that gets stuck with me because, at the very least, they should've said something. I mean what's the point of mentioning he's talking when you aren't even gonna comment or elaborate on that?

    Ephnel is more like a blood soulworker like those in Ruin Fortress (those don't really dress modest either except Nita)

    She isn't exactly on good terms with every human in general so it makes sense she is more on friendly side with Naomin than the other soulworkers.

    That's quite interesting, but the thing that gets me is why would she work for the SFL if she isn't on good terms with humans? SFL literally dedicates to protect humanity but most importantly their own interest.

    The only way I can think of is that they bribed her with a lot of money but wouldn't that make her a hypocrite which is what she dislikes?

    Also, something that I've noticed about Ephnel, but I'm not certain since we are missing so much translation, is that her behavior might be inherited from someone else?

    Before I get into it, I would like to mention I have not read her story so what I'm about to assume is strictly based on what I've seen off videos. Anyways, I've seen that Ephnel seems to be immodestly dressed and her idle animation is quite unique, I guess? but I'm not quite sure if this behavior is justified or strictly fanservice(perhaps, her personality is like such too); however, I can see how this kind of behavior can be justified.

    First, let's take a look at this and, of course, be aware of spoilers since this is from KR:

    If you have read the storyline then you should know Naomin well and if that's not enough just look how she dresses, I mean do I have to explain? Lol. Anyway, from my understanding, it doesn't seem that Ephnel is together with the gang until this happened.So It might be possible to say that Ephnel inherited her behavior from Naomin since they share a similar behavior or this all could just be entirely fanservice for cash shop reasons.

    Anyways, that's something I needed to add before I forget lol.

    Actually I've been wondering if the good 5 stars have a lower rate than those that aren't as good but are also 5 stars. I've opened a lot of akasha and ironically enough, I've gotten every single akasha except for Tenebris and Erwin(4 stars). Out of all those openings I have had several GC boss cards but only one Veneris. It is as if they know what we want, but want us to continue gambling to get it.

    Grind in real life or Grind in game, your choice. Whether Grind in real life or Grind in game, the RNG on akasha is the same for both type of player. They both spend time to grind, so depend on which country or your country standard of living, some place is more efficient to grind in game, some may be more efficient to grind in real life.

    Game publisher still need to pay their overhead cost and all the expenses, they need someway or other to make money to pay off their expenses. If you want everything easy to get then play Maplestory 2, everything is all just grind can't p2w, only fashion need to spend over there. (ooh forget, the game is closed because not making profit.)

    First of all, this isn't something you "grind" it is something you grind to gamble in the hope you get what you want which is the main issue here. You can grind an endless number of hours and still not get what you want which can be very overwhelming especially for a game whose purpose is entertainment.

    Yes, companies such as this exist for profit, we all know this; however, this does not excuse them from exploiting players by preying on our addiction. And even if costs are an issue, they already get enough from the other gambling-inducive marketing practices such as the wheel which they have shown no plans on removing it. Even without these gambling tactics, I'm pretty sure they would still be able to afford the expenses needed.

    It's actually x5 SETs, not 4. You are most likely missing one. And I at least get 20+ antis. Make sure you are:

    1) Getting craft quest on Candus city. It gives you x3 antis just for upgrading once

    2) SET quest from the garbage guy. You have to unlock it though. To unlock it you must first talk to either the mercenary or the other NPC next to Henryk. Just talk to both of them, the quest to unlock it requires no dungeon.

    3) Bank npc's quest from grace city. I do know the quest from this is called Faceless which unlocks after completing Ep 2 or 3 of Cold Rain

    4) Finally, the quest that gives you x3 SETs which I'm pretty sure you know considering you have x4.