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    Well, we don't exactly know Tenebris's side of the story. So it might be a possibility. Plus lets not forget that Tenebris was close to Maverick who also saw her back.

    I was reading the story again but in Jin's perspective or parallel universe and found more evidence that Nathan is Tenebris.

    -Jin asked Nathan if he was a Soul Worker because he seemed like someone who would be, then he denied it because he did not have the same energy that Maverick gave off. However, he also said that it was not too far off.

    -The the detail that gave it away was when he started describing what seemed to be Rosca. He said "Her back lit under the sunlight and looked like she had absolute power." If I remember correctly, he also said that she came down from the heaven to judge him which could be describing how she appeared in front of him, "It is a pillar of light that extends to the sky that reflects in the vision of the eye. It appears without a predecessor, without sound, without meaning, as if it had existed from the beginning"

    But there's one thing I have not mentioned(I think). When Kent "The world will end when the black dragon soars the skies" As far as I know we have yet to have any information about this dragon that Kent once mentioned, but for him to mention it(A God acknowledging the danger of such creature) seems to be quite threatening, perhaps the last boss?

    "Hey look at this character that you will probably get next year!"

    Kidding aside, what if the recent amount of milking events is their way to buy the patches in one go and catch up with KR?

    I like your optimism.

    It is important to note that money is one of the most important factor when it comes to work. Unpaid workers won't do their labor unless they get paid. I don't think we should discard the possibility just like that.

    And the picture that has surfaced is from data mining iirc?

    No. Look at the video I posted. Skip to minute 1:45. It was announced about the same day for some reason. KR through a video and GF through twitter.

    Yeah, I just saw it. I got my hands on the picture floating around before they dropped a video on their social media. That's why I said that at first. But it still stands. The character hasn't even dropped on KR. I highly doubt they're going to release her on all servers at the same time. There's not even a release date scheduled for her in KR yet. The Onstove promotion page isn't teasing her. And the site isn't mentioning anything about her. I don't think it's anything to get worked up over.

    People seem rather pissed for the pointless tweet. KR's video showed her illustration(Arguable a tease) while GF is straight out teasing her. I guess it have more to do with people pissed about the lack of content.

    We also started talking about this in the story discussion. As mentioned in there, this is a new nonhuman character with an entirely different storyline. This means a few things:

    1) She will not start on the first town

    2) There will be new cities and stories

    3) The new places will not be the same places that the other characters started

    4) It will take long to complete because it is not just making the character but also the cities and dungeons. Apparently(rumored), it will be released on June(reasonable amount of time if above is true) but there's no official ETA.

    Now, the main question is why the hell is Gameforge announcing this? I could not even find this on Soulworker KR page.

    Found it on KR:

    They will. Certainly. Don't you remember the end of Grace city?

    Something like " I knew it... This war is pointless" from the assassin squad. Both of them (Human faction and bashai faction) are getting played(manipulated) by someone or a group behind the scenes.

    Regardless, this is great news. We will be able to play nonhuman characters. Also, the new of the new characters according to Ryua Iris and source is "Chii Aruel"


    Edit: Quite offtopic but surprising to find this in GF SW Twitter when I couldn't find it on SW KR page... Something ain't adding up.

    Found it on KR as well:

    Edit-1: I found it on Korean forums and video

    Woop it seems design has been finalized and ready for release in 6 months for KR if no delays. She looks a bit lewd, and i'm not complaining

    6 months? That's pretty long huh. Their team must be really small which is understandable.

    Either way we finally are able to see how she looks like. So, in the end, she wasn't human afterall? But what we thought was a short sword turned out to be a katana which reminds me of...

    Image result for soul worker ravanRavan!

    If her style is the same as his... Guess she will be my new main. It is quite interesting though, according to the video the new character might start coming from the Nihil Kingdom(?)

    It is quite interesting that the character is actually a bashai. Considering that humans and bashai are at war, it will be quite interesting to see how the story will turn out. Chances are she will not start in the same town as the other Soul Worker. Keeping this in mind, it is reasonable to conclude why this is going to take half a year; they are making an entirely new story line for nonhuman characters.

    Hypothetically speaking, after this first new character, we will see even more characters but with faster release. Similarly, they might plan to make 7 nonhuman characters in the opposite site. So something like this

    Haru(DPS position) = New Character

    Erwin(Range position) = ??? and so on.

    I also wonder how they will call this character. As far as I am aware the name "Soul Worker" only applies to human characters with weapons. Maybe bashais have their own type of Soul Workers under a different name?

    Betrayers army. For some reason I feel like that might be a rebellion. Holy ground looks like candus city.

    And different story for 7th character... But would she still be starting in Rucco town?

    That's a really good question, but chances are she will. I expect the entrance to be different though, so instead of Myriam finding her/him, he/she finds myriam(This is an example).

    Regardless, I'm really happy they doing something different. I always wanted them to have different experiences.

    I don't recall any foreign servers ever catch up to the local releases for any games at all.

    Usually, no. However, there are some cases where the server is behind in 1-2 month of content, sometimes weeks. Some examples would be(I'm not a 100% sure though, so don't take it for granted): Elsword(Same publisher though) and Black Desert.

    From my understanding, a "normal" difference seem to be 2-3months of content which is clearly not the case in Soul Worker.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    January Patch Note translated!

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    ---- Thoughts ----

    "Different growth line" and "7th character don't wear school uniform" I guess this confirm our theory, right? She is not human. As stated previously, her pupils and image does not reflect one of a human. It seems we are on point(?) I guess we'll see..

    Your theory is very possible. If I remember correctly, each arc or city story ended in a way that connected to the extension(Except Rocco).

    In candus, it was mentioned about the Souldreg Queen which is most likely connected to Displus Horizon.

    Grace City extension might be related to Henryk.

    Ruin extension is most likely related to blood soulworker whereabouts.

    Also the right side with the new female character. That emblem. maybe another organization similar to the SFL? I always wondered that SFL can't possibly of been the sole ruling power over the world.

    There must be other factions that is either defending humanity and/or for or against SFL governing their own city zones.

    Maybe pre-void government?

    I actually pointed this before and wondered the same. It seems to be a new faction, but according to RyuA Iris, the city is a military standpoint. I guess they are somehow connected. Maybe a branch of the SFL? Hypothetically speaking, if tenebris did have a group that only consisted of Soul Workers, then they'd be under SFL as a branch since Tenebris was a Soul Worker contracted by the SFL(that would be until the war broke out).

    Yeah, seems about right. Also remembered a post that mentioned Valea Viilor in the old story thread:

    On the side quest with Betty, it appears Lupan might have became a sinworker(?)

    In his radio message he said "His power nestles within the body and seizes the mind and organs, the hands and feet. Valea Viilor is merciful and frees us from the tortures of thought by making us as greedy as animals."

    Yea. He is certainly worshiped as a god. "merciful and free us from the tortures of thought" is similar to "cleanse us from sin." (Btw I'm not trying to force religion into anyone, there is just a lot of similarities I'd like to point out). I guess they are hinting us that he is an actual god by giving us these references.


    Also, just noticed that RyuA Iris uploaded Diplus Horizon Story ! here is a link to the first one:

    Much thanks to him/her. Make sure to support.

    I believe that Tenebris was convinced by Kent to incite a rebellion. In GCC, everyone is doing parallels with the soulforcers and soulworker rebellion. And Tenebris himself suspects that the version outside of the void might have fallen for his tricks. Although this isn't confirmed and might be purposely misleading the players to think that.

    As for Tenebris knowing Rosca's plan. I'm not sure. It doesn't seem that Kent's manipulation require logical reasoning to work. It appears more similar to hypnotic suggestion. So Kent doesn't have to tell Tenebris or convince him. It appears the only thing that overcomes it is willpower, reasoning and positive emotions.

    True. Giving it a second thought, it is unlikely for Tenebris to know Rosca's plan. In fact, I don't think anybody knows about Rosca's plan. He was most likely manipulated by Kent, and somehow Rosca had to interfere.

    My conclusion to that came from the fact that Rosca got involved in the fight. It was totally unnecesary for her to get involved, unless it affected her somehow. At least, that is what I think. Think back of the last episode at Ruinfortress. She came there because the Blood Soul worker(Forgot name) did not belong "in this world." She belonged to the void according to her. She only interfered because her presence was dangerous, and I assume that somehow affect her plan or job.

    Regardless, I hope Smilegate or the staff working on the story reveal the reason why Rosca did that.

    Anyway, in a side quest earlier, Bamz was endangered and the player had to rescue him. After that he got a tiny little bit of power. Weak but soulforcer nonetheless. It was stated that life-threatening situations(in the void) may trigger the abilities it seems. Which would make sense why Catherine became a soulforcer too.

    Yea, I also thought of that too, but by looking at our main characters. Except that I don't think it has to be "life-threatening." I think "strong emotions" would fit better. Fear itself is an emotion, and it can be strong. This would explain the cases for most, if not all our characters.

    After new update, Casen goes to Bamz to ask about how to become a soulforcer and he mentions this. here are some snippets.

    It seems soulforcers is a product of Valea Viilor and not Rosca according to Bamz. But how reliable he is as a source... I have no idea.

    It goes from 2-3-1. Don't ask why the numbers are jumbled... it's just how it is

    Yes, that'd make sense. Valea would have to be Kent if so. All this happens inside the void which is the creation of Kent.

    It caught my attention when he said "you are looking for the mercy of Valea too" though. I don't know how you guys perceive it, but I look at it as if they were secretly worshiping him as a God. It is similar to what religious people say "Seeking God's Mercy." In religious context, "Mercy" means "Forgiveness," so these people are looking for Valea's forgiveness to allow them to have a stronger relationship with him. Having a stronger relationship means you are allowed in God's Kingdom and "be saved," or in this case, allowed to have supernatural powers and "be saved" from corruption. The man who created the void and corrupted humanity is being secretly worshiped by them. Quite a twist.

    My semester is finally over, so I have some time now.

    Despite this being the successor to the 1st link, it was never linked to it as reference. I think it might be good to link some of the previous discussions of the story here for reference:

    New KR Content?


    It'd be nice if they could merge those conversation here. Afterall, there are story-related.

    I think Kent and Amad are different translation of his name. However, you do have a good theory though. Perhaps, this "valea Viilor" is his true identity. Also, if I recall correctly, the last boss of GCC is actually Amad(?) I can't seem to find the video or picture to back it up, but I remember he had the same hair, he had a mask however.

    I agree. It seems like their plan are different yet similar; similarly they both end with the same goal but through different methods. At least, that's what "going on a similar line" means to me. However, this makes me think. If they oppose each other, then why isn't Rosca chasing Kent? It seems like she is standing as an spectator than actually opposing Kent who is actively working to achieve his goal.

    "They must side with neither." Here is the line that actually made me think of another theory. Remember the first video in this thread? For reference:

    Here is where it comes in... Rosca stopping Tenebris by killing 99% of the soul workers... SFL opposing Tenebris... But "Why" is never answered. Why would Rosca interfere with Tenebris's goal? Why would the SFL risk their force against the hero whom they value the most? Why almost all Soul Worker sided with Tenebris? Last and most importantly, why would Tenebris, a "Man of Justice," go as far as to slaughter the entire SFL forces to achieve his goal?

    Here is what I think:

    A)Eventually Tenebris got to know all this. Either way he went, mankind would end up corrupted and in chaos. In order to stop it, he created a "Super team" made of soul workers, but how would they "stop" it? It's the question.

    They wouldn't go to such length without a clear goal or method, so hey must have found a way.

    This "way" to "stop" humanity's chaos was somehow infiltrated by the SFL and later Rosca. This is how the war between the SFL and Tenebris broke up. Tenebris's Justice was the salvation of humanity while SFL resisted their cause. Later, this was noticed by Rosca, and she proceed to eliminate the whole squad with the exception of Maverick. Perhaps, the reason why Rosca did this was because Tenebris's plan interfere with her's, otherwise why would she side with the SFL? She left Maverick alive too.

    B)Kent manipulated Tenebris into it. I would assume that Kent told Tenebris the true about Rosca's intention. Maybe he hinted it or explicitly told him. Regardless, he manipulated him in a way that it "interfered" with Rosca's plan. He might've told him about his plan too and convinced him that his way was better than hers, so this could be why Tenebris "sided" with Kent.

    Why would the SFL stand against their cause? I don't know, but I can make two possible reasons:

    1)Since Tenebris plan interfered with Rosca's Plan, they feared the possibility of having to face Rosca; They feared Rosca. If they did not interfere with Tenebris, Rosca might have thought that they "sided" with Tenebris, so she would have to eliminate the entire SFL.

    2)SFL is not as good as we think. "To save humanity" is just a pre-text to hide their true intent.

    Either way, after giving in a second thought, I do not think that Kent acted out of "boredom" when he created the void to corrupt mankind. The way the video presented it, showing humanity's prosperity and achievement as unique and glorious, seemed to hint this. Comparing Humanity's advancement to other worlds, could easily make one envious. So Kent most likely acted out of envy towards humanity. He wanted to "corrupt" humanity in a way that they would not be better than the other worlds or planets. It was this "If I can't have it, then you can't have it either" kind of thing.

    I'm quite late. New contents and update for KR, but most important more story! You guys probably already seen it, but if not here it is:

    Patch note translated by RyuA Iris! Make sure to support!

    ---- Thoughts ----

    It is quite interesting. In here we see our characters from the last story have aged, so it is safe to assume there was a time skip. Also, is that Aaron(Catherine's father)? He looks way younger than before. We also get to see the introduction of a white-haired girl with a blue sword, possble waifu? Regardless, she seems very important to the story. We also see some mysterious guy with a fedora, *tips fedora* m'lady? He even has a

    Also, I notice something very important, a new crest! This means the introduction of a new faction. The white-haired girl and the fedora guy seems to be part of it. It like seems their main theme is most likely blue. So where do this faction stand? what's their purpose? Considering their clothes and equipment, they seem to be the same as SFL. The white-haired lady has a sword and the fedora guy seems to have a rapier. Also, why would they have swords instead of firearms? could they be soul workers?

    Anyways, good to know we are finally progressing through the story after a long wait! Now we have 3 factions: NED, SFL, and the new one.

    Yes, I was very suprised as I saw the video yesterday. It explained so much and a lot of things make sense now.

    Silvery Are you sure, that Kent was in charge of other planets? I understood, that Kent was the god, who was in charge of the home planet of the bashai. A planet with wild lands full of desire and power and a lot of desire energy, but he got bored watching over that. He discovered the earth and tried to corrupt humankind. He is also the creator of the great void.

    Typo. Couldn't edit to fix it otherwise it would've been deleted. He was only in charge of one planet and creator of void.

    Also, this might be an indication or foreshadowing where the new character comes from(this is 100% speculation). Unfortunately, I don't think we'll get to see the character this year, so probably around Jan or Feb of next year.